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  1. Those are some pretty impressive results. I can see it being a huge time saver on orc, undead, and shiny armored armies.
  2. Cool camo, and the solid black cockpit really works.
  3. Helluva sweet job you did, there! Though between the sculpt and the color choices, I think I hear him screaming "Blood for the Blood God!" The browns on the horns are a very nice touch.
  4. Advice from WIP thread or not, you pulled off a rainbow palette, and that's pretty cool. What did you use for the skin? I want to steal the recipe for use on lacedons.
  5. Very cute. I like the pink. Leave it to you to do an orc civilian.
  6. Very nice! I especially like the blues on the top two, as well as the green on the third. If I had to criticize (which apparently I do) I'd say to bring the fur cloak up just a bit higher so it pops as much as the rest of the figure.
  7. Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but I got to your FB on time and made you chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, so that's gotta count for something.
  8. Jedi: Pwns Anjanis: omfgXX0rz! The metallic cloth really works. Last two: Your highlighting of black never ceases to amaze me.
  9. Seriously, the new IG stuff is sweet.
  10. Careful about this. Depending on your home, what's around you, and how far out your wireless single goes, you're opening up your internet connection for anyone to use. My concern on this isn't my own network - which is fairly well protected - but someone using my network connection for less than honorable purposes - because any logging done will show my IP address. I'll second that. When I find an unsecured wireless network, I do horrible, immoral, soul-crushingly bad things with it.
  11. I like 250 point games on a 14' x 28' table, but maybe I'm just cooler than Vince.
  12. Aww, thanks for making this thread, Jess! She's cute, and we like her. And to get to it before the rest of you... She could use more highlights.
  13. Yippee! Finally, the 2nd ed. I've wanted for *checks watch* a while.
  14. Great movie. I thought Nero wasn't really villainy enough, but was still great.
  15. Also, if you're willing to pay more per fig, check these out:
  16. The hair, leather, and metals are fantastic. Any chance of getting a face shot?
  17. Lanse, those appear to be made of 100% Awesomemantium, just like you.
  18. I haven't noticed a definite trend in political leanings in the gamers I know. I know conservatives, liberals, and moderates who play (by US definition, I know our northern European members would say they're varying degrees of conservative). However, I would like to point out that they are all, in fact, crazy.
  19. Rather than percentage of Americans, look at the percentage of citizens from all wealthy nations who believe in evolution. That'll cheer you up. At least it cheers me up.
  20. Happy Darwin Day to you too! In addition to reproducing, be sure to do something to ensure the survival of your genes in other ways. Probably want to keep yourself and your two existing kids from getting eaten. Maybe get the girls something from http://www.charliesplayhouse.com/.
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