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  1. I'm regrettably going to go digital on this. Just can't afford the full cost right now. Just bad timing.
  2. The Tonya Harding movie was great! We watched Midway this weekend. It was not great. It was really, really, really, really bad. I'd rather watch Pearl Harbor again and I hate that movie.
  3. I finished Locke & Key this week and really enjoyed it! The family watched the first two episodes of Zooey's Extraordinary Playlist last night and dug it. Our son comes over every Sun night for dinner and we catch up on our family shows. This one will be added to the list.
  4. We played Terraforming Mars again this week for the 2nd time in a row. It was kind of a funny game because nobody really got a great engine going. In the end it turned out to be possibly the closest game we've ever played - only 7 points separated first and last place!
  5. It was a Cinemax series, so good luck with that! That does remind me to go watch it tho. I started it a long time ago and got side-tracked by something. If you have Amazon Prime Video, almost all of Cinemax's older series are free there. I've been watching random parts of Banshee. I watched the first episode and was really surprised. It was more serious than I expected. I have no clue about the source material, so when I saw that it was about a trio of siblings and saw that one of them was fairly young I figured it was more of a kids series. Now my concern is if it'll keep that up b/c the lone review I've seen about it says that in the middle it turns into more of a tween drama than adventure series. The same can be said of October Faction of Netflix. It looked like it would have a good amount of action but it was pretty lame. The majority of the series was teen drama and despite it being about monster hunters there were very few monsters in it. And it had the most implausible ending I've seen in quite a long time...
  6. Yes I know that. The last line of my post wasn't very clear - it was meant as 2 separate thoughts, but you have to realize the following to understand either one. They've said the KS is for a new base set for the game, which I think is a horrible idea for this game. They are very obviously changing things. Some of the changes are obvious in the pic above: - the hero boards have the heroes starting with 2 Fate dice instead of 1 - there's a new Fate Die Power listed on each one underneath their starting Vitality and Courage. It appears to let the hero change a specific fate result to their own Fate symbol, like the Acolyte can change Darkness to Faith and the Brigand can change Rage to Guile. - those starting items cards are a brand new layout (they're neither 1.0 or 2.0) - the Acolyte's Worn Prayer Book's fate recipe shows 2 symbols where the previous versions only had 1. - the monster cards have a new layout So back to the first thing I said: Whether these changes are major (v3.0) or minor (2.1) its looking like existing backers are going to have to buy yet another starter box for this game and then get new sets of cards. That is a huuuuuuuuge buy-in considering this game's card count*. I can't imagine that either one of these options is going to thrill the existing customers who are still around, and let's not lie to ourselves, there aren't that many of us. And while there will be new customers, the game has a bad enough reputation in the community that a lot of people will stay away from anything to do with it regardless of new owners. So between the game's reputation scaring off new customers and the new product possibly alienating the existing customer base, I am worried that this KS will flop. That won't be good for the future of the game. Speaking for myself, I want to buy new content that moves my Heroes beyond Journeyman, not a 3rd set of rules/cards. Especially since my group hardly played the 2.0 content b/c we were waiting around for everything to be delivered! They are going to need more in this KS than just a new starter set to get me to back it. I'm talking specifically about this KS tho, not any others they may do (like the reprint of the hard-cover book). But then if this one isn't a success, it could be the last one for Myth. * I've got 5- 100-count deck boxes holding the cards needed for a basic game, a 500-count box holding all of the unused Hero cards, and 2 more 100-count boxes for the 1.0 cards that are no longer used.
  7. On Monday, pushed a new KS Update #175. The first half is a reminder about getting your missing printed materials. The 2nd included this: So they are definitely running another KS for future products. This is disappointing, but not surprising, since KS seems to be their corporate publishing plan. Given Myth's horrible history with KS I can't really imagine this will go well. They're going to need some truly amazing stuff to convince me to back again.
  8. I'm looking forward to tonight. We're breaking out Terraforming Mars, which we haven't played in a few months.
  9. If you haven't already seen it, they announced that they're going to KS an updated version of the Limited Edition hard-cover book sometime soon. Apparently they had enough people asking about it that they thought it a good idea.
  10. REJOICE!!! Altered Carbon S2 is coming out on Feb 27th!!!!
  11. I thought this thread was interesting, but then I saw the Backstreet Boys on page 1 and I'll never be coming back here ever again.
  12. It took us FIVE weeks, but we finally finished a game of Legendary that we set up pre-Christmas! My buddy and I had just finished setting up the game on Dec 12th when my dog had a seizure, so I had to cancel game night and take her to the vet. The dog has been perfectly fine since then, but the game was just sitting in my basement; unplayed due to the holidays and other conflicts until last week. The Avengers learned that the Red Skull was going to try and Change the Outcome of WW2, so Cap, Hulk, Winter Soldier, and Silver Surfer travel back in time to stop him. Knowing they needed someone with knowledge of Hydra's plans, they added one more integral cog to their machine....
  13. Well I finished The Expanse yesterday and WOW! I loved it! S3 was some of the best scifi I've ever watched. And while I didn't think S4 was as good I wanted the last 6 episodes in a 16-hr span, which isn't something I usually do. So it must have been good. :)
  14. AFAIK minis are the only thing left to produce, which is why I noted them. Everything else from the KS was included in the two big boxes weren't they?
  15. If what you're missing isn't on the list (not including minis) then you are pretty much SoL. That is all of the remaining stock Ulisses could gather. I keep forgetting to check to see if I got my colored Fate dice.
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