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  1. Man, thanks for all that work!
  2. I was reading through some of these Burning Light scenarios yesterday and I was struck by how “bare” most of the skirmish areas are. I’m going to put in some more terrain elements, but kudos to you for running it straight-up. With you having played though the initial scenarios I would like your thoughts on the matter. Seems to me to be a shoot & sprint fest. How’s the feedback from the kiddos?
  3. Nice write up! Looking forward to seeing your darkroot!
  4. Watched the GMG vid last night, very pumped. Looking forward to destroying my kids lol!!!!
  5. The translation issues are a big driver to revise the Infinity core book. About 80 to 90 percent of the FAQ on the Wiki is from the core. As far as the models go there is a very liberal proxie policy for models that have not been manufactured, even in official tournament play. The models I really wanted I've just converted. Hey Hymn, if you want to come by and get in a demo we play about once a month over in Plano. :D
  6. Have you looked at Infinity by Corvus Belli? It's my fave! Right now I'm fighting off Matic's Deadzone impules, I really like the Reb faction.
  7. No problem, it can be the defacto Infinity thread There is already one, it just hasn't seen any action in a while lol! http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17351-infinity-sci-fu-manga-game/
  8. I don't take a TAG until 250 points just because you need other quality troops to share the load if said TAG gets smoked. If you need to you can proxy, most people are fine with that if you're just starting out.
  9. If I'm demoing that's fine. Usually during games or events going over the point levels is not tolerated. It's a rarity to hit the max, I'm usually lacking anywhere from 8 to 3 points, depends if the army has acess to warband troops or not. If you've already read through the rules and you feel like you got the gist, go ahead and make a 200 point list as well. I've found that after people have gotten their feet wet they are ready to go up to the next level, so play a starter @ 150 but have a contingency to play your next one at 200. :D
  10. I try to get there around 11, and I'll be there till 5-ish. There are people that will stay later too. Painted, unpainted, it's all good! Make a 150 point list and you'll be good to go.
  11. Sorry Lars! Yeah, we're playing at Madness in Plano. We're getting together on the 9th of March. I'm going to be the designated demo guy and we already have 2 to 3 new guys coming. I'll supply the minis (Yu Jing) if you want to give it a go! We just had a tourney and we had 13 people show! Heady days man!
  12. Do you live in DFW? There is a bunch of us playing in Plano if you want to come see!
  13. Hey Stubbdog, thank you sooooooo much for taking time out and talking about your great table!!!!
  14. @ the Sonic Table Carhop - Hey Mike, there was a guy just here wanting to buy a hamburger. Sonic Mike - Oh yeah? What did he look like? Carhop - He was a big guy, with a beard, wearing a black shirt.
  15. For any of the DFW locals that would like to check out how the game plays there is a group playing Mondays at Area 51 in Grapevine from about 7-ish to 11-ish.
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