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  1. Love it!! The sword flame work is awesome and the shield is as well.
  2. Very nice freehand on the cloak. And the chain looks very good
  3. Yet another great addition to your CAV/Mech gallery.
  4. WHo makes her and where is it available?
  5. Vedry cool mini and a great paint job as usual.
  6. I wish I could get my whites to look like yours especially on the 'mechs.
  7. More BTech goodness. Love the faded look, very nice.
  8. In regards to the dragon, would it be, scale wise, a good mini for the elven dragon warlord?
  9. My suggestion is that you link it before it gets canned. Though it is well painted, I would hate for it to get pulled before others could see it.
  10. Love the Btech goodness. The flamework is great.
  11. This sword looks fabulous.
  12. One of mine is done. I am in both exchanges, feeling a bit motivated this time around.
  13. Enjoy him while you can they grow up way too fast.
  14. Very nice paint job, but the sculpt just makes him look odd and somewhat stereotypical of elves.
  15. Echoing everyone else thus far, the frog looks great.
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