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  1. Very nice, and formidable looking as well.
  2. great paint job!! I personally dont agree with the sculpt, how in the world is that hammer one handed?
  3. Those were a few of my faves as well.
  4. First, I would like to thank Reaper for publishing the novel, it was great and cant wait for the next installment. That being said, I truly enjoyed the book. It gave some different background on most of the factions that I didnt expect but really liked the new slant, if you will, on the factions. The book was written very well, and kept my attention the entire time I was reading it. It put the Dwarves as a main character for awhile then switches to other factions. The entire book switches factions with nearly each chapter change, and tell the story from that factions POV, so there is really no hero or villian as with most stories. That is one thing I liked about the novel. My favorite part of the story is as follows: (not to give away any plot or story details) That is brief synopsis of the novel. I hope you enjoy this write up and it piques your interest enough to read the novel, because thats the only way the next installment will be a reality. C&C welcome. Thanks, Prophet
  5. This is what I get for having a virus on my pc for 3 weeks and was out of comission that whole time. Oh well next time I guess.
  6. Love the armor on the first one!!
  7. Im just getting in to 40k and this one looks great!!
  8. WOW!!! For a first, thats amazing!!
  9. Its a great mini, I know you said the recipient wanted pink but I would have had to went with another choice. But its stilla great mini and paint job.
  10. The eyes look very good!!
  11. Or possibly a link to an online version?
  12. I must say #2 sounds the most fun of the lot to play. But all have their elements that make them interesting.
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