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  1. Same here. It is good for removing scratches in clear parts. I have also used a future/water 1:2 mix to paint over clear PVC minis that had gotten foggy from the boil and reposition method, to make them clear again. Halber
  2. I did get my minis, and got everything I ordered from the kickstarter except for the solifugids. Though I didn't get some giants and demons that I ordered. Haven't heard a response yet about that. I'm more upset about the solifugids. These are the minis that made me support the kickstarter in the first place, the minis that made me risk re-paying for the kickstarter minis, and the minis that I had in the "guaranteed" reserve list I had sent him. Did anyone get any solifugids? Halber
  3. What's funny is even with this considered Paizo makes most of its money from people with direct subscriptions to Paizo. WotC does not have any such service, so 5th edition is doing even worse than you think. Do they still have their DDI? Kind of the same thing, if you squint your head and tilt your eyes. The Auld Grump No. Not same at all. Paizo subscriptions give you a physical hard copy at a discount, and then a digital copy for free that you can access as long as Paizo exists. DDI charges you to use digital only, and then not always compiled in a useful format, and not accessible if your subscription expires.
  4. Well, so far they haven't done any rule additions, as far as I'm aware. They have their Unearthed Arcana articles online where they throw out ideas for future products and houserules to help fix some perceived problems, like they've done a couple tests on psionics rules and the latest article is a possible attempt to fix the ranger's shortcomings, but nothing has actually been released as an official rule yet. They're doing a good job of focusing on putting out well done adventures rather than bloating up the game. Considering that we're approaching it's 2nd full year of existence, I think that's impressive compared to how quickly previous editions started to add rules in. Though those Unearthed Arcana articles, as well as the adventures for 5e, all have player options in them, which will eventually add up to bloat. My fellow gamers are already hounding my "use only what's in the PH, I don't have time for that other crap" DM to use these character options. There is also that Heroes of the Realms book. Yes 5e has slowed the bloat compared to previous editions, which I like, but a slow drip can still fill a bathtub. I don't have issue with player options, it's just that every D&D system from the end of 2E on has added character options that either are solely geared for min/maxers, or are not well thought out and in theory would be useful, but don't properly represent in game terms the ideas presented. I like pathfinder, though the biggest problem I find with it is that there are too many cooks using the pot. This causes lack of rules cohesion, as well as bad rules being added and carried through the system. 3E had this problem also, but that was because the people making the new rules were not the people who created the original rules, and the new people had no idea why those rules were made in the first place. Pathfinder at least explains why certain rules are the way they are. I do like 5th edition also, it is easier and there is less effect from min/maxing than in pathfinder, 3e, or even 4e. Now a new player's character is not much less efficient than a more skilled character creator, which allows a more even playing field and allows player skill in role playing to come out during the game rather than someone's skill in min/maxing before the game even starts. Though I really don't like the 4E thing they kept where a long rest heals all of your HP, no matter how much you were wounded. It makes keeping track of HP seem almost unnecessary. Just as long as you haven't taken more than twice your HP, you're good as new the next day. Halber
  5. isn't the floaty part of the dirigible filled with hydrogen? And then there is a small gondola on the bottom of it? Halber
  6. Also, the smaller elements don't seem to be mdf, which I believe is a pressed wood. They seem to be made out of pressed paper, for when they break, they break more like cardboard than like plywood. And if these come in contact with the average gamer, they will break. Also the tables don't seem sturdy enough to have a non-bones mini stand on it. I've had paper model tables that were stronger than these. My favorite furniture though is probably the shelf unit. Halber
  7. My you are auld. We are now either Czechs or Slovaks, not Czechoslovakians. Halber
  8. Look for "Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop" under "decals" and "Scripts, Scrolls & Tomes" Halber
  9. The MechWarrior Prepainted minis are in the same scale as CAV, and I'm pretty sure there was an official conversion somewhere that made it so you could use the MechWarrior minis in a Battletech game. Though I haven't seriously played Battletech since it was called Battledroids. Halber
  10. Dave Krentz's stuff is top notch. He had a resin line of Dinos before he went all digital. One suggestion for painting the 3D printed one is to coat it with a viscous sealant such as GW's Ardcoat before painting, otherwise the material will suck your paint up rather than let it spread over its surface. This also sometimes helps to cover the layers of 3D prints. He seems fragile, but I have dropped similar ones and they didn't break, though do be careful with the thin areas like the teeth.
