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  1. Is there a reason that a Unq. Sergeant is being released in a pack with multiple sculpts? I checked ReaperGames to see if the Ghast was a changed to an adept or something, but the cards didn't appear any different than the last time I looked. At the same time, the Ghoul, an adept, didn't get an army pack.



  2. Well, there's no rule that says that a dark skinned race would be affected the same way. Maybe drow would stay the same, or even darken. On the other hand, there's nothing saying that vampirism just makes you a couple shades paler than you were, maybe regardless of original tone you go to very pale almost white skintone, drow included. In that case, just do them like any other vampire, just really drow up the accessories so there's no doubt. Perhaps a bit more blue or purple or gray than a regular vampire's skintone if you want to stress the difference.


    Just some thoughts.

  3. I do think that while perfectly safe, the public's knee-jerk reaction to anything that the media has labeled "dangerous" is going to be P-65's biggest problem, but the path Reaper is taking regarding education should help that.


    It seems like most people perceive that if a toddler gets one and sucks on it for a couple minutes the poor kid's head will explode on the spot or something. The risk is, as always, chocking and the sharp points, not the material.

  4. I *think* there might be one at the FLGS. I'm going tonight, so if I see it, I might snag it and trade with whoever wants* it the most.


    *want is indicated by generous trade offers ;)


    EDIT: OK, I went to the shop and it was there so I picked it up.

  5. What gets me:


    He then crossed busy Dallas Drive to go to a RaceTrac gas station to purchase a soft drink and snacks.


    After leaving the station, he ended up in the Hooters parking lot about a half-mile away.


    So somebody rang up the kid's purchase, and let him leave. By himself. With no obvious supervision. Five years old. By himself.


    I'm not going to call the cashier retarded, but I will say that I don't believe them to be non-retarded.

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