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  1. I think he looks like a barbershop chorus director trying to get the chorus to do a proper closed "E" sound. I mean isn't that a "Heritage of Harmony" book strapped to his side? And if the chorus doesn't get the notes right he has that hammer to hit them with. I'm sure every chorus director secretly wants a large hammer to hit the chorus with.
  2. This is too funy to seriously debate, but hey why not? Medical Technology Yo, it's opening's in the skin. There is already something that can seal you butt together ... it's called crazy glue. Actually there is already a "liquid bandaid." Technolgy to make a spray on bandaid is actually science fiction that is really close to reality. I mean who thought ten years ago that we would have spray on sun tan lotion for kids? Well we do now! Wow! Transporter Note that even in the ST universe there were people afraid of transporters. Bones was one of them. Holodeck Personally it's not all that exciting. It's good for those live action role players. When you realize that most star ships were going out for deep space exploration to map some god awful star system in microscopic detail, a holodeck might be the only thing keeping the crew from insanity! Sex with Aliens See star trekmovie where Kirk kicks the alien's erogonous zone (his knee) and finds out after the fact. Fortunately he manages to escape before he woke up. (Not all races keep their genitals in the same place you know.) Cyborgs Definitely no, thank you. Shields Personal shields developed from the borg episodes and were probably more influenced by ripping off the effects for the TV dune series. I prefer the dune model is so appropriate. You are impervois to bullets (not not the dune equivalent of phasers which causes a mini nuclear explosion killing everyone) but if a lady walks up to you she can if she is slow enough grab you by the privates and bring massive pain to your body! Long-Range Sensors You don't need long range sensors for that. Personal communication devices with GPS systems and a computer to record it all. The computer, being star trek compliant won't actually tell you your boss has entered the room unless you ask it. If I wrote star trek, the captain would never like me. The computer would constantly announce "captain on the bridge" every time he tried to sneak in. And the security officer would be notified every time the captain left the ship for any reason. Vulcan Death Grip Actually it's like vogon poetry, vulcan philosophy can kill anyone after enough exposure.
  3. There they are, in all their glory, and perhaps in a better light.
  4. I got Grum's mini. The more I look at some of the work of the people around here the more snakelike my mouth becomes. I've reached new heights (or is that depths) of jaw dropping just looking at this wonderful mini. I posted it in the other forum, but here are the thumnail versions for here.
  5. Now you may wonder why I only just got my Secret Sophie exchange mini. Well you see, dwarves have a slower movement rate than other races and it took him longer to walk all the way to my door and ... well in anyway, he was worth the wait!
  6. Oh the pillar is the Tardis. I thought it was the guy on the top. If you recall his tardis materialized as a statue of a person when it landed on Trakon.
  7. Definitely looking forward to it. But the thought of a "stripped" swimming Sophie is such a wonderful thought. A naked swimming Sophie would be a wonderful idea! Someone tell the sculpters immediately. But would she be doing the butterfly or the backstroke? Oh the decisions!
  8. I'm still working on photography. Even with a nice portable shadow box it's hard to get the right exposure. Reaper's master triads look great in person but seem to blend together when photographed. At this angle you can't see there is a little pinkish blush near the cleavage. I did a little darklining. I need to work on it a little more. This is a big mini and I am thinking about getting an electron microscope for those darklining. My finest brush felt like I was slapping paint while darklining. The wings was, oddly enough GW dark flesh. Skin tone is Reaper master tanned flesh triad. The black hair, which is highlighted but hard to tell in the photo, comes from paint I got at Michaels. The tentacle pink loin cloth was not the best success. Oddly enough the sword handle, brown ink over a gold base cover actually came out well. The box, with the exception of the thick darklining (I really need a thinner brush) is from colored metallics once again from Michael's. I'm still overjoyed with the eyes. Eventually I'll get accurate enough to line thinly with the pros.
  9. But we need a little Christmas Right this very minute, Candles in the window, Carols at the spinet. Yes, we need a little Christmas Right this very minute. Need a little Christmas now. Need a little Christmas now. CMON Link is here. Vote early! Vote often! Leave Comments!
  10. My Lysette painted for GreyHorde for the "Secret Sophie" exchange. One it gets approved on CMON you should find it here.
  11. OK time to take on the base. I still want the base to be subdued, but at the same time I agree that the little things needs to be obvious. I threw in a little metalic green, a little metalic red and the thin non metalic red of the glove. Since this is a closeup I think I can show it directly.
  12. I should point out that if it wasn't for the fact that (1) I had several days off over the Holidays and (2) I not only had an unexpected nice day for early priming, but I managed to get a beautiful window for a clear coat just now, I probably would not be done until February at the earliest. It was a perfect painting storm of sorts for me. As it is I'm ready for packing and shipping. Photo already taken and will be published after the victim, er the happy recipient receives it.
  13. I agree. I haven't completely removed her from the work bench and I'm thinking of trying to tackle the base at a later time. When I do I'll post her again.
  14. Celebration Sophie my first mini on CMON to break the 6.0 barrier and my first mini for the new year. I painted her over the new year eve weekend and put the finishing touches on New Year's Day! I painted the bottle from a local Long Island vineyard named Palmer, although those are dots on the bottle not actual lettering. Skin and hair by Reaper Master Series paints (triads) and the metalic red ribbon was through Folk Art paints. I think Sophie has had a little too much to drink. (Please finish the glass before you open the bottle in your hand, OK?)
  15. Tzor's Report: Progress. No really, progress. Doing quite well, and should have it ready in a while. I'm actually putting the finishing touches on the base at the moment. Should have it ready to be shipped in a week or so.
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