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  1. No, it was actually during Fellowship, I skipped out right as they decided to take the mountain pass, so that I could get back in time to see them enter Moria. Didn't want to miss that! Honestly, by the time we got to Two Towers and RotK I was enjoying myself so much that those two movies sped right by. It was the first 2 hours of Fellowship that really seemed to drag on. It helped that while I've seen the extended versions of Fellowship and 2 Towers a few times each, I'd only seen RotK once and it has the most added content. So there were big chunks of that one that I didn't remember at all. Edit - and speaking of RotK's epilogue; I'm still pissed that Jackson didn't end it right when the hobbits returned to the Shire.
  2. I forgot to check in last week, but yes I did survive my LotR extended marathon without any blood clots or inadvertent naps! Biggest surprise for me was that I only took 1 bathroom break during the actual movies! (We did have breaks during the extended credits.) I totally enjoyed myself and the films.
  3. One of my buddies owns TI4 and has been dying to get a game going, but we can never get enough ppl together at one time. (Note that means "not enough ppl that he's willing to play with". )
  4. There are 3 versions. Thunderstone, Thunderstone Advanced, and Thunderstone Quest. Quest comes in a giant box, and has a board + tiles you use to build a dungeon. The previous versions only include cards, but I'm not sure how to tell the two apart. I only owned one set from Advanced.
  5. Since we're talking deck-builders: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86217-venom-assault-reprint-expansion/
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supermouse/venom-assault-reprint-plus-expansion-villains-and VENOM Assault is a not-GI Joe themed, cooperative deck-builder for 2-5 players, that also incorporates dice for combat. The main focus of this KS is the Villains and Valor expansion for the core VENOM Assault game, but they're also using it to reprint the original game itself. You can get either games or both of them. If you like deck-builders and loved the GI Joe cartoon or comic book, you'll love this game. I backed the original KS and am happy to say that I was 100% satisfied with it. It was affordable, had a ton of content, and was the only campaign I've ever backed that came anywhere close to hitting their fulfillment date. They delivered only 1 month late, and that was due to a strike by the freighter ships/company, not b/c of anything to do w/the game. The game itself was fully tested and ready for production on the day the KS ended, except for the special pledge-levels that allowed backers to name their own cards. The only problem I had w/the game was that it wasn't co-operative enough. While the players were all working together to defeat the game, you pretty much just sat there and watched when it wasn't your turn. The expansion aims to address this with new abilities that allow you to help other players during their turn. You can try the base game & expansion out for free on Tabletopia too! https://tabletopia.com/games/venom-assault If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. (I'm not involved w/the game or company at all, I just really like it and want to see this campaign succeed.)
  7. We played Terraforming Mars at last week's game night. An old friend has rejoined us (we all used to play together in an X-Wing league before our small group split off and started playing boardgames once a week) and this was his first time playing, so I'm guessing that we'll play again tomorrow night to help continue his learning experience. In related news, I've now entered week 3 of "shipping starts this week" for Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops, a board game I Kick Started. I'm going batty waiting for it to arrive, as I think it's going to become my favorite game. I spent time mocking up cards they showed off during the campaign and then filled in enough blanks to allow some friends and I to play by forum on Board Game Geek and we really enjoyed it.
  8. Which version of Thunderstone are you playing?
  9. My favorite part of Endgame was Deadpool's cameo.
  10. Looks like maybe 30 minutes between movies, but I'm just guessing based on what I can find for individual run times compared to the total run time they listed. And yeah, this theater isn't at a mall so you have to park at the nearby lot. The first 3 hours are free so typically you don't have to pay to go see a movie, but I'll have to pay for the balance on this one.
  11. I could only wish that they'd let us bring in our own food. I'm positive that The Alamo won't run out of food, and at around $14/meal/person it is going to be an expensive afternoon. And I've gotta pay for hourly parking too boot. As for it being butt numbing, at least this theater has recliners, so I'll be able to adjust my position from time to time. I suppose my biggest fear should be falling asleep sometime in the middle of Two Towers and starting to snore!
  12. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    I've owned Netflix and Prime long enough to understand exactly what you're saying.
  13. I've got all of them up to the X-Men expansions, which I should have bought but didn't b/c a friend had them. We weren't playing enough to make keeping up worth it to me. They're all mixed in together so I just let the guys each choose 1 hero and then we worked together to pick the others to fill in the holes. One guy picked the villain and I semi-randomly picked the plot.
  14. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    How did S2 compare to S1? My wife and I keep forgetting that the new season has been out and I need to add it to the watch list.
  15. My son's favorite movies are the LotR trilogy and as he's 18 he's never seen them in the theater. Our local Alamo is playing a marathon of all 3 extended versions next month and I bought us tickets. 750 minutes - 12 1/2 hours - of movies. Can't say I've ever done anything like this in my life, or would normally even consider it. I must love this kid. I wisely bought seats on the end of the aisle so I can get up and go walk down the hall whenever I need to. At 47, the ol' bladder isn't what it used to be!