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  1. At this point, we start to evaluate closing the thread. Are there still large numbers of backers who have not received their rewards order? Not replacements, the initial order? If not, this thread gets closed.
  2. ladystorm

    Minis we would like to see

    [MOD] Sorry about that, locked to handle some housekeeping items, will reopen shortly... [/MOD]
  3. ladystorm

    ReaperCon: Reaper U Class Schedule

    This is a weekend. Wait until around noon central on Monday before you ask. I know Ron was not in the office working on the weekend.
  4. Very very few. Mostly ones that can't be shipped to.
  5. ladystorm


    Have you ever met Mr Koplow? The tall older gentleman? He is such a sweet man. Walks around shows with a pocket full of dice and shakes hands, gives out dice and has the BEST smile. That is why I'm partial to Koplow dice. Like Ron, Kit and Ed brought the personal touch to Reaper for me, Mr Koplow did it for dice.
  6. ladystorm

    Pricing for individual minis from wave 4 kickstarter ..

    Help@reaper is for consumers Retailers should direct their inquiries to Adrienne at business@reapermini.com instead of help@reapermini.com
  7. ladystorm

    Reapermini New Site Layout

    That is a forum chamge that occurred about 2 years ago. Not a website redesign issue. Find the rules linked in the FAQ subforum.
  8. Sets that I would expect to see up for sale once they are ready will be the Core and the Expansions, any thing else will be retail release. An add-on, for example those skeletal monsters referenced above, would be sold individually retail, not as a grouping. This statement is based on past experience from previous projects as a former employee not based on current information loop.
  9. Give it until the end of May. There are hundreds of emails to process (based on my time doing B2&B3 SODs) and the easy ones get caught quickly. The more labor intensive ones take longer. Also review your initial email and reconfirm you sent all possible data needed to correct your issue. Email used in Pledge Manager, order number (one is enough), shipping address (if different than PM be VERY clear on that point), identify the model by part number as shown in the KS graphics, don't include attachments unless requested. Be specific in the description of the issue.
  10. ladystorm

    where are the models made

    Metal are cast in house at Reaper here in Texas. Resin are cast domestically in the US. The majority of the plastic Bones models are cast in China.
  11. ladystorm

    Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread

    May 4th Update Reaper Miniatures May 4, 2019 Update on Shipping: European Zone Fulfillment: all orders have been shipped via container to our UK warehouse. On May 1, one of the containers arrived at our Nottingham warehouse and was unloaded. We immediately started shipping. Many of our UK/EU backers have already gotten shipping information, and a few have already received their packages. The second container is expected to arrive on the 13th of May. Shipping will continue until all orders are gone. Just a tiny corner of our UK warehouse filled with Bones 4 orders ready to ship! Australian Zone Fulfillment: all orders have been shipped via container to our Australian partners at Aetherworks. That container is due to arrive May 17. We know this is disappointing to our backers Down Under, but if something changes with the arrival date we will update that here. Once that container clears customs, shipments will begin immediately to our Australian Zone backers. North American Zone Fulfillment: We have finished all orders that *did not* contain a Baba Yaga's Hut, a Tree of Despair, and the Frost Giant Raiders. At the end of the work day Friday, May 3, we were into Wave 10. We estimate that there are less than 1000 orders left to pull for North American Zone fulfillment. Once Wave 14 is completed, we will go back and "flush" the system to see if our system missed any shipments. Our hope is to be finished shipping all orders by this Wednesday, May 8th. If you would like to see if your order has shipped, please log in to the Pledge Manager and look at your account. Any shipping info will be there, if applicable. You might also want to check your spam folder in your email to see if your shipping notice may have ended up there. The Reaper Bones 4 Pledge Manager link is https://ks.reapermini.com/bones4 Please do not contact help@reapermini.com with questions regarding shipping; this email address is for questions or concerns regarding lost packages, shortages, overages, or damages to your received pledge rewards. If there are any updates to any of the shipping information listed above we will post it here. Thanks to everyone who helped making Bones 4 a reality!
  12. ladystorm

    Getting To Know You — May 2019

    While making green bean pickles, I took the prepped mason jar out of the fridge and poured the boiling pickling liquid into it without considering the temperature difference. Jar cracked. Minor inconvenience to transfer beans and liquid to a different container. Need to restock mason jars to continue projects. Grean beans are pickled and tasty. Project lands in success column.
  13. ladystorm

    Book inventory apps/software

    I use goodreads
  14. [Mod] Off topic posts removed [/Mod]
  15. First Tuesday is Monthly Board Game Night downtown. This month the new game I played was Kingdom Builder. Very easy to pick up the rules. Enjoyed the way the scoring objectives change. Would play again.