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  1. Sorry, but this is pretty common practice here when a KS creator with troubled history starts a new KS. Especially when they're overlapping. The whole point of these forums is to inform people about the pros and cons of these KickStarters. They're not just free advertisements for the creator. If you don't want to see what I've said you can hover over my username and click Ignore User. But what's gone on during the Sprawl Ops KS has gone way beyond the KS norms of delays and missing pledges and I've got too many old friends around here who are interested in BT to not say anything about it.
  2. Agreed, except for this and that I don't believe much about what Catalyst has said about PSI. There's evidence out there that they've twice blamed PSI for things that were there own fault, meanwhile PSI has apparently admitted some fault in this. Meanwhile despite their claims about PSI's total incompetence, Catalyst's higher-ups are content to continue using them as their distributor and the fulfillment center for their online store. Oh, and also one of the items has a lower MSRP than we paid for it as backers.
  3. BTW, PSI only handles distribution for the US. The Canadian distributor released the game last week. Asmodee UK is releasing it to the EU this week. So all 3 of these distributors misunderstood their instructions?
  4. This is the very definition of a contradiction.
  5. Mars is one of those games that seems heavy at first, but half-way thru your second game it seems to click and by game 3 you wonder why you were ever confused. Yes there's a lot going on, but it all makes sense in a real-world way that few other games do, to the point that the mechanics become transparent. (At least that's been my experience playing with about a dozen different people.)
  6. Chrome

    Putting Together A GW Castellan Imperial Knight

    Who are you and why would we care what you've done? But seriously, you should cross-post this to the Show-off forum.
  7. So it’s possible the release to retail wasn’t directly CGL’s fault. A misunderstanding seems likely (see the commitment to July) but I’m not a privileged observer. If CGL uses PSI for this KS, we might see similar mistakes. We might not. (I expect some safeguards to be put in place.) See that's the exact problem with this KS; it's been a constant barrage of contradictions and finger pointing. Catalyst said something (we told them not to ship until July), that exact thing happened (they shipped in July), and then they say that's not what we meant! It's not our fault! And at this point the contradictions have fallen on CGL's side of things way too often for me to believe anything that they say at this point. On the bright side, maybe a different employee will run the BT KS and you guys won't have any of these problems. (I wholeheartedly believe that this all comes down to just one seriously inexperienced/inept employee running this KS.)
  8. An update on the Shadowrun KS - In May, Catalyst made a commitment (their words) that backers would get their copies first; before retailers. As of today Sprawl Ops is available at retail stores worldwide. Meanwhile 1000+ Rest of World backers don't have a single thing.
  9. Look at their bases. The images aren't all the same scale.
  10. I would seriously suggest that you check in on the state of Catalyst's (CGL) current KS before deciding to back this one. Especially if you're outside of the US. Despite CGL saying that the US has been "done" for 2 weeks there seem to be a lot of people who are missing core parts of the KS. No one outside the US has gotten their pledges b/c CGL had all of the product shipped to the US instead of opting to have ROW orders shipped to their individual distribution centers in Canada, Europe, and Australia. They've been sitting there in Atlanta for 3 months now. EU backers are going to have to wait another 4 months (best case scenario) for a 2nd printing b/c the US distributor double-shipped almost 900 copies of the game - eating up half of the games meant for the EU. One of the Add-Ons you could buy were additional dice for the game (it's a dice rolling game) and not a single person who ordered them has gotten them and Catalyst hasn't answered a single question as to why. Catalyst allowed you to add almost anything from their existing catalog onto your pledge, but it appears that most of the people who ordered that stuff didn't get it with their pledges. The $100+ levels included a "Digital Fiction Combo-Novella" that was supposed to be delivered in Oct '18 but they didn't even start writing it until spring of this year. Nobody has gotten it yet. Another Add-On (and the most expensive one) was metal dice and tokens from a 3rd party supplier. Catalyst apparently didn't send them a complete list of orders tho, so some ppl are missing those too. Catalyst's lone customer support employee has been overwhelmed by all of this so they simply weren't returning any emails. Last week in a KS Update, Catalyst said that they'd hired another cust rep specifically to handle emails about this KS, but the KS forum is still full of people saying they've followed the new contact instructions and haven't heard back. And there's a ton of other stuff too. It's honestly the worst run KS I've been involved with since Myth Journeyman. If you do check in on it you'll see a lot of the blame for their current problems being placed on their distributor PSI, but I don't buy that one bit. When there were packaging problems, CGL blamed it on the Chinese warehouse workers. When they didn't get finished product on the boats before Chinese New Year, again it was the warehouse's fault - despite Catalyst getting a bunch of straight-to-retail items on boats that same time. When 100 address changes got missed Catalyst blamed it on PSI, before admitting they screwed it up. Every mistake along the way has been someone else's fault. And all the while the communication from Catalyst has been horrible, with Lynnvander - the company running the KS for them - stuck in the middle, trying to cover for them.
  11. We played the co-op version of Sprawl Ops last night. This was a KS-only* expansion of the game and we used a special KS-only board designed for co-op play. Instead of competing to be the first shadowrun team to defeat the Final Mission, in co-op mode you face the "Black Lodge"; a shadow group who's attempting to take over the city and your teams have to work together to stop them. Co-op adds a few new mechanics to the game and replaces the Final Mission with a # of Black Lodge Missions equal to the # of players. I'm not gonna bore everyone with the added rules, but it really did make the game a lot more interesting. And a lot more harder! There's tons of more dice rolling (which is good, but is why the game takes longer) and it requires a totally different mindset and strategy from the basic version of the game. I really liked it. I'm not one of those people who plays board games by themselves, but I can definitely see myself playing this one solo a few times. Probably controlling 2 or 3 teams tho, instead of just 1 like the solo rules suggest. *If you're really interested in this game when it hits retail, Catalyst and Lynnvander *may* have a few copies of this stuff available to buy at GenCon and other conventions. At least that was their plan, but the shipping problems they've had have negatively impacted their inventory so they may not have any.
  12. I think they're fixed now. Must have been some weird thing between Google Chrome and Google Photos b/c they looked just fine for me until I had to use Firefox for a while at work. Then I just saw that reference string I'm guessing everyone else saw. I changed my post to use copies that I'd uploaded to my BGG gallery instead. I've played this a few more times since and am still enjoying it, although I'm finding that you have to treat all of the runners and gear, etc as fluff and focus more on what dice you're building in order to win. The game plays faster than it seems like it should at first glance and if you get too sucked in on building your team up someone else will jump in and win the game first. There's also a co-op mode that I haven't tried yet. Maybe we'll give it a shot tonight.
  13. Chrome

