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  1. I still havent heard anything yet from my exchange, I have talked to the person I am painting for and it should not be much longer.
  2. I have already contacted my recipient as to mine being a bit late, all is well, as he only lives 5 miles away.
  3. She looks great. I cant wait to get to mine.
  4. It might just be me, but it looks like he got cut off at mid-shin level or something. He just looks a bit short. Awesome paint scheme though, and it does resemble HHH.
  5. Very nice. I didnt know the mini was a conversion job.
  6. I like the different skin tone you gave her, its nice to see a darker skin tone.
  7. I dont know how I missed this at Gencon but I did. WOW!!
  8. That was about 2 years ago, eh? I could start painting now and not stop for 2 years and not get to that point. You simply amaze.
  9. Great job, I wish my NMM looked that good.
  10. A very ghostly appearance, Froggy. Great job.
  11. Awesome pirate monkey, the expression is great.
  12. Looks great as usual, Froggy
  13. When I get a full load for Ebentop and most of the players knew what they were doing, it made for a riot of a scenario. I think it's a credit to the game design that we can run eight players so fast. Oh, and the Grave Horror is nasty no matter when you pull his card. Next time make sure not to roll 10's on the random monster table........ Castlebuilder If you do, you can always pray for a close room and run.
  14. Looks very good. The freehand is great as well.
  15. More awesome stuff as usual, love the bladesister.
  16. I know I had a blast playing the dungeon crawl and leaning how to play CAV. I am a die hard Btech player but CAV was awesome.
  17. Thats an awesome camo scheme, looks great.
  18. Mine got to cuculain42, Last week but the wonderful PO wasnt kind to it, I hear. But hopefuilly everything can be reassembled and posted.
  19. You have a pastor in your group thats just awesome.
  20. Quick question, why blue orchid? I dont see anything blue or an orchid in the mini. Doesnt really matter was just wondering. Also, that is a great assassin mini, I think you captured the idea of it.
  21. The muscle definition on them all is superb!!!
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