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  1. "Does an IA that lands off of the table miss or might it hit if something is within it's AoE?" This is one of those things that I wouldn't care about either way, all else being equal as long as it was consistent. The problem here is that all else is not equal. Ruling that the IA automatically misses in this instance has brought up another problem, namely, an opponent who skirts the table edge in order to make IA's less effective. Personally, (though I'd do it myself) I feel that this is a more unrealistic, heinous, and "cheese weasely", situation than either of the two choices which pre
  2. Well, I am too and this is what has me torn. I do agree with the general sentiment that a faction specific TF should contain more than one faction specific model but it's one of those rare occassions where I'd rather not see it handled by a hard and fast rule. This is why I feel that offering some incentive to purchase faction specific models is the way to go here. The best (only?) way I can come up with is to simply make them a better "bang for the buck". Simultaneously, I don't think that these models (as they exist now) are balanced with this in mind which is why I am toying with the id
  3. Didn't I hear that they were eliminating the Shock SA?
  4. What I am thinking about doing is eliminating all Faction specific models (where an Open Market model exists anyway) and allowing my players a free 10% worth of upgrades to all of their Factional UCOR's models, In effect, they would be creating their own Faction specific models that are a little better than their Open Market equivalents but cost no more. So, if you buy all UCOR specific models and can fit your +10% in to each perfectly, you will show up with a Task Force worth 10% more than the point value of the game. Now, I intend to run a campaign style game and it's easier for me to
  5. Exactly. "off the table" means "off the table". If your artillery can hit me from "off the table" why can't I fire my artillery back at yours??? It just opens a can of worms that isn't worth it. Oh, and if I play someone that runs along the table edge for the purpose of trying to avoid indirect fire.. I'll never play you again AND make sure EVERYONE knows you're one of those kinds of players. It's one thing to be near the table edge to avoid terrain or obstacles but if you're using the table edge as "cover" it will be pretty obvious. It's like the "sandbag" tactic at tourneys. I
  6. I briefly kicked around the idea that a given Faction not be allowed to purchase any Open Market varients from their own UCORS. e.g. A Ritterlich player using a Rhino or Panther must purchase the Faction specific versions of these models and not the OEM versions. The problem there is that Factions become more of a limiting factor than a boon and your decision quickly becomes, "which Faction do I not want to play". Of course, if they were the same point value....
  7. What if for every Infantry (not Mech. Infantry) Section you simply gave them 4 stands bringing the minimum section to a maximum section for free with no upgrades allowed? The Malvie player utilizing this Faction Doctrine will still have to provide transports in a secondary Section at normal cost unless he wants them walking. Just a thought.
  8. Thanks Chrome. As regards the main thread here....I actually like the "B-S" paint scheme too but would prefer a green metallic to their blue. Of course, Reaper's green metallic paint looks blue to me anyway so I'm back to my burnt orange camo scheme.
  9. <Wonders how the "Furies" got ahold of a Mastodon> i.e. Who are the Furies?
  10. Wait. You guys have an "Empire"? Who let the Rach have an Empire? (It must be one of those Holy Roman type Empires)
  11. You beat me to it! I was about to say, "CAV is a game of Paper, rock, scissors and they're 1,500 points each."
  12. It doesn't list a maximum like the other /# SA's, so I'd guess you could only buy it one time. Okay, I figured that, since in addition to the 10 points, I was giving up 2" of movement, I could buy it as many times as I liked. The rationale of course is that the movement reduction provides its own limitation. Having never actually played around with it, I can say that I have neither a preference nor an opinion though.
  13. One has pointed ears the other pointed teeth, but when they explode they look just the same That's not true. When the Adonese explode, they spew green blood. When the Ritterlich explode, they spew yours. "I love the smell of fear in the morning"
  14. I was just playing around with a 1,000 point/Section idea and decided that I liked the two Despot, two Dingo thing. Of course, you're pretty limited with 1,000 Armor Sections.
  15. I posed this question in a different thread but, sans anything "official" to dispute it, I agree with Sgt. Crunch here. MClass "air" units move through or around (not over) terrain just as any other model. "Jump" infantry has the option of being considered MClass "air" at the beginning of it's activation. That's how I would rule it.
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