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  1. Here is my first unit for my Ogre KIngdoms army painted and based up. I'm not really happy with how the basing turned out, but this unit is finsihed and the basing works. But overall I am pleased with this unit. Any and all C&C is welcome, just keep it civil. I know I am not the best painter, but its something I enjoy. Bigger pics available on my blog. Enjoy
  2. Awesome really love the blue 'striped' pattern thats going on, but it could just be the pics.
  3. WOW! Never seen those minis before, they are awesome sculpts. Very nice paint job as well.
  4. Good job on Stryker, though I cant stand him in WM.
  5. Hey jsut trying to find out the size of the bases that these minis come on. Are the 40mm?
  6. NOthing like a good old chaplain in termie armor. Great job on this one as well.
  7. Great job. I have always liked the beakers better for some reason as opposed to the normal helmets.
  8. Oh if FW stuff wasnt so $%@# expensive. Great job on paintinng it though.
  9. Being a Menoth player, I can't stand Khador, but that mini looks great!
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