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  1. I was planning to just paint the top of the base walnut brown and then put some turf on it for some quick and easy texture and flare. I figure the more intense treatment can be saved for the warlord and any uniques... like vutpakdi said. -mojoman PS - I'll show you what I mean when I'm finished with my templar unforgiven troops.
  2. I really dig the blue-ish purple color on the fleur de lis flag: You might look at how that works with what you've already got happenin'. Either way, we want to see pics of what you end up with... sounds like a cool set of cavalry. - mojoman
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb here... I hope you don't get upset... THAT IS FRICKIN' SWEET! I just might have to get that sculpt... I generally stick to the 28mm, but seeing this one painted up the way you did makes me rethink my position. Great job! - mojoman
  4. Now that would be a sight... would 300 minis even fit on a normal tabletop?! TOO FUNNY!
  5. Thanks folks... I appreciate the input! My pics have been "enhanced". I messed with the exposure a little after uploading since the pics didn't "pop". They are not that super bright in RL. I'll consider that... but I'm worried that it might obscure some of the finer details. Besides... I'm ready to move on to my Spartans! :) Thanks Wes... Here's my trick... I base-coat the entire sword in RPP Dragon Black. I then use RPP Copper Metallic for the hilt. I used Folk Art Gunmetal Metallic for the blade, and RPP Silver Metallic for the highlights. The tabbards are RPP Hawkwood over whit primer, and the red is RMS Fire Red. All leather, armor and chainmail was base-coated in dragon black and then hit with Silver metallic. Pretty quick... this was probably 15-16 hours of work - over a 2.5-3 week period. Anyone else? Thanks again for looking and leaving notes! -mojoman
  6. Okay... I posted my templar unforgiven in the show-off area... check 'em out and let me know what you think!
  7. If this is the wrong place, please move... I was unsure. I've just finished my group of Templar Unforgiven! Well... almost. Still need basing and matte coat, but I'm done with the painting part. I'm going for solid tabletop quality, so keep that in mind while looking. Here's the group all ready to tear into some Necropolis fiends... Here's some individual shots... Alrighty... let me have it! Thanks for looking!
  8. I'm just getting into Warlord, so I've been painting a group of 9 Templar Unforgiven. They all have the same color scheme... white tabbards with red details. I figure I can continue a similar pattern throughout the army and retain some cohesiveness. Also, I'm planning on painting the front and sides of the bases in red and the rear in white with a letter/number scheme written on the white part to tell them apart. - mojoman
  9. Oooo... Aaaahhhh... I like it! How did you get the design so exact? BTW - that Warlord sign you did is super cool as well! - mojoman
  10. Ok... cool! Thanks shak & Qwyk. I'm thinking about mostly using the sisters, and bringing along a group of Onyx Phalanx. I'll proxy Spartan Warriors (from CrocodileGames' WarGods line) or perhaps Urian (03104). That way I'll have some reach as well. -mojoman
  11. I'm actually going to buy a Sophie... all the other ones have been a bit too revealing for my taste. Also... a big plus for me that her wings are separate! That little grim reaper is amazing... I may have to paint him up and bring him to work so he can warn people before they enter my "office" (cubicle... ugh.) Thank you Talin, Julie, and Bob!! BTW - is the bowl empty? I could totally see putting some of that hobby water in there with a deep purple color... like a red wine... or maybe some deep red... for blood?! -mojoman
  12. Please pardon my newbie question... but, I'm a little unsure how this works. 1. Is "Change of Heart" the reason you can have a different faction's model and not become freelance? 2. How many soldiers of different factions can you have in a Merc faction army and still keep FAs? 3. Are there any other important bits of advice you veterans can give me? I really like the Mercs... especially the sisters and the lupines. I'm considering stocking up, but I want to make sure I understand the ins and outs before committing... I'm going to proxy Spartan Hoplites for the Merc Spearmen... or for the Onyx Phalanx. - Mojoman
  13. So, I've found some cool miniatures to use for my Spartans! They're made by another company, though... The WarGods line from crocodilegames has a whold Spartan line. I've picked up a two-pack of hoplites and I'm very happy with them. The sized is perfect for Warlord use, but I'll have to use different bases. I'll see if I can find a pic... if not, I'll snap a shot and post that so you all can see! - mojoman Check out the phalanx... these dudes are frickin' sweet!!
