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  1. He looks good, and is definitely a different take on evil. I like that the pack and sleeves are brightish green without being too bright. There's a nasty tendency that when evil characters dress brightly, they go for obnoxiously bright colors (I blame noise marines). The hair does look a bit flat other than the stark highlight, as you already mentioned.


    +1 on liking the base.

  2. Good work on this. He looks good in black, and I like the blue highlighting you did on the scales. If I were to make any suggestions it would be to slightly brighten the bony bits, but not by much, since black dragons do have a thing for swamps, which aren't really known for being clean places.

  3. I realize you've already probably gotten the brushes, but I figured I'd throw in my $.02.


    For my drybrushing needs, I just get a cheap pack of brushes at Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Walmart that has about 5 or so flat brushes of various sizes for about $5-$6. I figure it's far too abusive a process for anything better than that, and while a more expensive brush may last longer, the marginal increase in life can't be anywhere close to the increase in price. Plus, with the packs you get the different sizes, so you have the big 3/4" brush for terrain and anything that's solid texture that's getting nothing BUT drybrushing (werewolf figures, or tin can knights that are just getting black base, drybrush metallic, and a quick dirty wash to tone them down), but also smaller ones for fur loincloths, plumed helmets, chainmail bikinis and the like.

  4. yay!!!! Thanks guys!! Been a great day so far! Started off the day with Kit's pancake breakfast followed by much shenanigans, now a nap for the kiddo and then hopefully a fun filled evening with good friends, good food and lots of laughs! (Vince - we can do "party - take 2" on Saturday :))

  5. I really like it! Only thing that struck me as a bit flat was the horn. Given the color variation everywhere else, I'd expect it to be near ivory at the tips. That's an absolute nitpick though, and the overall piece is absolutely solid.

  6. We can't expect everyone to see a 1.5" black square on a white background with numbers constantly counting down inside.


    Could we see about having it changed to safety orange with lime green text? Maybe bump it up to a 6" square?



  7. You might see good encouraging numbers for 15mm scifi, but I guarantee that 28mm fantasy's sales blow it out of the water, and will continue to for the foreseeable future. I have yet to meet anyone who's switched to 15mm. I've read about some online (such as yourself) who like them for wargames, but nowhere have I seen any reference to RPG players ditching 28mm for 15mm. Since that's the core of Reaper's business... Not going to happen. I'd say the 15mm scifi market has what it needs to fill the demand. Specific races will fill very niche needs. Almost all of Reaper's stuff has near universal utility within the genre it is intended for.

  8. Disclaimer: I don't normally try to promote things like this much, but I figure the vast majority of you (read: those of you who don't go to the MN Renaissance Festival) will never get exposed to him unless I post this, and quite frankly, I don't want to deny you the laughs I've gotten from his work.


    This year there is a new performer at the MN Renaissance Festival (actually it's the same guy that plays a beggar, he just splits his time between the two roles now). His new character is Arther Greenleaf Holmes, a deeply disturbed Renaissance Poet. I discovered him when Twig the fairy posted a link to his Facebook page on hers. If you're on FB, I HIGHLY recommend you add him so that you can enjoy his hilarious updates. However, EVERYONE should check out his blogspot where he compiles his poems and letters to his sister, which are also hilarious.


    It isn't all family friendly, but it is all hilarious. He put out a CD that is done in the style of an NPR special covering a little-known artist, with great narration and even greater recitations of some of the poems posted on that site. If you're into Ren Fairs and humor (and aren't offended by the slightly off-color), you'll probably love him as much as I do.

  9. Pieces of Eight by Atlas Games. It's pirate themed, and played with coins rather than cards. Just played it this past weekend at the Renaissance Festival while the booth I work at was slow. Fantastic game. I plan to get a set for myself.


    Other cool ones are the card games Army of Darkness (extra cool if you like the movie) and Lunch Money (or Beer Money, pretty much the same game with different flavor text, but the creepy little girl in Lunch Money is *SO* delightfully creepy...).

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