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  1. This week saw both Forbidden Desert and Sagrada with Passion Expansion on our table at home. I'm not sure the Sagrada expansion added much, it may have been result of shuffle. We'll give it a few more plays before we form a solid opinion. Forbidden Desert has quickly become a house fave.
  2. [MOD] be careful your queries stay away from the line of Commerce Violations as described in the Forum Rules. We have cracked down on market research threads before.[/MOD]
  3. And it appears *another* update occurred. These updates are by the forum software people and not by Reaper. There is nothing we can do to resolve it for you.
  4. When I was in building at HQ yesterday Lunch, the molds to cast them had just been finished and casting was just starting. I expect the UK stock was shipped out yesterday afternoon as soon as the first of the product cleared production (casting, QC, packaging).
  5. From my side of the screen, I can see a forum update occurred. I expect that wiped it out and it isn't recoverable.
  6. @Reaper_Jon please give some official answers.
  7. Since August of 2002. I am one of the first 20 registered members.
  8. If one was to read fine print here, the question would be answered: https://www.reapermini.com/search/44011
  9. None. $1 Most of ours are similar to this example. There are many combinations I have not played, however there are none I would not play. The worst endings are the fizzle outs. When the people playing just stop showing up, or the GM quits. No. Not in many years. NPC Original RISK, taught by darling Hubby. It was not a good second date choice. Still don't play it. I have not brought any home but would not be surprised to find the four new ones under the tree
  10. UPDATE #83 Happy Holidays to Our Wonderful Backers! Reaper MiniaturesCreator December 6, 2019 Happy Holidays everyone! The Holiday Season is our busiest time of year. When combined with the Kickstarter campaign, this just means we've got quite a lot on our plates. Progress Report Not much to report here just yet. We're still finishing up our sculpting; we've gotten quite a bit done, but there are still a few pieces left to finish up before sending the files overseas. Once the files are overseas, masters will be made and then test shots will get run. We'll continue to update our backers here as these steps move forward. Speaking of sculpting, we have two new renders to show you. These two models are from the Fan Favorites Expansion, specifically model numbers 927 Hellborn Paladin and 928 Female Landsknecht. First, let's take a look at the concept art of the Hellborn Paladin by Izzy "Talin" Collier. Hellborn Paladin Here's the digital render by Tom Lishman, who did a wonderful job translating Talin's art. Now for the Landsknecht, concept art by Talin. Female Landsknecht And here's the render by Tom Lishman. Note that the model will come with both head options. Thanks to both Izzy and Tom for a job well done! Reaper Pledge Manager Update The Reaper Pledge Manager is right on the edge of being ready to open up again next week. Initially, the RPM will only take credit cards for late backers or those backers who wish to add to their pledges. We expect the Paypal option to be functioning very shortly after the RPM goes live. Look for a Kickstarter Update next week when the RPM goes live! Bones 5 Live! To support Bones 5, we're streaming Bones 5: Live! every Friday on Twitch. You can catchBones 5: Live! Fridays at 3:00 pm CST, and Reaper Live! every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST here:https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Our next scheduled update is Friday, December 20. As always, we'd like to thank you all for being such great Reaper supporters!
  11. If prices are different, you are not logged in with the same email address you used on Kickstarter to place your pledge. The email address is how the site knows you have a pledge. Or you are a late backer who will pay late backer prices because you didn't pledge while the project was live on Kickstarter. I'm going to go way out on a limb and remind everyone that Reaper's new web things tend to have a period of not working perfect. Don't be so enthusiastic to get your order locked in, give it a day or so to work through the glitches.
  12. [MOD] Reminder this thread is for the Bones 5 Kickstarter. Other topics have other threads. Posts removed. [/MOD]
  13. Probably our cube farm. Before we met, back in our teens, #darlinghubby and I independently became huge Rubik's cube fans. He used to solve them at lunch in school for money. I just worked on speed solving. When we moved into this house, our youngest #SweetWm found one of our old cubes (upper, center) and solved it, with no outside help. So, we have added a few more of various configurations to our collection. The ones on the bookcase in the lower right corner are Go-cubes from their KS. They pair with an app and you can track moves, compose music, race against others. Now the cubes have a home so I don't have to keep moving them from where my guys leave them and it doubles as decor. That's the kind of collectible I enjoy.
