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  1. The first real CAV game I ever played was at Gen Con in 2005 I believe, and I really enjoyed that scenario. The attacking force(me), had to locate some widget(I think it was data of some sort) while the defenders attempted to stop me. There were several buildings on the board, and I had to get infantry stands into the building in order to check for the widget. I'm not sure if the defender knew which building the widget was in or not. My strategy was to drive a skirmish line past the buildings and bring in transports to drop off infantry at the buildings behind us as we pressed forward. We had to end the game due to time, but I had a blast and it really hooked me on CAV. I think having objectives in the scenario is a good way to avoid the "Hulk Smash!" syndrome. The objectives are only limited by your imagination as far as friendly games go. Get to the dropship, recover the data module, defend the research station, destroy the power regulator, capture the comm facility, are all examples of some fun stuff you can do.
  2. OK, I chose the "I like it but I'm not giving up my other systems" option but I have a clarification. I DM my group's 4E game, and we've played 7 or 8 sessions to date. This group didn't exist before 4E. We formed at the FLGS in order to learn the new system. My previous group (now defunct) played 2E well into the 3.5 era, but we tried both 3.0 and 3.5 with mixed results. I didn't enjoy 3.X primarily due to the players and the playstyles that I ran into. It seemed that everybody wanted to play a "1/2 dragon/ninja/chainfighter/cheeselord", and if I wanted to run a "standard" fighter or rogue then the game wasn't very fun for me because I wasn't optimized enough to deal with situations geared to challenge the Lord of Cheesevania. I realize that this was more a factor of different players wanting different things from the game, but I hadn't really run into that in previous incarnations of the game. 3.X was great for giving options, but if the group wasn't on the same page, then the options could "break" the game. My group's experience was that 3.X played more like Magic the Gathering, because combos and synergies seemed to be so important. I had always liked running a sword and shield fighter type, but I quickly learned that this type of character "build" was "suboptimal". I really want to like 3.5, but I live in a gamer poor environment and I don't know of anyone here who still plays it. As for 4.0, I DM it but I'm not really loving it. The new group consists of 1 human cleric, 1 dragonborn cleric, 1 dragonborn paladin, 1 tiefling warlock, and 1 tiefling wizard. Most combats tend to follow the same attack routines, and the "self-heal" powers have reduced the players' cautiousness in combat. They know they have staying power, and with the paladin and clerics able to sling healing around easily they can usually just grind down their opponents. I know there are things I can do to adjust the combats, such as give the PCs goals besides "kill 'em all!". I'm just not enthused enough about the game to work that hard just to make it more enjoyable for me. The players seem to be enjoying the game, so that's definitely a positive. I started using the Character Builder Beta to make some characters for the unlikely possibility that I can get someone else to DM. I tried to make an Elf Ranger, and the options left me a bit cold. I'm not judging versus previous editions on this, I'm just saying that I felt that I really didn't have much choice of powers compared to the other classes after I had picked either "two weapon" or "archery" style. I did feel that the "standard" fighter is more viable in 4E than in 3.X though. I'll keep DMing 4E unless there is some group consensus on playing a different game, but I don't see them investing in another system for awhile due to financial issues. I'd love to try True 20, or Savage Worlds, or HERO sytem or something. I feel that if I could find a simple, low cost, generic/modular ruleset, then we could change up genres more easily and avoid the rut.
  3. Thanks KatieG. I had totally forgotten about getting feedback by buying stuff. That's a good excuse to try to get some more CAV m minis.
  4. Seconded. If we could get CAV units at the P-65 prices, I think it would be easier for me to get more players to invest in starting the game. Right now the two biggest obstacles for getting people started are the cost of getting enough units to start playing games, and a lack of product presence in my area.
