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  1. See, you said never, so I can't really answer that. I've tried many things and didn't enjoy them. However, I can't say "never again." Different circumstances, different people, different me could all be factors in making the experience into one I might enjoy. Many things I thought I disliked or didn't enjoy have been tried again with more favorable results.
  2. Little known secret, may be out of date now, Reaper Employees could get paint by the gallon for interior house painting as a perk. When we moved in this house, Anne mixed me up several colors to get us started. And we use standard paint rollers when painting walls.
  3. Yes, I am still the one to PM for access.
  4. I have plans for June 1st. We do not celebrate Pentecost so my plans are unrelated. Today, the UNT summer classes start, all online, for both my son and myself. I have an art fraud and an Eastern Philosophy class that I am looking forward to. And with my MOD hat, will gently remind that religious discussions belong in Bees.
  5. Conquering self boredom, keeping Autistic son from regressing, inability to schedule life due to unknown.
  6. Acquired new game room table and eight chairs. **if you are really up on your Reaper paint colors, you may have noticed the walls really are Bloodstain Red**
  7. Ice cream is the classic go to for me. If we are motivated enough to do the extra work, fresh vanilla ice cream topped with either grilled pineapple or peaches is the household favorite. Fresh fruit, not canned or frozen. If eating out of carton, the more chocolate the better. If enjoying a scoop at BETH MARIE'S, my current flavor is Baa Bas Blackberry. This is a lovely blackberry ice cream with a blackberry pureé swirl, goat cheese and a hint of thyme. If making it into a shake, WHATABURGER has a seasonal Dr Pepper flavor. If soft serve, I prefer swirl vanilla chocolate, accepting plain vanilla if not an option. On the other hand, Smores.....
  8. Since we cosplay regularly here, that is hard to narrow down to the most fun. I enjoyed the week working at day camp in the nature lodge dressed as Mother Nature. The kids crafts and animal handling were a great compliment to my garb.
  9. Reaper does grind and reuse their sprues and miscasts bases for casting in Thomas. There is a percentage (I didn't work in Plastics, so exact numbers are not my thing) of recycled material in every Reaper base produced.
  10. That is a long list, I'm a fairly private person. Considering the audience, I'll share the pot roast story. After a lengthy broccoli base discussion on this forum, Ron exasperatedly typed he didn't really care what we called the bases, we could call a pot roast a base. So I took that as a challenge and based a mini on a pot roast, made a little vignette and included wine pairing with the presentation. Of course, the forum upgrades have made this hard to track down, but it is out there.
  11. I am most usually found to be barefoot, indoors or out. If I have shoes on indoors, I have either just returned home and have not taken them off yet or am about to depart. Shoes are typically off at home. If I have shoes on, when I take them off, they get put away which is defined differently based on what shoes they are. For example: my garden clogs live just outside the back door on the patio, my flip flops live in a basket next to the garage door, my dress shoes live in the rack in my closet. While I have been in the orthopedic boot, I wear a shoe on the opposite foot to even up my hips to reduce the associated discomfort. I find I stumble and trip more with shoes on than barefoot. And worse, tripping in the boot. since I've worked in the game industry, my bucket list of meeting people has been checked off.
  12. My favorite time of day is morning.
  13. Yep. Also, when some one is watching. Also, while waiting in the TSA line at airports much to the dismay of travelling companions.
  14. Yes, Reaper has at least one. Talk to K or D.
  15. To confirm, y'all are discussing the product you received from the Kickstarter from January? So this project is fulfilled? Anyone waiting on product?
  16. How to read a map and public transit schedules.
  17. Faster than light travel, teleportation, universal translators are my top three.
  18. A quality nap usually does both. A solid crying jag to release it all. A long bubble bath. Kayaking Cat cuddles
  19. John Cage's four thirty-three
  20. Black bear or juvenile moose. Didn't get close enough to either to really tell which was larger.
  21. I believe if kids are involved in your move, researching your school districts is super important. We did this for our relocation and then further researched each of the schools within the district to figure out which neighborhoods to find housing within. Know your district and school zone lines to verify the home is actually going to put the kid where you want them. Your realtors won't, in general. If you opt for private or homeschooling, then this advice is moot. If you need realtor recommendations, I can share. We started with where the job was located to determine the acceptable commute radius and researched schools in that.
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