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  1. Yes that would suck majorly and prolly even drive more off that were on the fence.
  2. In our group, no one plays Darkspawn or Nefsokar but a noob to the group is very interested in them, and no one has played the newer factions as of yet.
  3. Awesome job IG, and that you sculpted it thats another WOW!! It is one of the best evil dragon looking heads I have ever seen.
  4. I was afraid of that, I know one person in particular who is still waiting for his mini to arrive. But honestly I wouldnt mind heading one up if it were limited to a smaller amount of people. Like 15 or so.
  5. Just wondering as to when . if any, upcoming exchanges would be happening. Thanks, Prophet
  6. What is the name of the second mini? He would work well in our group's Trav Game.
  7. The base does look fabulous, how did you do it? And what did you use?
  8. The shield has to be my favorite part of the mini. The scheme on it really makes the whole mini just pop. Very nie work!!
  9. Stern, She lokos friggin' awesome. WOW!!! I couldnt have asked for something better. THanks, PRophet
  10. Could we have a link to the Priestess?
  11. Its nice to see some good ol' Btech stuff popping up every now and then.
  12. Love the CAV stuff. Especially the 2nd set.
  13. I must say I only looked because of the title.
  14. I like this scheme better than your other one. Love the repose.
  15. Awesomness. You made someone happy regardless of the price.
  16. NO complaints for the 8 yr old. Hope he keeps it up.
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