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  1. No other bones that I have have the same texture. The only ones I didn't get where Eldaran, Elf Ranger and There Be Dragons. I don't think it would be polystyrene, because if it was it would gloop up and curl way more than in the pictures shown. The details would loose detail on the edges and become more smooth. And 2 mins of boiling would probably make it look like a slime or ooze rather than a wing. After experimenting, I am almost certain that these are made out of ABS plastic and not Vinyl. Even hard PVC such as with plumbing piping, when boiled will either not change at all if made for high temperatures, or attain a softer state, but still be able to be shaped and cooled without any deformity. ABS will deform, may even shrink a little bit, but really can't be shaped well, if at all, and it never has a flexible state. Frankthedm, I'm sure you have some pathfinder prepainted minis, whose bases are made of ABS. Flick the base of a large sized mini with your finger, and compare the sound to the flicking of wymgear's wings, then compare it to something made of polystyrene, and you should be able to hear the similarities and differences. And then if you feel real plucky you could boil the base of the pathfinder mini for at least 2 minutes and see how it deforms and is not flexible like PVC after boiling. BTW, I like the fact that the wings are made out of ABS. I think as they are designed it wouldn't have worked well in PVC. Though I do think Reaper needs to post somewhere that you shouldn't boil or otherwise heat excessively Wyrmgear's wings. That is unless you like how Gus's wings turned out and are ok that they can't be shaped back to their original position. Halber
  2. I view Cthulhu's tentacles being more flexible as a desired feature. Imagine trying to paint a metal version of that. Besides the point that you couldn't even make a metal version of it. See the Starspawn's tentacles and how flat they are, because it started out as a metal mini with metal mini shape limitations. Now I have no idea if the OP's description of sponginess is because his Kaladrax head is actually made out of a different material than mine. But if not, when someone says spongy, I think of being able to press deeply on the mini without much resistance, and it holds the depression for a while after releasing the pressure. My Kaladrax head does not do this, so I would not call is spongy. I wouldn't even call it flubbery. If anything it's just more elastic. Halber
  3. Got mine today. Missing: Eldaran, Elf Ranger Female NOVA Extra: Rosie, Chronotechnician Ice Worm head cover 2 Beetles Everything else looks good without any miscasts. Halber
  4. I wonder how worthwhile modular grunt packs would be? It was an interesting idea (I'm sure they didn't originate it) Raging Heroes had with their kickstarter troopers, limbs, heads and weapons that are not only interchangeable, but also poseable, giving many customization options. Usually, I look at minis that require assembly as intimidating, but by all accounts bones are quite easy to assemble. Imagine a pack of six guardsmen in the style of Sir Forescale, six similar but distinct torsos, six separate heads, twelve arms, six swords, three spears, three axes, and six shields. Now imagine them all with easy to pose and glue ball and socket joints at the neck and shoulders, and the customization is unlimited, whilst still keeping a thematic look for soldiers. It seems like it could be hugely popular if they could make them in the bones line. Then, if the first set were popular, they could keep expanding the line: a set of town guards (similar to soldiers, with medium armour, polearms and crossbows) brigands (more eclectic armour and weapon choices, maybe a sack or two for the hand) rogues (light armour and weapons, maybe a necklace and at least one huge diamond) spell casters (robes, tunics, bare hands, spell effects like fire and lightning that could be added in place of weapons, pointing fingers, turbans, pointed hats) orcs (variously armoured torsos, some helms, double weapons) Demi-humans, humanoids, undead, there are a lot of possibilities. Well the spider centaurs use the same spider body base, but different torsos. I don't know, all those bits of heads and limbs and torsos being separate seems a bit too fiddly for the bones material. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind say a removable arm that had more than one weapon option that could be placed in the socket to give variety, without the extra costs an not so much fiddlyness. Halber
  5. Actually, coming from the PPM boards which I inhabit, they are more into the LE line for getting gobs of monsters that they don't have to worry about painting. They typically do the PC's in metal and paint them because they will last longer than one encounter. Painting a horde of goblins that will be effective for only one encounter before you level out of their challenge range is not worth it for most game masters. And PPM is only maybe 2/5 of the RPG market, There are a lot of gamers that don't even use miniatures, or use pogs or pawns. Halber
  6. Yeah, but many people, even a lot of people on this very board, have no idea that LE even exists. I buy at least one of every version of LE released, but I'm apparently weird like that, even amongst fans of Pre-painted. Halber
  7. Woo hoo mountain dew! 24 Items, due to me by Wednesday. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: C'thulhu x1 Kaladrax Reborn x1 Storm Giants x1 Hydra x1 Swamp Things x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Deep Dwellers x1 Jabberwock x1 Frost Wyrm x1 Fire Giant Warriors x1 NOVA x1 Spider Centaurs x1 Red Dragon x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Mythos Monsters x1 Undead Giant x1 Mister Bones x1 Deathsleet x1 Demons x1 Mind your Manors x1 Frost Giants x1 Ebonwrath x1 Fire Giants x1 vampire x1 We're sending that to the following address: Baltimore MD
