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  1. I noticed that there is not a trading area anywhere, at least that I have noticed, on the site. As a newbie I was wondering as to why. Thanks, Prophet
  2. Now that I have finally chosen my Faction, if you will, I need to know what figures to include in a 600-1000 point army. Any and all help is appreciated. If possible to include the roster point value as well, just so I can have a starting point for which minis to purchase. Thanks, Prophet
  3. Well then I guess I will stick with my original choice of the Mercenaries. There seems to be a huge diversity and selection. More than enough "crack" there I would think. Prophet
  4. The more I read on the site, the more I am leaning toward the Dwarves. I really like the SA of Bane. One shot one kill. Prophet
  5. Thanks for all the help, guys. I really do appreciate it. First things first, still have to get the starter set, and then will go from there. After all its just another "metal crack" habit. Prophet
  6. In regards to the 16510: Deluxe Box Set: Crusader & Necropolis, is the rulebook hardback or paperback? Thanks, Prophet
  7. Okay, but what do you mean? I have only played the demo at GenCon, so as far as even looking through the rulebook would be a first. Thanks Prophet
  8. I am most interested in the Crusaders, Dwarves and Overlords. Also, forgot about about Mercenaries. Once again I am a newbie so be gentle. Thanks, Prophet
  9. I just wanted to say thanks to all the demo team for all their hard work and patience. An extra thank you to Qwyksiver and Evil Bob. Thanks Again, Prophet
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