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  1. Ok... well here's where I do my work. You can see some mini's in various stages. another angle:
  2. "What's that over there?" Then he clobbers you when you turn to look.
  3. I like the way this guy is shaping up. I think some kind of lightning freehand on the shield would be sweet. Goes with that whole norse thing. something like this: Anyways, your work looks great... can't wait to see finished product! -mojoman
  4. Very nice work... maybe you could fill that hole in his chest with a sweet cannon?! -mojoman
  5. I really like it! It is definitely WAY better than the first mini I ever painted. I agree with cbp... keep practicing. And that base is fabulous! -mojoman
  6. mmm... now I'm hungry. Good thing it's lunchtime! :) Orange-White-Blue... How does that work on uniforms...?! -mojoman
  7. W-O-W! That's amazing! I wish you you great success in your pouring. My fingers are also crossed and prayers are being said. -mojoman
  8. I really like the work you did on this guy. I don't think I would have known the mold lines were a problem your color choices are fantastic. very "period correct". Great job! -mojoman
  9. I can understand following a published codex for historical miniatures, but as far as fantasy and sci-fi go... I stick to the What-a-burger motto... "Just like you like it." -mojoman
  10. Nah... she should have a pair of these... OH YEAH! -mojoman PS - @ Froggy... Those conversions really are friggin' sweet, though!
  11. As someone who generally strives for high tabletop, I am astounded at your skill and execution. Truly, you have attained a level I don't even look at except with admiring eyes and comments like, "wwwoooooowwww" and "ooh, aaah." This is spectacular. I am in awe. All the thumbs I've got (2) are pointing sky high! Keep on rockin' the paint caddy! -mojoman
  12. Very helpful stuff. Thanks for sharing! I like that you overview with just the right amount of detail. I have a friend who is just starting the craft that would benefit from this post. -mojoman
  13. I am going to put down some ballast and then bits of flock for the bases. I just tested out some brush-on satin varnish on one of them last night. It worked pretty well, so I'll do the rest when I can. Then all I'll need is a shot of dull-coat to knock the last bit of shine off. I'll post new pics when they are finished. Thanks for the nice comments! I like the "clean" look for these guys, so I've decided against the wash. However, y'all did have me thinking about it. -mojoman
  14. I must chime in and congratulate you on a much improved paintjob! This work shows marked improvement. I have learned so much from the folks on this board, and it looks like you've been taking the advice to heart as well. I agree with Meg that you should definitely spend more time on your work. You've got great potential locked up in your hands, and really nailing the techniques will allow you to release that potential on the minis. Don't allow yourself to say it's finished until you feel it has surpassed what you've done previously. Keep up the craft... you're doing great! -mojoman
  15. I've never played AD&D... however, I do play GURPS, and I must say the system is highly flexible and I definitely recommend for detailed character running. It's not as good for the hack'n'slash variety, but it delivers on depth for me. Gives you tools to build pretty much whatever you want. The new 4th ed. is pretty good... two books and you have all you need to run detailed campaigns. so sorry... a bit off topic, but JMHO -mojoman
  16. The more I see the progress on this piece the more I think I may become covetous of it... wanting it for my own... my precious! Great job, Anne! I love the step-by-step. I may have to look at this thread again after I get this li'l guy! -mojoman "Hey you over there... yeah, you... I'm coming for you next." Li'l death seems to say...
  17. Heh... I'm in my ninja get-up. I work as a desk-jockey, too. Unfortunately, I'm only allowd to put on my mask and hood when we're taking pictures. Oh well... at least the outfit is comfy. A link to a pic of the outfit I'm wearing can be found here...
  18. I don't like the Merc standard bearer... looks kinda cheesy IMO. The Crusader std bearer looks a bit too cleen and polished for a merc faction. Y'know... a little too "pretty". I like Nagel... and yes, the pole would be much longer and the banner would probably be actual cloth. My only thought follows along with Qwyk's comment... My thoughts exactly. Again, here the pole would be much taller and the banner would probably be actual cloth. Since the cloth would be free-flowing, the b2b shouldn't be a problem at all. I may do both so I have options depending on which army I field. Thanks for the input! -mojoman
  19. Here are some other thoughts I had for the standard bearer. Of course, this would be after I convert what they are holding into a flag pole with a standard... From left to right they are... 02146 Unholy Warrior; 02576 Nagel the Hammer; 06004B Man-at-Arms of Anhur *chainmail*; 02326 Britta, War Maiden (fits with the sister theme), 02829 Bertrand, Monk Personally, I lean toward Britta or Nagel. They seem to fit the bill better than the others. Thumbs up or down? Rotten produce...? Gleaming stars...? -mojoman
  20. So, I'm considering doing a conversion and proxy for the merc musician and standard bearer. I would use a converted elf longthorn and a DHL 03080 bard. Anyways, what do you think? Good idea... silly idea? This all came about because I think the existing merc musician and standard bearer are (no offense) silly looking. I'm open to other suggestions and input as well. -mojoman
  21. Wish I could, but I've already got stuff planned. I have to make these kinds of plans way in advance. To Stubbdog: Maybe I can do Vista Ridge sometime after the first of the year. The next two months are going to get crazy busy. I would like to get some game time in sometime, though. I'll keep it in mind. -mojoman
  22. I get all my minis from Generation X in Bedford(?)... It's a listed gaming store for Reaper. They don't host any games there. I think all they do is WHF & 40k. They're only open until 7 or 8pm. I've spent the last month or so reading and re-reading both the core book and the RC'07 to try and familiarize myself with rules and stuff. I'm currently working on painting the minis that came in the starter box. I've yet to actually play the game. I might try to make it out to your store sometime, but that's a bit of a hike. If I'm going to drive that far, I think I'd rather go to paradise... a/k/a Asylum store... a/k/a Reaper HQ. I've got a buddy that is ravenously gathering a Razig army... I'm attempting to get into the Mercs. Once we have a sufficient hoard gathered we're going to pit them against one another. Maybe I can talk him into going with me out to Vista Ridge sometime to meet you and check out the gameplay. I'll see what I can do. -mojoman
  23. I, too, like the eyes on this guy. They look very authentic, which is a great challenge due to the helm. I agree with Sparrow's that the hair could use some highlighting. Overall, great job! Can't wait to see a big group shot... hint, hint... -mojoman
  24. Hey there, Zoot. I just recently picked up the deluxe starter box that Fruggs mentioned. It has two 600point armies in it... Crusaders on one side, and Necropolis on the other. It would be sufficient for learning a few of the game mechanics, and it's helpful for getting lots of minis up-front. The book comes with it along with a coupl d10s and some d6s. I recommend this for anyone who is interested in learning Warlord and helping others understand what its all about. As far as learning the game in its fullness... I think that you would need quite a bit more than the starter kit. It has no archers, no cavalry, no large/giant based solos, etc. Some of that stuff would come with experience after playing with other folks and seeing how different factions relate. However, the starter kit is a good place to... err, umm... "start". -mojoman
  25. I'm with you, Purity. I always end up using drybrushing on mini's with chainmail or fur. It is such an efficient tool, and time is of the essence when we're painting as many of these things as we do. I also agree with Iron worker on this one. When I first started painting, it was difficult to just get the paint in the right places, let alone worry about texture and all that mess. Now that I have a little experience, I know how to thin the paint and load the brush, etc to achieve the desired result. I don't think I'll ever "throw away" the drybrushing tool. It's just to darn useful! -mojoman
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