  8. So does anyone have any inclination as to what the wings are made of? Just a harder PVC, or are they some form of ABS or styrene? ABS would be like what the Pathfinder PPM's use for their bases, and they tend to shrink and warp when boiled for more than a minute, but don't melt like styrene would. I had a toy pterosaur that looked like it was made out of some form of aerated PVC, but it shrunk really badly when I boiled it. I have no idea what material the pterosaur was made of but it was lighter than regular PVC. Are the wings lighter than the rest of the mini, meaning do they have less mass/ less density? Halber
  9. Well, you also have to understand that Reaper probably doesn't have the time right now to go through everything and check it over. They only recently started doing that with Kaladrax because of the number of people posting with two left feet. Halber
  10. Hey Buglips, do you have any stores near where you live? Like brick and mortar places. Is that why you order so much though the mail? Are your neighbors eskimos? Do you have to hunt moose if you want a good burger that isn't freeze dried and delivered in a box from UPS? Just curious. Halber
  11. You're just a paranoid suburbanite. I lived in southern MD for 20 years and got shot at 3 times, so far I've lived in central Baltimore for 14 years, and no guns have even been pointed in my direction. As long as you are not a drug dealer, and statistically, not black, you should be safe here. And Dai-Mongar, Chunky transvestites are only on the Block, or in Hampden, where most of Waters' movies were filmed. He still lives somewhere around there. David Zeb Cook also currently lives in Hampden.
  12. Just a few comments. The horns look nice, but I don't really like them. I prefer the erol otus version more than any later ones. I also vote no tail. Your teeth are perfect though. Halber
  13. One suggestion for the sharply angled stairs, is to cut out every second dark space, but just enough that the lip of a figure base can fit in it. That way minis can actually be on those ladder stairs. Halber
  14. These things are all made of the same stuff, PolyVinylChloride, but there are other additives that change its characteristics. Color can be just one of these additives. Bryan also said that the kickstarter bones will have a slightly different formula than the currently released bones, and from what I can tell, that is true. I got a lizardman from the vampire package from my FLGS, and it's club is very sturdy and the spikes would probably hurt to step on. Halber
  15. Actually I think they do run a tally on how many people request a particular item. Now requesting something that Reaper already makes, is another story. BTW, I would like to see clear wings of all sorts too! Halber
  16. I want to back this one, but it's mostly a timing issue. One is I had already dropped a load of cash on the CSM D&D kickstarter, if this one happened to come sooner, I would have dumped it here. Second, is I don't have any money right now. I'm have been working on getting some extra money for it, but then real life costs have been taking it away, and I don't think I'll get enough before it closes. If someone could lend me $200, I will pledge right now.
  17. If you want a much better designed cog that is a plastic model, and IMHO easier to work with, you should go for this http://plastic-models-store.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=826 . It is roughly about the same price, and this one comes with sails and can be made waterline or with the bottom on it. I would post pictures of mine, but my daughter broke my camera. And a tip for working with the putty, it looks like you dragged your tools across it. With clay and putties you always have to push it or roll it. Still what you did is not bad for the scale.
  18. Customize a Sgt. Doallyn and the rest of the Dressellian rebel soldiers? It would be a lot easier though if he didn't have that darn eye-patch. Halber
  19. When cured most resin is not toxic, but it does sand into small particles that can harm your lungs, just like working with plaster or anything else that causes small particulates. Usually wet sanding does the trick. Pingo may have overcompensated by sanding underwater. Halber
  20. Are you one of those people who bother Brian because the cloaked fighter with a bow that he gave you is not a cloaked ranger with a bow? Just saying. Halber
  21. 'Nuff said I've almost made a drinking game from these "what I'd like to see" threads where Reaper already has what they are requesting. Someone just requested that Reaper make a rust monster in bones... drink up! Halber
  22. Why? Gorgons and Chimeras are both large creatures. Or do you enjoy scale creep? Halber
  23. That solufugid looks horrible. In real life they are called whip scorpions, and there is even one on the cover of QotDP. It is the yellowish arachnid on the left, below the regular scorpion. Why did they make their picture in the ToH so darn ugly and looking nothing like a solufugid? It's based off of a real creature, so it can't be that they had to change it for copyrights. Halber Like I said in the commnets section of the Kickstarter, I will personally, even if I have to pay for it out of pocket, make certain that art will not be the final sculpt of the soligifud. :-) I like the concept sketch of the pedipalp, is there going to be a new concept sketch for the Solufugid? Will it happen to look a lot like a camel spider? PLEEEASE!? Halber
  24. But..., but..., but... you never know what the future holds! Think of the children! They might need just that mini one day! I'm kidding of course, I really need to follow your example to be honest. No you don't! They have Flumphs! Everybody needs a thneed? lumphs a flumph? Halber
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