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  1. Krztoff

    Reaper Bones Goblins

    Nice job. I like the subtle pink accents throughout the band. It isn't a color I'd usually associate with goblins, but it really works here.
  2. Krztoff

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Still showing as closed for me.
  3. Krztoff

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    I'll freely admit I thought it was a "through" not "until" and didn't lock in. I get that I won't be able to add all the add-ons I was planning on, but in the last update, they said that they won't automatically ship even just base pledge and we won't get rewards with other backers. Does anyone know if that mean all the pledges not locked in will get the base set shipped after all normal waves, or that we're just out the $100?
  4. Krztoff

    I-35 Corridor Carpool

    If you still have two seats open and you'll have us, my girlfriend Leah and I would love a ride down.
  5. Krztoff

    Campfire--sculpted by me!

    Looks like it'll be a good addition to your table. Considering most campfires on a battlemat look a lot like a red, orange, or yellow d4, you're well ahead of most with this. I agree the OSL is a nice touch.
  6. Krztoff

    02854, Baby Dragons

    They're both solid, but the black pops. Maybe it's the ventral accent color. Either way, I like it.
  7. Krztoff

    Bones You'd Like To See

    <OBVIOUS BIAS> So, all of them? </OBVIOUS BIAS> Unrelated to zombies... The hobgoblin pack would be nice to see in Bones form.
  8. Krztoff

    Got my hands on Ral Partha's Slave Auction

    I wouldn't trust him. But I would trust me. So send them my way.
  9. Blackguard or death-priest or necromancer. Just an intensely evil Mousling with lots of skulls. It might *almost* counter the overwhelming cuteness.
  10. Krztoff

    Mousling-stead Proxy Army

    Very original and well done. The wizard in the hamster ball cracks me up.
  11. Krztoff

    Were there plans for a conversion buildoff?

    Ok, vcr's are on the table in the warehouse. Who wants in?
  12. Krztoff

    02939 Viking Girl

    The execution is good, but the colors and overall theme are absolutely amazing.
  13. Krztoff

    A different sort of mini for me...a dinosaur

    Fixed that for you. Good work on this. The stripes look really good, as do the eyes and claws. Heck, the whole thing looks good, those are just the things that jumped out immediately. My only suggestion is that he deserves a decent base.
  14. Krztoff

    Were there plans for a conversion buildoff?

    Yep, Erin pretty much nailed it. The only thing left out was the group disassembly of the donated electronics, which is a fun activity in and of itself (who doesn't like taking stuff apart?), so if you take part, be sure to join in that, too (plus the best bits tended to be taken by the one who removed them).