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  1. Here are some Astral Maulers I did up for Castlebuilder's sci-fi cavern crawl that will be ran at Origins this week. As these will be handled quite a bit, they are tabletop quality. If any of you get the chance to go to Origins, stop by and try out some of the events that are being ran by Castlebuilder and the Bears.
  2. I should be there. Now I just need to figure out which Faction Castlebuilder wants to play.
  3. Is there going to be one this year? If there is, how soon before there is any information/special rules posted?
  4. Design Your Own Mini Usually won through a contest (ex: Game Trade Magazine) or winning bid during auction at ReaperCon.
  5. I'll see if I still have any of the original pics of the 'marines.' If not, I'll try to take some new ones. The idea for using 'marines' came from the scenario where Halloween was trying to steal/destroy the presents and the "Toys for Tots" program of the USMC. So when the marines heard of the attack....
  6. Reven. You can check the army builder here: http://www.reapergames.com/warlord_ArmyCreator.php
  7. Sergei is in Columbus, though he has been busy for a while. Not sure of any of the other players in Columbus. You might check with some of the game stores (Ravenstone, Guardtower,etc.). Castlebuilder is in Ashland. I am in Ontario (Ohio). Usually we play at the Realm of Heroes in Mansfield (Warlord, Dungeon Crawls, Special Events*, and occasionally Reich of the Dead). We also have players from Galion, Mansfield, Mt. Vernon, Ontario, and Shelby. *
  8. An ornithopter. Add a set of wings (or two) along back end of flanged piece; a 'speeder-bike' type seat right behind the round end on the flanged part; control yoke/handles/bars coming up off the round end in front of the seat (w/in reach of rider/pilot); can either fill in sides of round end w/ 'fan blades', domes for 'eyes'/lights, or turrets for weapon mounts (not quite 360^ arc of fire for each, but then don't want to shoot yourself off your own ornithopter). Landing skids/legs optional. Or a sonic screwdriver.
  9. This was my Koborlas list: Troop 1 Vasyl [w/ Ironhide and Doomcrier] Ragon x3 [w/ Ironhide and Magic Weapon] Linebreaker x8 Total: 999 points In the order played Scenario #3, "The Pheonix Rises" vs. Nefsokar: 19 - 1 [We were about even on speed, but the Lupines were able to absorb the damage they received a little better.] Scenario #2, "Pieces of Eight" vs. Elves: 11 - 9 [both of us initially had trouble making the checks for the treasure, but I got lucky and made three checks in one turn later on.] Scenario #1, "All Ashore" vs. Reptus: 15 - 5 [Though they couldn't move out of Deployment Zone until turn 2, the Lupines had enough speed to catch and overtake the Reptus.]
  10. Yes, as the Guardian Beast is not part of Kristianna's troop. This is because it acts out of normal sequence when summoned. You did not mention it, but just in case anyone is wondering, your first set of defensive strikes could have targeted the models from Kristianna's troop that were in BtB with your big model instead of the 'Doom Kitty."
  11. Mark me down for Saturday.
  12. Some quick questions after scanning the scenarios: All Ashore: "Deployment: Each player deploys a maximum of 600 points of their force. Only complete troops (including Solos and Banded Troops) may be deployed." Question: What if a player is fielding a single troop that is over 600 points? "Reinforcements: Models not deployed during the deployment phase may begin coming ashore in Turn 2, and must come ashore as a full troop. Models may come ashore up to 10 base sizes at a time per Turn (where Standard = 1 base, Large and Cavalry = 2 bases, and Giant = 3 basses)...." Question: What if a player does not field any troops that are 10 or less base sizes? [Example - troop(s) consists of 11+ Standard bases; 6+ Large bases; Combination that exceeds 10...3 Large and 5+ Standard; etc.] Question: Some pieces of equipment require a model, namely the Familiar and Totem of Battle. How are these pieces of equipment to be handled? [Familiar(s) may put a troop over the 10 base sizes limit; Totem of Battle is not a troop; If only troop available to move Totem of Battle ashore consists of Large/Cavalry bases = 11 base sizes (8 + 3 ); etc.] "Scoring: ... All unearned points from the battle are split evenly." Question: To clarify, does this mean models still on board for both sides totalled, then the total split?
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