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  1. Wow, you're kinda like Kirk when he bested Khan because Khan only thought tactically in 2 dimensions instead of 3. Halber
  2. What if I got only part of my Demons & Devils order? Could you fulfill the missing stuff, or did Matt just note who had something sent to them? Halber
  3. You can get WGF's samurai horses as just a sprue from the Warlord Games store, while supplies last. These horses have saddles. Dark Futures will be released as part of Warlord's new zombie game. Alien Suns may be dead in the water. Halber
  4. A Corgi seemed to work for the crew of the Bebop. I also read an old sci fi story where a pet cat on a ship saved the earth from alien invasion. The crew claimed the cat was their leader, and the aliens were frightened because the cat did not respond to their threats.
  5. I was right about the shield being a mod! Honestly, the shield almost looks wooden. Could it be a custom? So what range was this from? Halber
  6. I think that shield is custom added. It looks like there is some putty holding it on. Could be wrong. This does remind me of some early citadel goblins, but it is not quite right. Halber
  7. Wasn't there an Aztec fog giant in an episode of Scooby doo? That would be cool. Maybe something like a war canoe that the minis could use. Or paper model houses for villages and such if other materials prove too costly. Are there any gods or spirits that promote battle or favor warriors?
  8. So where can I find the list of fixed Bones I minis? Halber
  9. I find Tamiya's Smooth Type Epoxy putty to be the easiest to work with. http://www.modelair.co.nz/index.php?productID=1944 Halber
  10. I finalized my pledge submission, and I am getting pretty much one of everything I don't have already, and then a few more. 1 – Ai Apeac The Decapitator 1 - Deer Woman 1 - The Flying Heads (Two Model Kit) 1 - Vision Serpent 1 - Fleeing Child (2 Model Kit) 4 - Jo-Ga-Oh Stonethrower 1 - Menehune Band (6 model kit) 2 - Mo’o, the Guardian Gekko 1 - Mallku, The Condor Spirit 1 - Capelobo 1 - Xiuhcoatl, The Fire Serpent 1 - Crystal Skull Engine 1 - The Skin Walker (two model kit) 1 - Basket Woman (w/ Fleeing Child) 2 - Tamangori 1 - Pua Tu Tahi, The Monstrous Clam 1 - Ewah (two model kit) 1 - Camazotz, the Death Bat 1 - Amarok Pack (3 model kit) 1 - Mishibizhiw, the Underwater Panther 1 - Uktena, the Great Horned Serpent 1 - Piasa Bird 1 - Great Thunderbird 1 - Ogopogo, The American Lake Monster 1 - Polynesian Adventurers (3 Model Kit) 1 - Hawaiian Warrior Unit (6 Model Kit) 1 - Hawaiian Spearman Unit (6 Model Kit) 1 - Hawaiian Oarsman (6 Model Kit) 1 - Mayan General 1 - Mayan Holcan (2 Model Kit) 1 - Mayan Archer (2 Model Kit) 1 - Wendigo— $15 2 - Tlahuelpuchi, Aztec Vampire 2 - Inca Shaman Doctor I'm really looking forward to the Hawaiian warriors. Halber
  11. Not to mention Warlord Games is supposed to eventually be releasing Wargames Factory's planned modern soldier set, so if you want to involve the military like in Fear the Walking Dead. Halber
  12. I replaced my ninja's sword. That one is way too slim. http://s1029.photobucket.com/user/RevSims/media/MMT3%20Pull%2007_zpsjzxgvniq.jpg.html Halber
  13. Actually the flying head vampire called the Pennangalan is a Philipino monster, and available here from Reaper. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/flying%20head/sku-down/03618 And goes great with other Polynesian cultural minis, say the ones from Paymaster Games. Halber
  14. The minis from the Micro Collection line from the 80's are in perfect scale. They are die-cast, meaning made of iron, and rather heavy. They are pre-painted, but can easily be stripped and repainted. http://theswca.com/images-speci/micro/micro.html WotC also had an unpainted metal SW minis line http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Star_Wars_(WotC) I am also partial to WotC's pre-painted plastic minis line. Halber
  15. What if you ordered add ons after your main pledge. Would FGG include the costs of that in their offer?
  16. There was an Egyptian harem minis kickstarter that had many Egyptian flavored minis other than slave girls. They currently have some minis from this ks in their online store.
  17. The Abbat-Dol are the demons from the plane in the abyss that Grazzt rules.
  18. Mikem91, sometimes you don't need to boil the entire thing. Also what you can do is boil one half, and then flip it over to boil the other half. It will usually remain flexible enough until you are ready to set it. This is what I did with my DDS ruins base. Halber
  19. The cards for it just lists the various abilities and skills that particular character class can have to make keeping track of them easier. Kind of like the power cards from 4E. Totally not necessary for the RPG, and to an extent a drawback if errata is added to the RPG. Also I have played the RPG and used the X-Wing game for dogfights. As long as you get over making everything balanced and point based it is a good fit. In RPG's, part of the skill is to figure out when not to engage when the fight is not fair, or how to mitigate losses when in a trap. Though it can be deadly for PC's, so we worked out an ejection mechanic. Halber
  20. I am planning on getting one of everything I don't already have, and 2 basket women. Is there any chance I can buy extra children minis? I was also seriously considering going in on the $350 pledge to create a jo-ga-oh, Iroquois little people/gnomes/halflings, but there are already potentially native Halfling types that people may not think there is enough of a difference to bother, or be interested in. What are your thoughts? Halber
  21. I would say resin for the main body, with metal for any additional bits. Resin weapons and hands just suck. Halber
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