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  1. The only thing thats wrong with this one is that it was a commission piece.
  2. I wasn't suggesting he get DV 17, I was saying go buy a piece of armor. A model that had a dv17 that could buy +2 armour for a dv19 would be a bit much. I say give him Tough/5. HATE SUSTAINS ME If Razig is Stunned and makes a successful Tough check, then the player rolls a d6 to determine which of his 6 tracks he is on. 1 = 0 wounds... 6 = 5 wounds. Your version of HSM sounds alright to me. And I agree that the DV 17 is a bit much, but he needs something to be able to have some staying power.
  3. Ideally, he should have never lost "Hate Sustains Me" but the powers that be said he didnt need it so he lost it. I would go for the DV 17 or Tough of 4+. Either way as long as he gets something back that was taken from Him...
  4. In the first pic of him, hr looks like a jockey. But seriously, he looks very good. And you have to be looking for the seam in order to see it.
  5. Awesome mini goodness as usual. Put your cursor over the pic itself and a small magnifying glass should pop up, then just click over the pic and it should get bigger.
  6. Someone must really love her, judging by the price she is getting on the bay now.
  7. How many are from the Council box set? And how many total are there in that set? Thanks, Prophet
  8. IG, What size base is the dragon on? And what scale are the dragons from the set? Thanks, Prophet
  9. Awesome looking priest. Fire hammer looks great.
  10. Beautiful. I remember playing Council back in the day, this mini brings back a lot of memories.
  11. I think "Hate sustains me" was supposed to be the Tough version of Razig, but it never really did work. So, yeah it would be fun if Razig had something like Tough/9 as part of his FA. Would be awesome but really doubt that it happens.
  12. I have already contacted my reciepient as to the status of mine. It looks like it will be a few more days though.
  13. I hope my exchange mini looks half that good.
  14. I have always wondered as to how to get a drow skin to look drow. Its always either too dark or just plain black. I can never seem to get it right. Great look on this one.
  15. The Chain Gang are worth taking if for no other reason than for the Distract.
  16. I must admit that I am somewhat upset that Hate Sustains Me is leaving, especially with the changes that Shak mentioned. But I think it can still be used.
  17. If you're a Razig lover, I'd love it if you could play around with a potential new Army Faction Special Ability they might get in the Rage Chronicles 2008. It would be called 'Land Lubber', and it would force all enemy Flyers and Burrowers to always be at ground level! Give it some playtests if you can, and email me your results at [email protected] Gus, That just sounds awesome. I must admit that Razig is the only ting keeping me in WL right now. BUt once again that 'Land Lubber' thing has potential.
  18. First, I am assuming that Reaper will be at Gencon. That being said, will it be possible to get swag stuff there provided the correct amount of points are available? Thanks, Prophet
  19. I agree, that is one of the best galleries of one artist that I have ever seen. Awesome stuff.
  20. I think that your Clarissa is the best on eI have seen. And your work on the Monochrome mini is just awesome as well.
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