    What's on TV?

    I just finished watching The Inbetweeners with my son (2nd time thru for me, 1st for him). The good BBC version, not the horrible MTV one. This weekend we're going to rent the movies from Amazon - I was pissed when I found out that Netflix had dropped them even tho it still had the series... Oh and Yellowstone is back! Yay!
  14. Chrome

    Solo gaming

    These aren't wargames, but they do have miniatures - FFG's Descent has an app that has several free campaigns available for it. You control the heroes and the app controls everything else. It gives you a story, tells you which tiles to lay down as you explore, controls the monsters, awards XP, and controls what's available to purchase in town. I've played a couple of the campaigns and they're pretty fun, but a few of them do require the purchase of specific Descent expansions so you have access to the tiles and monsters used in the campaign. There's also a version of the app for Imperial Assault if you're a Star Wars fan. I haven't played that one tho so I can't say how good/bad the campaigns are.
  15. My KS copy of Shadowrun Sprawl Ops finally arrived last weekend so my son and I got in a quick game. Below is the board after set up. All players start out with an identical team of 3 runners: a Street Samurai, a Decker, and a Face. You can see my starting team - Collateral Damage - at the bottom of the pic. (The artwork and names on the starter cards are different, but their stats are all the same.) There are a total of 5 Roles in the game, each of which correlate to a color and die: Street Sam/black, Decker/green, Face/red, Mage/blue, and Rigger/purple. (These will be familiar to anyone who's played Shadowrun Crossfire!) Most cards in the game provide you with dice to use for your dice pool. Your starting runners give you 2 black, 2 green, and 1 red die. The goal of the game is to complete the Final Mission (the larger card on the bottom right of the board). But your starting team isn't strong enough to do that so first you've got to buy Gear for your runners, Upgrade them with cyberware, and hire better runners - which means completing small missions in order to pay for all of it. So the game moves in rounds consisting of 2 phases: the Place Runners phase (worker-placement) and the Run Missions phase (dice-rolling). The large boxes on the map are Locations where you send your runners during the worker-placement phase. For example sending one of your runners to the Crime Mall at the top of the board allows you to buy one of the two Gear cards above the board, provided that you can afford it. Sending a runner to the Mr. Johnson location allows you to take one of the (blue) Mission cards next to it. Completing a mission gives you money - with varying levels of risk/reward. There are also locations that give you a bonus during your next mission, Jobs that you can run (1-runner mini-missions with a small payout). You can even rent out some of your Runners to another player for a turn. During the Mission phase you build a dice pool based on your team. Each mission has 2-4 stages that you must complete in order by rolling a specific # of successes on the dice (like 4 black successes, or 2 blue and 2 green). The game's dice can be seen above on the left side of the pic - they're d6 with three blank sides, 2 Successes (the role's icon), and 1 Injury (the Shadowrun skull). The pic below shows my team towards the end of the game. Counting all of the dice icons at the bottom of the cards shows that my dice pool was 7 black dice, 4 green, 1 red, and 5 blue. And Baron Samedi has a Commlink Upgrade that gives him 1 extra die of any color he already has, so I used that to gain one more green die b/c you get a bonus when you have 5 of a color. You roll your dice pool and then use your successes to either meet the current stage's requirements or cancel Injuries. Un-cancelled Injuries have to be assigned to your runners. If a runner takes 1 injury you can't use their dice for the rest of the Mission. If they take a second Injury they are killed (discarded) and you'll have to hire a replacement. You can use DocWagon contracts to prevent death tho! You get 3 rolls to complete a stage - if you fail to complete a stage the mission ends. You don't suffer any penalties, but you also don't get paid. This can be especially painful if one or two of your runners gets injured during a failed mission b/c they have to spend a round healing, during which they have limits on which locations they can visit. I ended up winning our game in round 5, but my son was right behind me. I had a really bad roll late during my Final Mission that could have cost me the game, but I had been sitting on a Loot card that gave me 1 free success which I used to cancel what would have been a game-changing wound for me. That got me over the hump and complete the mission to win.
