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  1. Actually I did this during the winter on a day about 55 degrees. So .. should I try to use Floquil over it or strip em and start fresh?
  2. Well I primed a few minis with Duracoat Sandable - White and had some strange results. Basically the minis appear to be lightly dusted with primer and I can see the metal underneath still (tho its not shiny, its fairly dull). Is this appropriate coverage for this brand or should I buy another can (or brand like Floquil?) and re-coat? Or will this not work appropriately? Thanks. I can provide pictures perhaps later if necessary.
  3. I lived in manhattan for 7 years. Awesome paint scheme. Rock Jock Chicken-Hawk.. you know the rest.
  4. I used liquid.. as the gel is for antique plastics really. Chameleon is safe on plastics tho and most likely JB safe. Stuff didnt smell too bad, either and I didnt get dizzy so, I think its fairly safe.
  5. Some of you know by now that I overprimered my miniatures with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer and some of you know that I attempted to strip them with Simple Green, since I have topics on both this week. Well, I read thru almost all topics on stripping and one member had mentioned something about Chameleon. So I was exchanging some drill bits at HobbyTown USA when I noticed a bottle of Chameleon so I said what the hell and bought it. Put my minis in a tub and covered them with Chameleon, sat down and watch my shows. Two hours later (bottle recommends 20mins for most paints) I go to the kitchen to scrub down the minis. I pick the minis up and the great, mighty Tamiya fell to my very touch. Sure I had to brush the mini a little, but not nearly as long as when I used SG (BTW 3 minis had soaked for 36hours in SG). I cleaned ALL 26 horribly primered minis (my fault) in less than an hour. While 3 were mostly clean from the SG (which I took me an 2hours of scrubbing to get 90% of the primer off), all turned out almost immaculate. They did not tarnish nearly as much as they did with SG, infact soem look brand new. So drop all your other strippers, go out to Hobbytown (or online) and get you some Chameleon. This stuff smacks Tamiya 7 ways to Sunday and doesnt even blink. I swear by this stuff now... no I fully recommend this stuff now. Swearing is reserved for Simple Green.
  6. FYI now.. Simple Green eats JB Kwik. Have to redo all my assembly except for drilling. Tamiya OWNS Simple green... this stuff will not come off easy.
  7. Mebbe Ill try it again.. tho it has been really ruff stripping these. Floquil, I know came out a lil grainy but it was a fairly humid day during the summer that I primed the minis with Floquil. I am fairly certain that the primer is on too thick, but I think I am used to seeing alot of white with other primers in the past. This time I will try my best to get em primed and start painting that night so I can put them in the stripper if necessary. Thanks for the feed back. Guess I need to go faster on the sweeps and maybe try lying the figs down on plates instead of standing them up.
  8. Hey all, Using Simple Green at about 2:1 with water as stripper for Tamiya primer. When I scrub off the Tamiya (going on 36hrs of soaking and its not coming off easy) the metal underneath looks darker. I can rub it with a edge of my sculpting tool and it seems to get shinier, but overall the metal seems a dark grey now. Anyone else have this issue? Is it okay to leave it and prime over it? I cant imagine being able to polish the entire mini with a sculpting tool, some spots just wont get reached. Thanks.
  9. Hmmm... this makes me wonder what I am doin wrong. I shook the can for about 3mins the day of priming them. Heres the method I use to prime since perhaps it is my technique that is the problem. I sit about 4-6 minis on an old TV table with them standing upright on their bases. I have the can about 8 inches away then I start spraying straight on about 3-4 inches off to the side of thmini. Then I do ~2-3sec sweep across the entire line horizontally at an 45 degree upward angle trying to spray from below. I wait a few seconds turn all mini's about 90 degrees. Repeat the spraying process. I do this until they are refacing me at which time I give them the 45 degree downward second coat. Then I do one quick sweep over the top of them if it looks like there is any top parts that didnt get covered. After the second coat, I pull each mini up to eyelevel to see any missed spots, if there are any I try to sweep over that spot at the best angle to hit the afflicted area. Then i bring them inside to "cure" for the nite. I am thinking about adopting the paper plate on the ground method. Still on the fence as I know this primer is superior for keeping the details, but I havent had good results and its pretty hard to get that stuff off. Thanks
  10. Yeah I brushed them with an old toothbrush using warm water with a drop of soap. I let them dry over nite. Then I primed em in around 60F weather but quickly brought them indoors. I let them dry overnite before attempting to paint (this was mainly out of laziness). I really cannot decide now. I kinda wanna try the Grey version since I heard it was far better than white. Duplicolor seems to be gaining ALOT of support from this board and confrontations board, but so is Tamiya... so I dunno. Really on the fence.
  11. Well about a week ago now, I primed almost all my mini's with this stuff and when I went to paint them I got horrible results. First layer went on streaky and splotchy. I was forced to use paint straight from the bottle. Second was a lil better, and third finally covered most of the splotches but not all after see the mini's under fluorescent lights. I am not sure if its my fault or what, but seems like the Tamiya is too "plasticized" or mebbe I just got it too thick. Now these mini's are sitting in Simple Green in hopes that they are salvageable. I have a can of Floquil Base Figure White, but it does take a long time to prime with that IIRC, but the results of the finish and how well it held paint escapes me as I cannot remember which were primed with it. Which Floquil is the one everyone is jazzed about? I mean exact name of the product. Due to the Duplicolor vs Krylon thread I am really leaning toward trying Duplicolor now. I am painting these pieces for play, but I still like to do my best paintjob on even play pieces, so I am looking for the best results from a primer. Little to no detail loss and good RMS paint adhereance. I know the primer subject has been beaten into the ground, and I have read just about all of them over the last two days, but still looking for some advice.
  12. Hi all, I think the hardest part to painting is picking the right colors. So I am looking for opinions on some good color choices for Templars. I am gonna do the armor in Darker grey NMM (i mean try to do hehe). I am lookin for some opinions for cloth for cloaks, skirts, and inner robes. Try to imagine very dark and brooding Templars almost to the point they can be evil due to their blind fanaticism (ie Witch trial puritans and/or Inquisition). The kind that strike fear in the hearts of sinners and innocents alike. I want to stay away from black cloth, charcoal grey with a contrasting color mixed in I am open to. I am looking to paint these Templars and perhaps my Warlord Crusaders in this theme. I like the blue that is picture at that link. But I am not a fan of the green especially when there is red around.. way too Xmas feeling. What do you think about weathered dark lavender with that blue? Have fun and thank you for your suggestions as I have a hard time thinking of these things. Takes me over an hour to pick out names for characters in DnD, etc.
  13. Hi all, Not trying to sell here, but due to lack of interest by my friends for Warlord and due to their extreme interest in Confrontation, I may end up selling my Necro and Crusader armies since I would hate for them to collect dust. I have primed and base coated about 30% of the figs. Some even have shading. I would like someone with auction experience's opinion if I should get em all painted up and try to sell them or just sell the ones I have stared painted and the rest unpainted. Just need some opinions as to which would net me atleast as much as I paid for them or more. I would say that I could paint all the grunts to a good tabletop quality and the upper management to high tabletop quality. BTW I have about 57 Necro minis and 45 Crusader minis. Just looking for opinions.
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