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  1. I have to agree that the orange dress looks great. I also really think the purple one is turning out very well. I especially like the hair with the dress, very nice color combination. Looking forward to seeing how they'll turn out.

  2. I heard Bruce has actually been thinking about Man with the Screaming Brain for about ten years now, and finally had the support to make it.


    As for D&D 2... I'm cautiously optimistic.


    They should both be ok. I mean, come on, it's not like the scifi channel would EVER show crappy films... ::P:

  3. I have just one little suggestion. Could you make it so that when doing a search you can click on the pictures and open a window with the bigger picture from the respective gallery. I find myself often opening one window for the FFF and one window to go through the gallery using the item number I get from the FFF so that I can see the enlarged pic.


    I love the FFF! :wub:

  4. I like it. It's something different. Big feathery helm, dual hammers, bare feet, big belly hanging out... Definately not your 'standard' dwarf model, yet still lots of good dwarfy feel. Nice work Klocke!

  5. I've never seen a Reaper dragon in person, and I'm wondering how big some of the various types are, both actual size and their 'D&D' size (small, med., large, huge, etc.)


    Here's the models and types of model I want to know the size of:


    2854: Baby Dragons


    The dragons in the DHL line, such as 2864: Shadow Dragon


    2929: Small Dragon (seems about the same as the others, but the name makes me wonder if its actually smaller than the other DHL dragons)


    The large box set dragons like 10022: Ebonwrath


    Thank you very much for any help!



  6. First, a Dark Heaven Sophie would be VERY nice. I tend to agree that we need more townspeople, and that the gnomes and halflings are underrepresented. More bandit/pirate type characters would be useful, as would some (unarmed) nobles/royalty/wealthy individuals to be used in more politically based campaigns.


    I know there are already lots of them, but I'm a sucker for undead ::):


    Humanoid demons and devils are always nice. I'm not knocking the more unique demons, but the good old "traditional" looking ones are always my favorites.

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