  16. No, it was actually during Fellowship, I skipped out right as they decided to take the mountain pass, so that I could get back in time to see them enter Moria. Didn't want to miss that! Honestly, by the time we got to Two Towers and RotK I was enjoying myself so much that those two movies sped right by. It was the first 2 hours of Fellowship that really seemed to drag on. It helped that while I've seen the extended versions of Fellowship and 2 Towers a few times each, I'd only seen RotK once and it has the most added content. So there were big chunks of that one that I didn't remember at all. Edit - and speaking of RotK's epilogue; I'm still pissed that Jackson didn't end it right when the hobbits returned to the Shire.
  17. I forgot to check in last week, but yes I did survive my LotR extended marathon without any blood clots or inadvertent naps! Biggest surprise for me was that I only took 1 bathroom break during the actual movies! (We did have breaks during the extended credits.) I totally enjoyed myself and the films.
  18. One of my buddies owns TI4 and has been dying to get a game going, but we can never get enough ppl together at one time. (Note that means "not enough ppl that he's willing to play with". )
  19. There are 3 versions. Thunderstone, Thunderstone Advanced, and Thunderstone Quest. Quest comes in a giant box, and has a board + tiles you use to build a dungeon. The previous versions only include cards, but I'm not sure how to tell the two apart. I only owned one set from Advanced.
  20. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/supermouse/venom-assault-reprint-plus-expansion-villains-and VENOM Assault is a not-GI Joe themed, cooperative deck-builder for 2-5 players, that also incorporates dice for combat. The main focus of this KS is the Villains and Valor expansion for the core VENOM Assault game, but they're also using it to reprint the original game itself. You can get either games or both of them. If you like deck-builders and loved the GI Joe cartoon or comic book, you'll love this game. I backed the original KS and am happy to say that I was 100% satisfied with it. It was affordable, had a ton of content, and was the only campaign I've ever backed that came anywhere close to hitting their fulfillment date. They delivered only 1 month late, and that was due to a strike by the freighter ships/company, not b/c of anything to do w/the game. The game itself was fully tested and ready for production on the day the KS ended, except for the special pledge-levels that allowed backers to name their own cards. The only problem I had w/the game was that it wasn't co-operative enough. While the players were all working together to defeat the game, you pretty much just sat there and watched when it wasn't your turn. The expansion aims to address this with new abilities that allow you to help other players during their turn. You can try the base game & expansion out for free on Tabletopia too! https://tabletopia.com/games/venom-assault If you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer. (I'm not involved w/the game or company at all, I just really like it and want to see this campaign succeed.)
  21. Since we're talking deck-builders: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/86217-venom-assault-reprint-expansion/
  22. We played Terraforming Mars at last week's game night. An old friend has rejoined us (we all used to play together in an X-Wing league before our small group split off and started playing boardgames once a week) and this was his first time playing, so I'm guessing that we'll play again tomorrow night to help continue his learning experience. In related news, I've now entered week 3 of "shipping starts this week" for Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops, a board game I Kick Started. I'm going batty waiting for it to arrive, as I think it's going to become my favorite game. I spent time mocking up cards they showed off during the campaign and then filled in enough blanks to allow some friends and I to play by forum on Board Game Geek and we really enjoyed it.
  23. Which version of Thunderstone are you playing?
  24. My favorite part of Endgame was Deadpool's cameo.
  25. Looks like maybe 30 minutes between movies, but I'm just guessing based on what I can find for individual run times compared to the total run time they listed. And yeah, this theater isn't at a mall so you have to park at the nearby lot. The first 3 hours are free so typically you don't have to pay to go see a movie, but I'll have to pay for the balance on this one.