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  1. Just got back. Amazing-tacular is the best way to describe it IMO. I dare any actor in Hollywood to try out for the Joker in the next one. He can't be topped.
  2. What techniques are you using on these? You're getting some fantastic results.
  3. Well Bryan, you obviously didn't get the Super Ultra Mega Deluxe Limited Edition Pre-Order Leather Bound Ultimate Set. They won't eat your existing RPG library, and don't contain the nanobots programed to seek out and destroy all non-WotC miniatures. Totally worth the extra $700.
  4. Between clerics and warlords, bards are almost obsolete, although I do hope they get included in the PHB2. They have a chance to completely rework the class and make them truly unique. If they choose to include them, I'll be VERY interested in seeing what builds they choose for them. I have the core boxed set, and the more I read, the more I like. Not necessarily as a replacement for 3.5, but in addition to. The same way I can have CoC or AFMBE on my bookshelf without invalidating my 3.5 books.
  5. For a Dragonborn, and not just a generic lizardy-dragony type race, I'd have to say the WotC one. The Reptus' neck and tail alone put it too far from a Dragonborn.
  6. Or the Legacy of Kain style feeding where they suck the blood from a corpse from a few feet away.
  7. I've already said it, but that is some good work, considering how long you've been out of the hobby, and the quality of supplies you were working with. The pictures don't do them justice, but we'll get you hooked up with a decent photo setup. -Chris
  8. I haven't painted since Reapercon. I've got all this stuff I learned in class, and have yet to try any of it. For me, it's been excitement over a possible new job/move got me too excited and my ADD kicked in so I didn't want to sit down and paint, so I turned to PC gaming (didn't hurt that my wife just got a laptop about that time, so the very gaming capable desktop was available for me whenever I wanted it) and got hooked on a couple games. Its kinda a cycle for me, painting, PC/Wii, painting, PC/Wii... Although I have a contest entry due in less than 20 days, so next week will see some productive painting. As for feeling bad, I do. But the same goes for when I'm painting. I think about some new PC game that came out that looks amazing that I'm not playing. Not to mention the stack of books on the shelf saying "Chris, you bought me three years ago, get around to reading me you lazy %^#!" Although that's what I've been using my time on the bus for.
  9. Never would have pictured him being blue, but you pulled it off very well.
  10. I don't see how the fact that gaming is social changes anything. If one person can just change rule x to y, than a group of 5 people can change x to y. How does having multiple people change the fact that you're just changing rule x to y?
  11. Who is this "ReaperBryan" you speak of?
  12. Sorry, they have cords and plug into the Gamecube controller ports on the side. At least the one that came with Hottest Party did, and it's a Konami brand pad. Maybe the 3rd party one's might have some wireless options, but I wouldn't count on it. It's still really fun, and the addition of the hand moves creates a whole new thing you gotta keep track of, but can be turned off if you want a little more old school experience. It has You Spin Me Right Round, which I'm actually hearing from the living room as I type this, and it is an amazingly fun track. I'm gonna go play... "You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby, right round, round round..."
  13. Last night the wife and I did some DDR (we just got Hottest Party for the Wii), and I dropped my calorie intake VASTLY yesterday. Today I've taken my coffee black, and am slamming water to keep me from getting snackish. I've noticed that DDR really doesn't feel like exercise at all. If only they had a DDR with a more Guitar Hero song list... We just need a 2nd pad so we can both go at the same time and be competitive rather than switching off every couple songs. EDIT: Bryan, next time we see you, where/whenever that is, we'll bring DDR, and it's on.
  14. Too many spells. Drop some and throw a couple skeletal spearmen in there. Maybe drop the Nightspectre and add Bloodseeker.
  15. Krztoff

    359 days..

    349 Beat you to it, Chris.
  16. Stop now, before it's too late! It will eat your soul!
  17. OR A bunch of figs for either Warlord or use in D&D, lets say a group of 9 Warlord figs: $39.99 Time to paint: ~7 hours $39.99/7= $5.71 Now let's estimate there are at least 50 hours they'll get used for gaming, plus the 7 for painting them... $39.99/57=$0.70 Ok, so show quality painters, you have the cheaper method Still though, even if you rush, it's not a bad deal at all.
  18. I like them a lot! Great intestines. I love the ragged muscle tissue around the wounds.
  19. That was quite the class, wasn't it? And yes, RotD was ridiculously cool.
  20. :bday: :bday: Happy Birthday! :bday: :bday:
  21. I do believe that I requested that rather than erasing those folders, you move them to a thumb drive and give it to me.
  22. Saw it with my wife. Can't say who liked it more.
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