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  1. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    Supernatural is back! Yay!
  2. Don't get me wrong, I do sleeve a lot of my games. I sleeve the cards that we're actively using for DragonFire, and I sleeved my Legendary Predator set after an especially sweaty-handed guy sat in with us one night. But there's just too many cards in my Marvel set for me to consider doing now, and to be honest it doesn't hit the table all that much anymore.
  3. Also, last weekend was NukeCon here in Omaha and this year was my 20th time attending! Better yet, my buddy @FreeFall managed to make it down from Sioux Falls this year. This used to be an annual event for us when we ran CAV and Warlord events (if you played Warlord, FF was the guy who wrote the Overlords book) but he hasn't been able to attend often the past several years, so we had a great weekend. Lots of jokes about how old we're getting, and wondering how the hell we used to be able to stay up 'til 2-4 AM playing something and still get back on the con floor at 9 AM to run demos and events all day long. I got in several games over the weekend, but not as many as I'd hoped b/c we mostly picked long/complex games that were new to half of us. Star Trek: Frontiers The Dresden Files card game (x2) Shadowrun Sprawl Ops Dragonfire - we played 5 player with 3 newbies, and won, which was great! The Networks That's me on the left of the pic, and FreeFall is at the end of the table.
  4. I've never even bothered sleeving my Legendary set. Core + all those expansions = me broke. I did however sleeve my Dragonfire set b/c you have to put those plastic clips on the cards to track dmg and I don't want to scratch up the cards.
  5. Yeah, I think Fridays are rough pretty much everywhere in town. Friday Night Magic everywhere.
  6. What? It's comic books. Nobody is ever really dead.
  7. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    I just finished Another Life on Netflix and am 2/3 thru Wu Assassins. I enjoyed both of them. Another Life did an excellent job of moving the plot along without dragging on, spending huge amounts of time on recaps, or characters constantly talking about their feelings. It was refreshing for a Netflix series. Wu Assassins was initially produced as a normal TV series so the episodes are only 40 mins long, making it move quickly too.
  8. This was pretty much my experience with it. I bought it hoping that my wife would like it but all of the small tedious rules kept tripping her up. I tried it again with my parents and they had the same problems, so I ended up selling it.
  9. As someone who helped run a BT forum 20 years ago, somethings never change.
  10. We played Star Wars Outer Rim two weeks ago at game night. It was interesting, but I'm not sure if it'll come out too often. Naturally we loved the theme, but the game itself seemed kinda lacking. I thought it was lacking compared to Firefly or Emergence Event, and the board didn't really make much sense for a game about space travel.
  11. Sorry, but this is pretty common practice here when a KS creator with troubled history starts a new KS. Especially when they're overlapping. The whole point of these forums is to inform people about the pros and cons of these KickStarters. They're not just free advertisements for the creator. If you don't want to see what I've said you can hover over my username and click Ignore User. But what's gone on during the Sprawl Ops KS has gone way beyond the KS norms of delays and missing pledges and I've got too many old friends around here who are interested in BT to not say anything about it.
  12. Agreed, except for this and that I don't believe much about what Catalyst has said about PSI. There's evidence out there that they've twice blamed PSI for things that were there own fault, meanwhile PSI has apparently admitted some fault in this. Meanwhile despite their claims about PSI's total incompetence, Catalyst's higher-ups are content to continue using them as their distributor and the fulfillment center for their online store. Oh, and also one of the items has a lower MSRP than we paid for it as backers.
  13. BTW, PSI only handles distribution for the US. The Canadian distributor released the game last week. Asmodee UK is releasing it to the EU this week. So all 3 of these distributors misunderstood their instructions?
  14. This is the very definition of a contradiction.