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  1. jesus loves all people and overlord! good point smoking wreakage but god made villagers TO BE INSLAVED!!!
  2. the elves are the freakin panzies! and we have 4 provadences not 3. and besides its only one territory im currently moving my army there
  3. keep the gollom you want the gollom and dont up grade balthon and more grunts
  4. A voice comes from the door.... good bye panzies ...... the "Hall" is burned as flaming arrows shoot through the door overlord grunts stream through and its over the elves are slaves and the overlords have once again shown that they are better (even in the forest) than the elves 1 month later the overlords have concerd thilitan and all are slaughtered! None shall stand against the might of Ashkrypt and Craklaw! Ha Ha
  5. my friend has been loseing to darves yes hes won 27 games but his loses have been to darves any ideas?
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