  14. How about just using the Crusaders list and changing the Figs. Funny you should mention it... I'm actually considering doing this very thing. I might proxy a bunch of Urian minis for a group of adepts or ironspines. not sure yet, though.
  15. Yeah, Michael's is awesome. Also, if you have Hobby Lobby in your area, they have similar items. Keep an eye on the newspaper and you might find good coupons for both places. I used to work at an MJDesigns (a split off of Michael's) in the framing department and I remember a few people coming in to buy the big sheets of uncut mat-board for projects like terrain, diorammas, etc. I tend to go to Hobby Lobby, though, since it is closer to my house. - mojoman
  16. I'm about 1/3 of the way done with my troop of 9 templar unforgiven. I'll post pics asap when I'm done so you can throw praise or tomatos... or both! -mojoman
  17. So I think this is the scheme I'm gonna go with... I'm thinking that white will be my primary color... err, actually, "Linen" to be more exact. Red will be an accent color. Then I'll use leathery browns and gunmetal or dulled silver for the mail. What do ya'll think? - Mojoman
  18. I agree with this... Here's my list: Hoplites - Greek/Spartan/Trojan/Etc. Peltasts - as above Centurions - Roman-esque Legionnaires - as above Senators, Philosophers, Statesmen, etc. Priests, Priestesses, attendants, initiates, etc. Townsfolk in robes both men and women More representation of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Turks, Saracens, Byzantines, Persians, etc. -Mojoman
  19. Ixminis - I would love to see your pics of your crusaders. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to know that I will be accepted with welcoming arms with my crusaders. - Mojoman
  20. Ok... so I read the proxy rules and I understand them. My question is this: Is it a cardinal sin to paint my crusaders a different color pattern than the typical blue tabbard with white trim and silver mail with gold accents? I would hate to have things thrown at me (off the battlefield) because I strayed from tradition... Here's what I'm thinking. I want to go with a traditional templar color scheme. Y'know the white tabbard and a big red cross on the chest, and a white shield with a big red cross and silver mail...? Color me crazy (buh dum, splash!), but I think it would be cool. Thanks for any input ya'll have. - Mojoman
  21. Ummm... If you've seen the other thread I started in Warlord General Topics you know I just bought Warlord on Saturday and have only read half of the rule book... then I still have to catch up with the rage chronicles. So, no... but as soon as I get some ideas I'll post 'em. I want to see a giant titan as a solo monster. Oh Yeah!
  22. I had heard about this, but just took a look for the first time. I'm glad something like this is provided for us. I would hate to be living in the past and miss out on the cool updates. Thanks for the tip!
  23. Well folks... I'm convinced. I went to my local FLGS on Saturday and bought the starter pack for Warlord. I must say, I was impressed to find a hardcover, full color rulebook inside. WOW! It is quite lovely. I was expecting at least a paperback, and possibly black 'n' white. Reaper, you have amazed me once again. My buddy came over last night and we drooled over miniatures online and talked about the different factions. This is very exciting! SO, I'm going to start my assembly/painting mission and we're going to learn how to play. I'm thinking I might start collecting the Nefsokar... I really like the minis in that faction. However, I think I want to learn the game first before I make any solid choices on my preferred faction. Thanks one and all for your great input on this decision. My friend and I went and saw a demo of Warhammer, and as we were walking out we were both like, "Warlord... for sure." Also, thank you to Ed and the rest of the Reaper crew for being so awesome! Regards, Mojoman PS - ya'll watch out... newbie on the loose. Guard your minis and paints!
  24. According to Greek mythology a Gorgon was a creature with a woman's face, torso, and arms, with the body of a snake for legs and snakes for hair... a.k.a. "Medussa". In clash of the Titans, Perseus chops the head off of a gorgan and uses it's gaze to freeze the Kraken thus saving his city. I'm curious what the folks at Reaper think of our musings here... "What say you, Reaper peeps?"
  25. Undead? Well, since ancient cultures (including Greece and Rome) believed in an afterlife and paid attention to ancestry and heritage, perhaps we believe it is an abomination to force said ancestors to be raised to serve as grunts for a power-hungry, sick, and twisted Judas...? What about our cyclops? I think our alignment should be neutral. We come from a land unknown to Taltos, so perhaps our culture does not necessarily fit into the classic black/white, right/wrong category. We have honor and intelligence, yet we fight with rage and take no quarter. Also, we are expansionistic; destroying or assimilating anything in our path. What else?
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