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  1. Soooo much detail on this mini, looks like you nailed it all!
  2. WOW!! That looks great! I would have never thought of that either.
  3. Love how the staffs fade to blue. WHat is the doorway from?
  4. I rreally like the scheme as well. Ih ave been trying to come up with another scheme and may take some of this one and add to my Army. The blues are what does it for me.
  5. I love them I wish my Empire looked as good. The only thing I would change is the quality of pics.
  6. Awesome job!! I wish that my whites looked like this.
  7. Wow, never even thought of doing that.
  8. Great job! And that thing is huge!
  9. Very nice and she's defintely a looker!
  10. The shield is very well done. I paritcularly like the design/insignia on it.
  11. Its a shame that the TAC squads dont improve with great paint jobs. Those would rock on the battlefield.
  12. Those WHFB minis are awesome. I havent started painting my Empire army yet, just hope they are as good as yours.
  13. I agree the CAV looks great and the jewelling on the cockpit is awesome!
  14. Thats an awesome piratey piece!
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