  14. UPDATE #82 Update: November 15, 2009 - New Renders Reaper MiniaturesCreator November 15, 2019 The time is really flying by! We are currently in the process of wrapping up sculptures for the Core Set, Expansions, and Options. This week, we have a few of those new sculpts to show you: First, this is the render of the Satyr from the Greek Expansion to show you; the Kickstarter graphic shows the art by Izzy "Talin" Collier, and this is the render by Christine Van Patten. This is mostly final, with only a small tweak or two left to do. PLAY Next, we have male and female Wildkin by Bobby Jackson, from the Fan Favorites Expansion. PLAY Here are three of the Robots from the Chronoscope Expansion; these were designed by Chris Lewis. Note that these are shown on tabs, but the final models will be based on round plastic bases. PLAY PLAY PLAY And finally, here's Murkillor the Wraith King by Bobby Jackson, from the Core Set. Murkillor was designed by Izzy "Talin" Collier. PLAY As mentioned above, we're wrapping up sculpting. We still have quite a few pieces of art to assign to sculptors. We'll keep backers up to date with our regular Kickstarter updates. Once the sculpting is all done, we'll be sending the models to our overseas manufacturing partners. Reaper Pledge Manager Update We're still waiting on Kickstarter to send us our backer information; as soon as that's done, we'll be synching up the Reaper Pledge Manager. Look for updates here. Once the RPM is open, we will make an Update stating this. Bones 5 Live! To support Bones 5, we're streaming Bones 5: Live! every Friday on Twitch. You can catchBones 5: Live! Fridays at 3:00 pm CST, and Reaper Live! every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST here:https://www.twitch.tv/reaperminiatures Our next scheduled update is Friday, December 6. As always, we'd like to thank you all for being such great Reaper supporters!
  15. The weapon sprues don't fit into any of the packaging options Reaper uses except for the large clamshell. The cost to package a sprue in a clamshell is prohibitive. The sprues were molded by the factory incorrectly and Reaper is unhappy with the end product. Last I knew, there was no intention on releasing the product to retail and no intention on having new molds remade correctly, for any version of Bones. The molds are at HQ as the clear/colored ones were cast in house and the time/labor to cast these is higher than most as the design is problematic causing more failed casts than not. These sprues are not considered a success. I would be highly surprised if they ever hit retail.
  16. Yes. You will be able to, and expected to, keep your shipping address current in the RB5PM. As the RB5PM is not yet open, the update address feature may not yet be accessible.
  17. As the Reaper Bones 5 Pledge Manager has not yet opened, the current step we are in is to wait for it to be opened. If you did not make a pledge through Kickstarter during the window of time the project was live on Kickstarter, you are considered a late backer and will be charged a slightly increased rate, generally 25-50% higher, however it will still be less than the items will be available at retail. The Pledge Manager is not yet open. Once it does open, you will need to complete your selection by checking out. During the checkout process you will be charged for your purchase. There is no separate invoice, it is like an online store purchase. Once the project ends and the money is collected, it is too late to change your pledge in either direction. Any additional additions are handled through the Pledge Manager once it opens.
  18. [MOD] Reminder thread is for Bones 5 Kickstarter. Other topics have other threads. Reaper Live on Twitch should be discussed in the video subforum. [/MOD]
  19. 1. HD line was cancelled. 2. Bones line are HD paints, different colors than HD line. 3. WTH did you get that rumor? No. Only one Bones line has been produced.
  20. No, feel free to express opinions in the project threads. Forum Rules on civility apply.
  21. To be fair, not every mold designer wants the digital file, some only want physical objects which means the digital files need to be printed and sent to the mold designer. One of Reaper's factories prefers physical.
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