  11. Yes he did, and then sold them all off. They are perfectly sized, but I don't know what company bought the mold for it. Woodland scenics has a "People and Pesky Raccoons" in O scale, which would be closer in scale to minis.
  12. There is at least one figure missing from that page. There was a male version of the dwarf fighter, which was released in the last league promo kit. Unlike most of the kits which came with two of the promo sculpt, that one had one dwarf and one reprint of the promo gnoll archer. Of the 'unreleased' ones, I've seen the ettercap for sale (rarely), and lost an auction for the clay golem. You mean this guy : That wiki page is messed up. At one time I had images of every mini on there, in unassembled form if possible as the wiki owner requested. But being that it is a wiki that pretty much anyone can edit, most of my images have been replaced or somehow lost. I have the clay golem...thanks for not bidding higher than me?.. as well as the lajatang duelist and the gith revenant. I got outbid on the orc rager. Haven't seen any of the others available. Halber
  13. I have all of the minis that were released, and a few that weren't released. Here is a link to images of all the minis: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Chainmail&printable=yes Also Gnarr was supposed to be a chainmail sculpt, but got repurposed after it was cancelled. Halber
  14. I have all of them, and for the most part they are 2x too big compared with Reaper, but like with the velociraptor above, if you respecies it into a larger species, then you can use some of them. Notably the Brachiosaur which can be a larger titanosaur, and the Mesozoic Creatures kit, which has appropriately sized young dinosaurs, an alligator, as well as archaeopteryx. The detail on the Tamiya kits are impeccable in form, if outdated in appearance of the creatures. If you want more appropriately sized dinosaurs, and ones of unusual shape and species, I would look to Procon, which Reaper's sub-company HobbyQ distributes. The dracorex would fit in any fantasy lizard army. Here is my Tamiya utahraptor herd. And comparison shot with other dino mini manufacturers. L to R: Jurassic Park board game, Tamiya, and Kaiyodo velaptors, and a Furata dilophosaurus. Halber
  15. If I may inquire, how are you going to handle the painted rewards? Halber
  16. Weird. I got my missing ones, and an Emperor with 2 right legs...great now I have to get it replaced again. Then I looked at the Emperor it was replacing, and it had 2 left legs. So in effect their mistake gave me 2 complete minis rather than 1 complete mini and 1 incomplete mini. Did they plan it that way? Halber
  17. He had Dragons Don't Share on his bookshelf. This is a guy I can trust. Halber
  18. Hot Wheels have no set scale, but in general they are between 1/72 and HO scale (1/87). Halber
  19. Keep in mind that the Rebel Transport (like the Corvette, Raider and Carrier) is not on the same scale as the rest of X-Wing. It does look bigger than the Falcon though. Well the "real life" falcon is actually twice as big on the inside as it is on the outside. Halber
  20. I can't link to the site, but Watchful I Studios has mounted minis, which you could probably head swap with a foot officer's head. Halber
  21. Other than the scenery elements, I don't think they are going to create anything new for this line. In other words it will mostly be re-releases from the various pre-painted lines. Which means there probably won't be many named minis on the D&D side, except those that are coming from the new Strahd PPM set.
  22. Well, I have to say as far as resin minis go, these are the best I have seen. Rarely do I see any bubbles, nor fingerprints and putty lines that a metal mini wouldn't pick up, but a resin one would. The earlier releases are fairly fragile, but not much different from any other thin resin parts. Though for more recent releases they have been changing up their resin formula. For example Zuggtmoy's tentacles are made with a very flexible resin, whereas the body is the standard hard resin. This means you could drop Zuggtmoy and she likely wouldn't break. The price is the issue with them. Though when you compare them to GW's finecast, even their "fixed" formula, they are exponentially better. With GW you pay a lot to get some minis that are frankly unfixable, but with GF9 the money equals quality. Yes you will need to boil the thicker parts longer than you would bones, but once set they do not warp again like bones sometimes do. That said, I prefer polystyrene. Halber
  23. That's from the MPC Attack on Hoth model kit http://www.starwars-models-images.com/esb/MPC_BATTLEOFHOTH.html. Everything in the box is to scale with the X-Wing game ships except for the little walker, which may not have been at ATST but something else. There is also an MPC Rebel Base kit http://www.starwarsmodels.com/rebelbase.htmlin the same scale that has a transport ship, the Falcon, and some closed winged x-wings, as well as some rather odd looking y wings. Halber
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