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  1. Nice work! What range are those eels from? Quite nice models.
  2. Just checked ebay for some Chainmail. I found a good number of items there, but a lot of them were listed individually, and while they were cheap they really getcha with the shipping charges... but I guess that's always the danger of ebay.
  3. Thanks for all the links guys! I will definitely go with one of these dealers, they sound pretty solid. I may go with Fantization because they have some of those cool, impossible-to-find-around-here lines like Hasslefree and Freebooter. Here's another little question (more of a long-shot): Anyone know where I could find chainmail models online? I really loved these when they came out, but never bothered to pick any up. I'm sure most of the stock was sold off in the first year following it's cancellation, but I'd still like to try and find some. Very nice models, a shame it got canned so quick.
  4. Hey y'all, I was just wondering if any of you had good experiences with ordering Reaper models from online retailers. I've looked quite hard, and unfortunately there's no local gaming stores in my region that carry Reaper minis. A few did, but they seem to have phased them out over time, and I honestly don't feel like special ordering them from a local store when I could probably get a better deal online. It would also be nice to order from a Canadian retailer if possible, just to support a Canuck retailer if possible (though that's not really super-important). Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations, please fire away.
  5. Hey guys, I'm still just a newbie to Warlord and am yet to actually pick up the rulebook (gaming stores in my region don't carry any Reaper stuff at all!). Anyway, I was curious about how the system handles character creation, or if it allows for it at all. If anyone could offer some thoughts/clarifications on the subject, I'd be most appreciative. Also, how balanced/effective are created characters? Are they underpowered in comparison to book-based ones?
  6. Thanks for all the replys, guys. I asked some folks the same question about Mordheim and they said rounds wouldn't really make a difference, but I'm glad I asked about Warlord (I'm yet to actually read/get the rulebook). I will probably stick with standard bases then, and they don't look THAT bad anyway. Are all the bases in Warlord 25mm square for infantry?
  7. Hey guys, I'm just getting more and more interested in this game the more I read about it. I was going to start collecting models for a Mordheim campaign, but Warlord sounds like a far more interesting system (I was going to use Reaper minis anyway!) Anyway, my main question was whether or not you could base the models on 25mm round bases without any major rule problems. I just think they look better, especially in a skirmish game. I guess I just don't see the point in square bases unless you're fitting models into big blocks (ie: Warhammer).
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