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  1. Of the available Bones minis I have, I am having a hard time choosing what to paint next. Suggestions?
  2. As someone who was a BL and went to his first GenCon to run demos of Warlord with the Reaper folks (a million years ago), I have a deep and eternal love for Warlord. It's quick & easy or long and still easy depending on how you want to play. I think I would still be playing and promoting if I hadn't started a business. And if I found out that someone was running a local game I would go grab my Crusaders out of storage in a heartbeat. I saw the post about the ICA and this is what came to mind, then I read this and laughed so hard I scared my dog.
  3. Very helpful since I was trying to update mine last night.
  4. I started painting my first Bones mini last night (yes I have backed all 3 kick starters, why do you ask?). I might try to finish it today.
  5. Told my sweetie about the houses. Got to Frogwarts and "house of kitbashes and conversions" and they responded with, "well of course they named it that."
  6. Aww thanks all. I was working on my birthday (we just opened a store) and towards the end of the day a couple friends came by to say hi, we got to talking, I pulled out all my Bones, and the next thing I knew I was back home here. And painting a mini on my birthday after too long away. I've missed it. I am really hoping that even with how busy we are I can stay connected this time, because I adore this community. My sweetie says I need to spend less time working. Let's see if I can get away with transferring it directly to painting .
  7. I use the Loctite control gel for metal and I figured it would be good for Bones. It works on everything. I will admit I was confused by the question of "how old is your super glue". Then I realized normal people don't go through 2 dozen bottles a month (we use a lot at my job) and it might actually get old.
  8. I love prepaint Mooks. Especially if they are the same or similar to Bones casts because then I can paint Bones versions for leaders or special Mooks. I don't really care about zombies, mummies, or skeletons; but goblinoids of various sizes and lizard dudes and rat me, would be cool. Also seconding pesants and town guard of various types.
  9. That is a beautifully painted first mini. And I love your choice, I've painted his other version more than once, I might have to get this one. May I suggest for your next mini picking one area to try and advance. Like, next time I want to do better cloth, or hair, or metals. Then pick a mini that has a good 'whatever' to practice on. Try some more advanced techniques (I love that you can research these so much now) on that area, and push yourself. Then paint the other stuff and you'll see how much of that improvement transfers to other areas.
  10. Thanks! It was this guy or a frog warrior but I decided painting spikes sounded fun. Also I am fairly certain this is the 1st Bones mini I've painted so I wanted big-ish to try out all of Wren's fantastic advice. I haven't gone in and checked him out yet today. I am hoping none of the paints decided to crackle on me. I think I got them remixed well enough, but the greens are finicky iirc.
  11. I did not know that about bbs, but it makes sense. I think a fair amount of my MSPs have little skulls in them.
  12. Everyone: So I do have one bad wrist (stupid ice skating) so that's part of why I was wondering about how much I was going to have to shake. The stirring idea is awesome, and getting paint on me/things has never been a deterrent. I don't think they ever got cold enough to freeze but I'm not positive. The paints I tested with last night seem to have survived. I need to find my 'tool' for unplugging bottles I got a zillion years ago from... Um... One of the forum guys at GenCon. The headpin I was using last night isn't quite thick enough for a good clean. Xerman, is it really that obvious I belong in House Procrastius? Qwyk, thanks. Hopefully it sticks this time. I have a friend who just moved up here who also like painting so we're going to try and have date-nights with minis and painting.
  13. We recently moved and all my unpainted (ok 99%) pewter had to go to storage because the new place is very smol. But paints and Bones came with. For my birthday "today" after we closed the shop I sorted all my Bones minis and picked out a very angry turtle warrior to paint. My paints haven't been used in *cough* 3 years *cough* so I wanted something with a limited palette because I didn't want to spend the next week shaking paints for this mini. I still need to do his toe claws and his stick but today was long and the birthday cookies had worn off. This is a 2 hour "do I remember how to paint" tabletop speed job. 10 colors. Cell phone photos, no edits.
  14. Running your own business is a lot of work.

  15. So, yeah. I haven't had a chance to paint in... According to my last forum post about 3 years. I want to say it can't possibly have been that long, but I know I haven't painted since we moved to Portland, and that's coming up on almost 2 years ago. That brings me to my big question. How many millions of hours do you think I'm going to have to shake my MSPs to get them remixed? They have probably gotten both too hot & too cold in the tie they have been neglected so I am hoping they are still useable. Since one upon a time it was a full set.
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