  5. Thanks for the data mining. My paypal fu is weak. I guess that means that the reason for the "paypal money jail" in my situation is because I'm a casual seller. If I was a more prolific seller I wouldn't have to wait for the 21 days, or the positive feedback, or paypal's confirmation of delivery. I think my ebay score is in the 80's. Any idea how paypal confirms delivery? I had USPS delivery confirmation that required a signature, but I still didn't get the payment released until after the positive feedback. I even did the "ship this with paypal" thing. Maybe I can just sell some really low value stuff that I'm not worried about getting hosed on, so that I can get my rating up over 100. I just don't sell often enough to make it worth my while I guess. An old D&D book or Battletech supplement here or there doesn't seem like it's worth the stress. The job I'm in tends to breed paranoia and distrust. Could you tell?
  6. I'm not big into ebay, but I buy or sell the occasional trinket from time to time. I'm not a dropshipper, and I don't own a business. I sometimes find an old piece of gaming lore that I don't have room for after buying new stuff, so I put it on ebay. The last thing I sold had me more nervous than an occasional seller should be. The buyer paid promptly through paypal, so things look good. Then I find that paypal is going to "hold" the payment for 21 days, or until the buyer leaves me positive feedback, or delivery confirmation is made. If the buyer claims he never got the item, then I never get the money. The auction ended on a Sunday, and I shipped the item on Monday morning. Then I spent two weeks waiting to get feedback so I could at least get my money out of paypal jail. During that time I start to get nervous. What if he claims he didn't get the item? I'm out a large chunk of money plus the item that was worth that large chunk of money in the first place. It works out in the end, and the buyer leaves me positive feedback so paypal will allow me to have the money he paid, but I didn't get the feedback until almost a week after USPS confirmed the delivery. I was sweating during the time I knew the item had been delivered and the time he go around to giving feedback so I'd know that everything was OK. I just got a bad vibe as a seller, and I don't really feel comfortable doing it again. I deal with thugs and criminals on a daily basis, and while the vast majority of bidders on ebay are probably upstanding citizens, the unscrupulous predators out there make me wary. Now that I can't even leave negative feedback for someone who claims they didn't get the item(what does delivery conformation really mean after all), I think I'd rather sell my treasures on message boards where I can at least recognize the screen names. I'm no great loss to ebay though. I've probably only sold 5 to 10 things in the last three years.
  7. I'm really glad you pointed this out. I read that section of the rules several times, and my brain never caught that EST gives the bonus to attacks against any enemy target. In my mind I just made the false assumption that it was the same as a "shared" Target Lock without reading carefully. Once I saw your post, and re-read the section in the rulebook, it was as clear as can be.
  8. Thanks to those who have posted lists. This is really helping me get a feel for force and points distribution. I've read the beta rules many times, but it helps me to see examples like these. I am afraid that my initial purchases will be inefficient on the tabletop, due to my lack of actual game experience. For example, my initial idea was to include a Sabertooth with my Armor platoon to act as an anti-aircraft and anti-soft unit. I'm a little concerned that I would be weakening my Armor platoon, when the better choice would be to field a seperate platoon focused on AA/ anti-soft. I have to leave for third watch in a few minutes, but if I get time after shift in the morning I'll post my initial concept list. Maybe I can get some pointers from people with battle experience. Thanks again for the example lists.
  9. UCOR stands for United Corporate Organized Republic, and is sort of like a corporation that has become a governmental body. Like if Toyota or Ford decided to become it's own State or Province.
  10. I'm interested in seeing a few lists also. I haven't gotten to play except at GenCon 05, and I don't know how many points were involved in the games I played. They were mainly to give me a familiarity with the rules, and didn't really have the time to go into force organization. If you guys(and gals) can give a few examples of force organizations you use, it will help me plan purchases to get my first taskforce on the table. Thanks, Aegis
  11. So tell me , why isn't there a Ritterlich Faction Thread ? We prefer to let our deeds speak for us...
  12. If it says Partha on the bottom, then it would probably be an Iron Wind Metals product now. Most of the old Ral Partha minis have been re-cast by IWM. You can likely find the site through your favorite search engine. Good luck on the mini hunt.
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