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  1. AAAHHHH!! Have no fear!!!! I'm static grass and "edge of the pond" away from dropping her in the mail! And I'm doing that in a few minutes as soon as I'm done responding to emails. I'm SO SORRY it took me so long to do this. I really shouldn't have signed up for the fall one. It's so cool, and a lot of fun, and a really cool idea, and I wanted to join in, but I just had too much going on. (I'm coming up on getting out of the military, and the last few months have been pretty stressful and busy.) I was going to surprise Eastman by just having it show up, but then I saw this thread again. She'll be in the mail by Wednesday, and she's going priority. I promise I never intended for this to take so long, and I hope I haven't already ruined my own "mini exchange reputation." :( EDIT: She shipped last Wednesday (May 3rd) by priority mail.
  2. Oi! Mine may be a bit late. I've had all kinds of things on my plate...and I'm a horrible procrastinator. :) It's (mostly) based, and I'm about to go prime it and start basecoating tonight. Who knows, I've been known to get into a frenzy and fully complete a fig in one night, so it might be done and out tomorrow...but I kinda doubt it. :( Just wanted to post real quick so you'd know I hadn't just dropped out. Sorry!
  3. I haven't yet either. Beginning to worry. (That's cause I like to worry. Or so it would seem, to those that know me.)
  4. There's always the horribly work-oriented cutting and filing to remove the cast on base. Other than that though, I've just started trying this: Cut a piece of thin sheet styrene to whatever size you like (I've been doing 1.5"sq). Sand the cast base as flat as possible, then use your favorite adhesive product to stick the cast base onto the piece of sheet styrene. Then, use your favorite putty/filler to build up the surface level with the cast base (you can also put just enough across the base to even out the texture if you like). Add some of whatever basing material you like, and let it all set. I've even had pretty good luck with mushing stones and the like into the putty before it sets. Good and sturdy and looks great!
  5. I just pm'd my info. I'm excited to be doing this finally!
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