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  1. Nice job. I like the subtle pink accents throughout the band. It isn't a color I'd usually associate with goblins, but it really works here.
  2. I'll freely admit I thought it was a "through" not "until" and didn't lock in. I get that I won't be able to add all the add-ons I was planning on, but in the last update, they said that they won't automatically ship even just base pledge and we won't get rewards with other backers. Does anyone know if that mean all the pledges not locked in will get the base set shipped after all normal waves, or that we're just out the $100?
  3. If you still have two seats open and you'll have us, my girlfriend Leah and I would love a ride down.
  4. Looks like it'll be a good addition to your table. Considering most campfires on a battlemat look a lot like a red, orange, or yellow d4, you're well ahead of most with this. I agree the OSL is a nice touch.
  5. They're both solid, but the black pops. Maybe it's the ventral accent color. Either way, I like it.
  6. <OBVIOUS BIAS> So, all of them? </OBVIOUS BIAS> Unrelated to zombies... The hobgoblin pack would be nice to see in Bones form.
  7. I wouldn't trust him. But I would trust me. So send them my way.
  8. Blackguard or death-priest or necromancer. Just an intensely evil Mousling with lots of skulls. It might *almost* counter the overwhelming cuteness.
  9. Very original and well done. The wizard in the hamster ball cracks me up.
  10. Ok, vcr's are on the table in the warehouse. Who wants in?
  11. The execution is good, but the colors and overall theme are absolutely amazing.
  12. Fixed that for you. Good work on this. The stripes look really good, as do the eyes and claws. Heck, the whole thing looks good, those are just the things that jumped out immediately. My only suggestion is that he deserves a decent base.
  13. Yep, Erin pretty much nailed it. The only thing left out was the group disassembly of the donated electronics, which is a fun activity in and of itself (who doesn't like taking stuff apart?), so if you take part, be sure to join in that, too (plus the best bits tended to be taken by the one who removed them).
  14. That is fantastic. Not just the concept and execution of the conversion, but the completely unexpected colors for that particular figure, and eye-catching freehand. The highlighting on the leather armor is also very good and draws attention. The base(s) are really nice too, and the purple stones really tie the whole thing together with the figure.
  15. I'm going through my list of stuff to pack, and I was wondering if there were plans to do the conversion buildoff again, and therefore, if I needed to pack the Dremel. I know that it happened last year mostly (entirely) because Lanse came, but I remember people saying they had fun with it and they'd like to do it again, but have seen no word on it either way.
  16. Nice! Especially knowing that it's all the same figure, massively converted and cloned. Surprising that it didn't win, especially considering how good your background terrain always looks on your contest entries, this one being no exception. The uniforms look good and are interesting, even though the colors are quite subdued, considering the usual choices seen on Agents of [insert cutesy/clever acronym hero/villain organization name here]. The highlighting seen in the bottom shot of the redhead almost makes it look like the uniform is velour or crushed velvet, which would be a neat choice for retro satirically-sexist-stereotype-enforcing 1960's female secret agents.
  17. It's half Dalek, half Roomba, and half rodent. It has a lot going on. I like it.
  18. The black and red look really good on the shirt. The OSL is a nice touch, and it isn't overdone (he isn't a glowing ball of color). The jars are really nice points of interest against the dark base.
  19. The gold is pretty. I mean really really pretty. The cape is really nice too. Bright and eye-catching without going overboard. From the back it has almost a celtic sort of feel to it, or maybe that's just me. A very nice piece overall. Normally I don't like the big wood block bases, but you really took advantage of the depth.
  20. My metals all come from glittery paint, so consider that when I say anything about NMM, but I see the last picture, and it looks to me like he's wearing metal, as opposed to matte gray stone, which is pretty much my basic question for figuring if a particular NMM job did what it was supposed to do. Granted, it doesn't look like shiny metal, but more like metal than not, so good so far.
  21. Don't be too hard on yourself. The space marine looking guy has a simple but effective paintjob. The first one reminds me of my HS chemistry teacher who wore a tie-dye lab coat, so bonus points for that . I'll grant you the guy with the Union Jack vest doesn't have the best face you ever did. The last one, while not a technical standout in your painting history, still works.
  22. He was also a charismatic leader and brought a lot people to him with his status. Granted, now he's a martyr, but a martyr can't throw out any new ideas (one of the pesky drawbacks of being dead). Sure, someone else will take over, but if we can grant that he was the best leader they had (as evidenced by being in charge for so long), any replacement would be, by definition, easier to deal with. Plus, one terrorist killed is one terrorist killed, regardless of rank. They can quote things like "for every one killed x more rise up to take their place", but despite the nice ring that has for the news, it's only true to a point. There's a finite population (and birth rate), which means that you can only replace each guy killed with more than one new guy for so long before there just aren't enough new guys to keep it going as a large, coordinated movement.
  23. I remember seeing an episode of Life After People where they said that hydroelectric stations could function with no human input for a surprising amount of time. I think it was over a year, but don't quote me on that. One would hope that within that year you'd get around to sealing it up before the power finally died. Assuming it was built near a hydroelectric plant, that is.
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