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  1. 25 mm is a medium sized creature in Pathfinder, which is what he wanted.
  2. Old Glory's Children of the Night, Vampire children looks like there is a girl with a lollypop in the set.
  3. Though it may be too late for you, what I did was hot water separate as much of the house as I could and then dremeled out the excess heavy plastic that was really not needed. This made the house light enough that it wouldn't bend the legs.
  4. Don't forget, you can also use the Lizardman Games adventure in the back of the book. You killed their top athlete, now you have to compete.
  5. You are correct. It is the Wargames Factory set.
  6. They have already one polystyrene figure out there, the Acererak included with the undead paint set was a multi-part figure on a sprue. Though think more of current GW sprue design as opposed to Frostgrave. These minis will most likely be posed and probably not very customizable, at least not in the same way Frostgrave minis are. Halber
  7. Correct! Just replace his gun hand with a bottle from one of the metal Reaper pirates and you have a butler serving dinner.
  8. Heroclix has a skrull butler that I use as a half-orc butler, but I cut him off the base, so I have no idea what his character name was.
  9. Creature Components has some horns. https://www.reapermini.com/search/horns/latest/03334
  10. I have a lot of the clever paper stuff, and most of it is in scale, but compared to Reaper it may seem small. The bigger the base you like on your mini, the worse this is for you. My favorite is the castle wall kit, because it connects to other castle wall kits as well as the gatehouse, and it has a clever* way of making the walls so they can be straight or curved and back again, making it more organic looking and useable for more situations. Raging Owlbear has a review of them. https://ragingowlbear.blogspot.com/2019/05/dnd-cheap-village-terrain.html It is very relaxing to build these as you don't need tape, knives, nor glue, just the included toothpick to punch out hard to get slots. Though the ships do tend to be too small. Halber *pun intended.
  11. Arilyn Water Sorceress has a nifty sea shell scrying pool. https://www.reapermini.com/search/figurefinder+metal+elf/latest/02563 Halber
  12. They are selling them in packs now. Halber
  13. Why is the house itself so heavy? I think the new bones material is more denser, but they designed the house with the old material in mind and made it too thick. I'm thinking of opening the roof and dremeling out the excess plastic in order to reduce the weight. Halber
  14. The funny thing is, most people view Vikings as tall muscular warriors, when actually they were lean and usually a head shorter than the English monks they were slaying. <insert Yoda quote here> Halber
  15. Is it coming back, and if so when? Halber
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