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  1. I just noticed that it is currently cheaper to order the ScaleColor paints directly from the Spanish site than it is to go through a US source, even with shipping. Ron
  2. vutpakdi

    Traveling Encounters volume 1

    Traveling Encounters volume 1 Compelling 5th Edition Challenges For CR1 to CR5 This small project is to fund a collection of little encounters that can be dropped into an existing adventure for low level adventurers. I backed his previous project for alternate character backgrounds, and he delivered the PDFs early.
  3. vutpakdi

    Traveling Encounters volume 1

    The project is now funded.
  4. vutpakdi

    Traveling Encounters volume 1

    The author posted a few PDF previews in the updates. Here is one.
  5. vutpakdi

    Brush Issue

    I stopped using Windsor and Newton Series 7 brushes because I seemed to frequently get brushes that had a split tip under moderate load after the first brush. I’ve never had that problem with Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 brushes. Ron
  6. vutpakdi

    Reapercon 2019 Class Reviews

    My classes include handouts, and students usually appreciate them. Ron
  7. vutpakdi

    Mail order brushes

    I’ve also ordered brushes from Dick Blick. When I was teaching my toolkit class at GenCon, part of the class fee included a Da Vinci Maestro Series 10 or Raphael 8404, so I would order 12 to 15 brushes a year. I had the occasional brush without a brush protector that would get deformed in shipping, but they always replaced the brush quickly, Ron
  8. vutpakdi

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    vutpakdi = Ron Vutpakdi
  9. I’ve had Liquitex gloss varnish seem to cause tackiness with Bones minis. Golden gloss varnish does not seem to have this problem. I use Lascaux matte varnish because it’s the best brush on matte varnish (applied with an airbrush) that I’ve found. Apply the matte varnish in thin layers or it can go satiny. Ron
  10. vutpakdi

    Bones mini turning sticky after a while

    I’ve had Bones varnished with Liquitex gloss varnish followed by Lascaux matte varnish sticky. A couple of applications of Golden gloss varnish (followed by the Lascaux matte) helps. I prime Bones with Stynylrez primer if I prime. Ron
  11. vutpakdi

    Forumite Classes, 2019

    I've got my two Beginner classes again: Step by Step Beginner Miniature Painting (Thursday, 10 AM) Type: Painting Level: Beginner Format: Hands-on Synopsis: So, you’ve found the perfect mini for your PC, and you want to paint it. What are the basic steps of miniature painting so that you can turn out a good tabletop quality mini? In this step by step beginner miniature painting class- students will paint the same miniature at the same time using basic beginner techniques including drybrushing and using washes. A Beginning Painter's Toolkit (Friday, 10 AM) Type: Painting Level: Beginner Format: Hands-on Synopsis: So you found a mini that you want to paint? What do you need besides a brush and paint? What would be helpful? We'll talk about tools for beginning painters including files, primer, brushes, palettes, paint, and varnish. Hands on portions of the class include brush on priming, putting on a base coat, and then making washes with matte medium.
  12. vutpakdi

    Adepticon info

    Prices for events vary wildly (free to $75+ for classes). I took 3 1 1/2 hr classes at $39, $25, and $25 each. The standard Swag bag was crazy large this year with highlights including: Song of Fire & Ice base game, Level 7 Invasion, a Guild Ball starter box, a GW Nightvault faction box (and dice and sleeves), and a special Victoria Miniatures mini. My 4 night stay at the Embassy Suites about 1/2 mile away was $685. Ron
  13. vutpakdi

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    If you like tacos, you should make a trip out to Torchy’s Tacos, a mile or so away. Torchy’s is a regional chain out of Austin well known for inventive tacos and killer queso. I took my Maryland friends there last year and they liked it so much that we went back the next day. Ron
  14. vutpakdi

    Scale75 Pricing?

    Pretty sure that it was standard retail. Ron
  15. vutpakdi

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    Given the shipping costs, that the US Distributor normally comes to ReaperCon (and is a great guy), and the lack of neutral 3rd party reviews, I’m happy to wait until ReaperCon or Adepticon 2020 to buy some. It’s not like I need new paints. The only unique shades that I see are the skin tones. Ron
  16. vutpakdi

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    The prices seem to be in line with professional grade artist acrylics at DickBlick (not including shipping). Other than packaging, it's not clear to me why these are better than those other acrylics. Ron
  17. Just in case it's useful, this Medieval Fantasy City Generator generates random medieval-ish city maps of various sizes. You can export the resulting map to PNG or SVG. Like so:
  18. vutpakdi

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Also, event tickets probably won't go on sale until around June. Ron
  19. vutpakdi

    Kickstarter failures and moral/financial choices.

    My impression of the Robotech debacle is that Palladium (aka Kevin) decided that since the Kickstarter project blew up so much, the game was going to be a huge hit so they overproduced the initial wave intending to fund production of the second wave with sales proceeds. When the game flopped, they didn't have the money to produce the second wave. I only had one Kickstarter project completely fail to deliver to me. In this case, I think that the creator failed to do the math. He delivered wooden pens to half of the backers and then disappeared when he reached a break even point. Ron
  20. vutpakdi


    I can see the Mountain needing some improvements for undercuts. That said, I doubt that it's worth getting new versions of ones that you already have. @Talae: whether any of them are going to be worth getting really depends on what you need to base. For example, if you don' t use Sanctuary much, then Dungeon probably won't be all that useful. Deep Space would be good if you play 40k, Kill Team, Infinity, or the Mantic sci-fi games but useless if you don't. Ron
  21. vutpakdi


    Of the ones that I have, almost all appear to be the same except for side lettering: Imperial Forest Deep Space is a renamed Industrial Victoriana Battlezones Sanctuary Dungeon Urban appears to have a slightly different right side with smoother areas It's possible that the ridges/relief is higher on the upgraded pads and that isn't showing up in the pictures. Ron
  22. vutpakdi


    I’ve had no clean up issues with Sculpey or green stuff if I let the green stuff cure for 10-15 min before using the pads and apply a very thin coating of Vaseline like petroleum jelly on the green stuff. I have some Green Stuff World rollers and a fair number of the Happy Seppuku pads. Betweeen them, the rollers seem good for patterns that repeat (like bricks or flag stone). It’s hardest to get good results with the Happy Seppuku pads. Ron
  23. vutpakdi


    I backed 1, 2, and 2.5. I've been very happy with my stamps. I've used sculpey before and had good results. Ron
  24. vutpakdi

    Athena: FeR bust

    Yay! You have power and are relaxed enough to paint! I love the detailed description of your thought process and and the step by step pictures. I picked up the The Atlas Beauty by Mihaela Noroc. Lovely pictures for inspiration. You can see some of the pictures online. Ron
  25. vutpakdi

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    I suspect that Reaper ran out of supplies of the 2018 paint and did the best that they could. Ron