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  1. My favorite are the Scale75 metallics. I’ve also been happy with the few AK Interactive Gen 3 metallics that I’ve tried. Both go on very smoothly. The Scale75 paints do need an agitator and considerable shaking. Ron
  2. The campaign, Swords of Light and Darkness, is live: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263001724/swords-of-light-and-darkness?ref=user_menu
  3. Elena is probably the worst with the blob hand problem. There were a couple of others, but I can't seem to remember or find them right now. I probably noticed them when I was painting them more. It's really an issue of soft details in some cases because of the plastic. The sculpts are generally fun to paint except when it gets to soft details.
  4. I really like the design of the figures from the first Kickstarter. I got the minis in plastic, which was a bit of a mistake since some of the minis have hands that look like blobs. Others are just fine. I will probably go for the metal ones even if they are a tad larger this time.
  5. I expect that all adults who want the vaccine will be able to get it by the end of July. Unfortunately, part of the reason for that availability will be the number of people who won’t want the vaccine. I’ve got my room booked.
  6. I'm glad that they are being open about the status of the other projects. I'm still going to wait for retail and reviews. So, I'll check again in 1 1/2 to 2 years, if not more. Ron
  7. I definitely agree about the spares, especially with airbrushes. Odds of damage when it comes to needles and nozzles is just high enough that I like having a spare for both. Ron
  8. Certainly not based on the Rocinante. Still very tempting. I'll get a 3D printer someday, right? Ron
  9. I periodically will prune and purge paints and minis. It's tough at times, but accepting that I'll never really paint something can leave room to get something new that I probably won't paint. Ron
  10. Humble Bundle has a collection of fantasy STL files: scatter terrain, furnishings, and some minis as a bundle. I'm trying to resist since I don't need more temptation to get a printer. Ron
  11. We've been happy with our Shark as our Dyson (one's upstairs and one is downstairs). The Shark was about half the price of the Dyson. We also have a Roomba to help control the hair from our Golden Retriever. The Roomba has worked wonders except that over the last few months, it has been attacking the problem at the source and has tried to eat the dog's tail a few times.
  12. It's live with some early birds for the next 24 hours or so. I'm very tempted, even to get the STL files before I have a printer. Ron
  13. I whole heartedly agree with Gadgetman!'s suggestion to use a mask even with a box that has good fan and filter. I set up a large box with filter and box fan, and I still wonder if some of my sinus issues were a result of spray priming without a mask. Of course, N95 rated masks are a little hard to find right now. :-|
  14. I have a couple of essential oil cases from Amazon. About $35 for 104 dropper bottle case, soft sided with foam organizer. Mine is from Soothing Wellness Essentials, but there are many which are essentially the same thing. Ron
  15. I'm bummed since I was looking forward to working the Reaper booth, chatting with Pingo and other painting friends, and taking a couple of classes. But, it's the right thing to do, especially since we're very much in the early part of the COVID-19 spread in the US. Based on China's experience, I expect that we'll be living disrupted lives for at least 2-3 months. There was a noticeable drop in the number of people on our corporate campus from Wednesday to Thursday. My team started working from home on Friday. I expect that we'll all be told to work from home within a week or two. When that notice goes out, the effect will be pretty devastating on the hundreds of facilities and catering staff who support us. Ron
  16. Happy birthday to one of my ReaperCon breakfast buddies! Ron
  17. I’ve flown from Houston to Norway with paints in winter without any problems. The luggage compartment should be pressurized and heated as long as nothing goes wrong. Be careful if you are going from a lower elevation to a higher one. And even if you aren’t, make sure that the caps are on tightly, Ron
  18. I just noticed that it is currently cheaper to order the ScaleColor paints directly from the Spanish site than it is to go through a US source, even with shipping. Ron
  19. The project is now funded.
  20. The author posted a few PDF previews in the updates. Here is one.
  21. Traveling Encounters volume 1 Compelling 5th Edition Challenges For CR1 to CR5 This small project is to fund a collection of little encounters that can be dropped into an existing adventure for low level adventurers. I backed his previous project for alternate character backgrounds, and he delivered the PDFs early.
  22. I stopped using Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes because I seemed to frequently get brushes that had a split tip under moderate load after the first brush. I’ve never had that problem with Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes. Ron
  23. My classes include handouts, and students usually appreciate them. Ron
  24. I’ve also ordered brushes from Dick Blick. When I was teaching my toolkit class at GenCon, part of the class fee included a Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 or Raphael 8404, so I would order 12 to 15 brushes a year. I had the occasional brush without a brush protector that would get deformed in shipping, but they always replaced the brush quickly, Ron
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