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  1. I this is the result of the towns people pose. ;)
  2. Great job!! It must just be the sculpt that makes her look prissy.
  3. Either way it still looks great!!
  4. Just be aware of them getting swarmed when they go HtH.
  5. Sounds and looks like a pretty good list.
  6. WOW!!! Yet another reason I cant stand going against the Demons in 40k. Truly friggin sweet lookin mini though.
  7. WOW! The addition of the die is great! The mini looks awesome as well.
  8. WOW!!! I would love to have some 40k SMs like that in my army!!
  9. One of the best hair job of highlighting I have seen!
  10. The highlights are great!
  11. Very nice paint job, odd mini but nice painting.
  12. The dual lamp pics are much better. And I like the blue robe and the stars (I guess) you put on it. All are very nice!!
  13. Very nice additions to anyone's Elf army!!
  14. The female rogue is my fave, but I would have given her a tad larger set of daggers. But they all are great!!
  15. He's defintitely not your Daddy's pineapple. ;)
  16. I was curious about how all the factions could be involved without the cheese factor as well, but I think they did a very nice job of including them, and no Cheese.
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