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  1. Generally i just lurk around here, but this paint job is stupendous!!! That free hand has got to be some of the best I've ever seen. Your colors are clean and bright, the whole thing is just flawless!
  2. WOW!! Amazing work with an artistic balance of realistic and dynamic colors! Every technique and detail is done better than I could ever hope to accomplish. Where should I send the dentist bill? I lost a few teeth after I picked my jaw up from my desk. ; ) Jon K
  3. Hey, I PMed cutebutpsycho about my exchange's addy but I'm impatient and I'd like to not be any later than I've already made myself. I'm ready to pack up my lady and ship her off so Emilia Marchetti, please PM me your current address and I'll have it out to you. JK Ultimateer
  4. First off OMFG!!!!! I just got to see the exchange mini that I knew I had recieved but the schools mail sevice couldn't seem to find. Whomever hand crafted the Gelatinous Cube its awesome, I've gotten nothing but ooohs and ahhs from my gaming group. (And some shudders as they know some slimy stuff is headed their way) If you have pictures please post them! Secondly I need to apologize for not yet having mine out the door. I'll be done hopefully before friday and have it out. I'll post again when I have. JK
  5. Well thats the first photo of a fig ever for me as I don't have a camera of my very own! Wish it weren't what I consider a rush job. I hate to say it, but the one I dropped and busted was cooler. I hope you like him and his zombie friends. JK
  6. Your mini is in the mail Humansquish! I'm sorry for the long delay, but butter fingers that I am broke the first mini I was doing. I included a couple of not so friendly apologies in with your fig, though they are not Reaper like the main work is. Hope you like your sneak thief and friends. JK
  7. Hey Vil-Hatarn. When your fig arrives let me know. I'm only mildly worried but the mail room at my job is occasionally wonky. JK
  8. I hope this isn't against the etiqutte of the affair. Kris Marquardt, I just mailed your mini out. Hope it arrives okay and you can post up a pic, since I don't have a camera. This was great fun and I hope you enjoy the mini. JK
  9. Mine is all done except for the sealer. Hope to have it in the mail this weekend. This has been really fun. I'll feel better once its out of my hands. JK
  10. For the record to my painter. I'm easy Actually don't play any Reaper games but GM lots of Living Greyhawk and home stuff so anything you want to paint is cool! JK
  11. Should we be doing this here? Or should we be e-mailing our people directly? Either fine? This is my first time with these so pardon what might be a silly set of questions. JK
  12. Don't worry overmuch. We're patient! JK itching to paint
  13. Add me to your volunteer list to fill in missed people. Your doing the organizing, the least we can do is the painting. JK
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