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  1. As always the GDL one is the best.
  2. That's the resculpt Bandersnatch. That would explain it then.
  3. WOW! I didnt remember them looking like that.
  4. Assuming this is for someone else, they are very lucky to get such a piece. Very nicely done!!
  5. I agree, the uniform looks great but the face needs work but its prolly the sculpt more than you.
  6. I agree with you about the sculpt. ANd another great paint job too.
  7. Yet another great Ogre piece.
  8. Looks like Santa was a very good boy this year! ;)
  9. A friggin' beaut. You nailed the DA scheme.
  10. Those look very nice. They would defintiely make a fine addition to any SM army around.
  11. Friggin' Sweet!! Almost makes me want to get into WH Fantasy.
  12. Great looking stuff as usual.
  13. Awesome Razig mini. And congrats on the win!!
  14. WOW!! I just commented on these over on BoW. Still like them here too. ;)
  15. Sooo many different ways I could go with the scheme, but I must refrain. ;)
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