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  1. Lawgiver

    GenCon 2011

  2. Lawgiver


    But look what the Ewoks did with a few sticks... ... and then imagine how the results would differ if they were wookies.
  3. Lawgiver

    The master plan

    I have a spreadsheet for my main two factions that gets updated once every 6 mo or so. But I don't have a clue how many non faction, dungeon crawl or random "ooh that's shiney" minis I have in the collection (and it's probably safer that stay undocumented or the wife will realize how much I've spent )
  4. Lawgiver

    RCon '11 tourney chat.

    For local events I've run in the past I offer 10% bonus pts to the army builds if you have a 100% painted army. It's a carrot rather than a stick. Seconded. It's not a matter of being "lazy" as you put it, as a lack of time and far too many minis for too many games.
  5. Lawgiver

    Smallest Warlord Army?

    Deathsleet - 194 pts. pimp him however you'd like but that's it. Granted you'll lose, but it's under 1000 and the cheapest leader with 0 troop requirements. ;)
  6. Lawgiver

    GenCon 2011

    ETA on when the scenarios/rules for the tourney will be released?
  7. Lawgiver


  8. Lawgiver

    Point size - game ballance

    We play 1000 on week nights for a faster game, and 1500-2000 on weekends. I use 450 for demos. We've done 500-750 for scenario specific games, but not often. We never suffered from imbalances on the higher pt value. On the lower end it gets off a little bit perhaps, but not too much. It tends to make the armies a bit more extreme in their design and can be a little harder to counter.
  9. Lawgiver

    Casualty Markers

    Great stuff. Very inspirational Yes, impressions in sculpy and then poured with plaster. I built each base to fit the model from Hirst Arts cavern molds. I consider this batch a success, but there are a lot of flaws if you look close. When I get around to trying another batch, I will use metal figs and try for better poses and detail. I would press mold with green stuff until the final is done and then latex mold the final for plaster casting. watch the video on an awesome tool http://www.coolminiornot.com/shop/tools-and-misc/instant-mold.html
  10. Lawgiver

    Army Giveaway?

    Giving a single mini is normally enough to whet the appetite. And always try to give them a Reaper catalog. A card with the url to reapergames/army builder & the forums is nice, in the past I'll get the players email address and forward the info and offer to answer questions as follow-up.
  11. Lawgiver

    GenCon 2011

    Too early to ask? ... Prereg starts May 1st. I know ReaperCon runs before GenCon, but what events have been submitted?
  12. Lawgiver

    Why no premeasurement?

    If you have played any game with pre measure you would know this isn't the case. That was the official reason given to the playtesters of CAV 1.5. But like most things it depends on the players. There is always "that one guy" who always insists on pre-measuring everything for every possible scenrio he could make for each his models. By the way, for causual games I allow pre-measuring... and it does slow down the game. Seconded. Bogs Battletech down to pondwater speed if a couple key players show up. They min max EVERYTHING and it drains the life of things.
  13. Lawgiver

    More Ghosts Please!

    A ghost warlord would be nice to be able to make a 100% non-corp army.
  14. Lawgiver

    New to Warlord

    Other suggested army builds here: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/36299-overlords/ I recommend our new players play a few rounds with printed tokens or proxies to figure out what they like before they buy.