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  1. The chalkiness of the image I think is in large part due to my photography skills. Because it really doesn't look that chalky in person. . . I do thin my paints, but I will try thinning a bit more to see if it helps whilst blowing up the tiny little figures. As far as the base goes. . . it was simply a store bought base. . . I think I bought it off fantization.com. . . then go to epicast. . . I do some of my own basing, but this one was simply store bought. If you like this one you should check out one of my other miniatures. . . my most recent one being a halfling who I did a sewer grate base for. . . quite cool.
  2. If the reaper is on your trail you are as good as dead. Well, I thought this guy came out looking pretty sharp. He looks like a general street thief/assassin. I like the color scheme used. Also, I think the freehand came out well. . . not sure how much I like it to be honest, but I think it looks good. Let me know your thoughts/opinions. Especially about the freehand. . . thanks ***The shading of the freehand is better in person than pics. . . mainly looking on feedback if you like the idea/image or not, thanks***
  3. The base came from a package of miniatures that included all sorts of trap doors, sewer grates, etc. I can't recall who the creator is. . . anyone know??? So all I had to do was glue it on and I already had it pre-painted, so I painted the miniature and base separate from each other.
  4. Thank you, the metallics are done with a black ink wash, codex gray, and a basic white. The cloak was done primarily through a flesh ink. I used extra coats where ever I wanted it to be a bit darker. Then I went over highlights with a mixture of bestial brown, snakebite leather, and basic white.
  5. Very funny that you mention a rat tail because in a campaign I'm creating this character is supposed to be bitten by a wererat and hence become one!!!
  6. Hola, so I painted this guy up awhile ago. . . only I was missing some painting techniques that would allow me to really finish this figure off. So, here are the before and after pictures. I touched up all of the flesh, changed the staff, and touched up the beard. The robe wasn't touched from the original. Sorry about the poor picture quality. . . he already has a finishing coat on him which creates some glare. . . tried to lighten it up a bit using photo editing. Anyways, hope yah like
  7. Hello, been awhile. . . here is my version of the new Reaper mini Hellakin, Halfling - 3071. I absolutely love halflings, they are my favorite characters, so I always get excited to paint halfling miniatures. I have a halfling ranger all based and waiting to be painted, probably my next project. I might buy that same ranger again to get more of a street thief look to go along with this fellow. Anyways, I'm real happy with this little guy. I wanted to go for a real street appearance. . . a thief that can sink into the shadows to track someone for a backstab or curl up on the side of the street and blend in as a beggar. I think the colors came out real well for this idea. I was also pleasantly surprised with my basing idea of using a sewer grate. I think this really added to the look I was going for. Let me know what you think.
  8. It is admitedly a bit hard to see on the photos, but the white is face paint. It looks quite good in person. . . the one riding the wolf's back has a skull face paint job. The other holding onto the tail just has some standard designs. It is to go along with the other wolf riders I already have painted. They are a group of wolf riders I am using in my campaign and they all are supposed to have white face paint. . . in particular a white diamond design, though I believe I chose not to do the diamond on one of these two. . . oh well suits them. . . they're supposed to be idiots so he'll probably get in trouble for that.
  9. Hope you like. . . I haven't posted in a long time as I haven't painted in quite awhile. I hope to get some stuff done soon though as I have a few projects started. We'll see. . . as long as time allows. Anyways. . . this figure was created by my buddy and I as a joke whilst creating a package of goblin wolf riders. We were coming up with all sorts of crazy riders jousting, looking like a goblin ghengis khan, etc. So we decided to combine our creative thinking into one last goblin wolf rider and came up with this. It was quite a bit of fun to create and paint, hope you enjoy. . .
  10. Well, here's my newest mini. I must say I absolutely love this figure. Whoever created it rocks!!! I wanted to highlight the fact that this mini is flying, so I incorporated a part of the base to add to the effect by setting him off the ground. Other things I liked about it include the hair, skin tones, and some of the free hands I did. I opted to go without the horns that are regularly attached to the shoulders, only thing I don't really care for on the figure. Anyways, all in all I'm quite proud of this one. Let me know what you think
  11. So I lied, couldn't help but throw a little paint on this guy. . . thoughts/opinions on the tail? I know it's not much to get done, but I thought it came out well and it was an experimental technique to get a frosty looking color for the worm. So, now I know what I need to do on the rest of the worm. I also applied the ink wash to the rest of the worm.
  12. Instructions: Ice chunks - this was kinda fun (crazymike's patented technique) 1. Find a rock 2. Find a hammer 3. Pound the crap out of the rock 4. Pick up the chips and pieces and glue it on Snow Build Up I just took some old acrylic paint and put it on fairly heavy and swirled it around/built it up in areas with a brush, goal was to make it look like a wind swept snow field that is disrupted by a large angry frost worm Haven't gotten around to doing anymore work yet, been working on some figures that I need (and need soon) for my current campaign I'm running, so this project is temporarily pushed back, hope to get more work done on it this coming weekend.
  13. Yes I agree, I love the way the boots and especially the cloth came out (cloth is fav part). The blue cloth was created by: -Sky blue Ink -Hawk Turquoise - progressive highlighting by adding white This is a personal favorite color scheme for blue cloth on figures, I've done it on 3 fig's now and it looks great on them all When painting this mini for my brother his requests were black hair, and blue/white color scheme - thus the making of the very white armor. I do agree though that it lack some depth. I like how the rest of the mini came out, but just ok on the armor, but hey my bro was happy w/ it, so that's what matters. And no, this mini came w/ a spear not an axe
  14. Tabletop mini my bro's using in a campaign currently. Since we've been playin I figured I should put some paint on him and bring him to life. Let me know whatcha think
  15. I did this little number up in no time. Most of the job was done using inks and washes to be honest. The pants are orange w/ red stripes. . . hard to see in the photos, but promise it looks much better in person. I like how the sword came out. . . wanted it to look magical to match the theme of an efreet
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