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  1. Prety sure that bases arent 50 cents a piece, but it still looks good. The baing looks very nice. And the mini looks the same as well.
  2. Title says it all. If you know how to reach her either let me know or let her know that I need to reach her. Thanks, Prophet
  3. Could we get a pic of the ATeam van?
  4. NIce looking ones now that I can see them. ;))
  5. I cant get your blog to load up.
  6. Nice paint job, but the mini looks like a sex-change gone wrong.
  7. I agree. Looks totally awesome! Exactly what they said.
  8. I almost missed the Hedgehog, I believe, the first time I lloked at the infantry pic. Nice work. Simple and effective.
  9. The dark skinned is the best one I have ever seen.
  10. Thats the reason I quit going to CBT a long time ago. Besides, I think CAV is a better game than Btech anyway. And I have played it whole-heartedly for nearly 5 years, so yeah its a big statment for me. The only thing that CAV is lacking, which is coming around, is the fluff that Btech has, but thats it.
  11. You mean you got past the primer stage, Dave? ;) Not much but yes its past the primed stage.
  12. Gotta hand it to you, there is nothing quite like a chick with a hammer.
  13. Awesome, would be a fantastic addition to anyone's Razig Amry.
  14. Very nice. Would be a great addition to any Razig Army.
  15. The dragon is just awesome. My personal faves are Bertrand and the Wizard of Faith.
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