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  1. Here's mine. I wish I could take a decent picture...
  2. I had a great weekend. Everyone made a novice like me feel right at home. Classes were great Company was awesome and now I have tons of new friends to see at Reapercon 2006 Now if I could just get the Kids to go to bed before 9pm so I could get some painting done...
  3. Gonna re-open a dead thread for a silly question. I have 2 sculpting classes. How much green stuff do I need to bring? thanks
  4. Great. Thanks...now need sleep!
  5. Cameras ok to bring?(still photo type)
  6. 14th-too bad I won't be in till after 8pm or I'd vote for Hooters! Well, got my five classes for Sat. and I am looking forward to coming. Anyone willing to give advice as to what to bring? Will Paint / scultping material be provided?(I have to fly in and I hate the thought of paints opening all over my tommy Bahama collection )? How many brushes we should pack? and so on.... Really looking forward to the painting classes but to my surprise I am very excited by the one class that never entered my mind-Scultping Dragons. I don't know how to sculpt a blob of green stuff but this really sounds awesome(I also took beg scultping so I can sculpt those bolbs) zban2002
  7. zban2002

    CAV2 at RAC

    I downloaded and printed the Cav2 rules, just haven't had time to even scan over them quickly yet. Will do so asap (Sunday maybe?) zban2002
  8. zban2002

    CAV2 at RAC

    I bought the Cav Boxed set just so I could get the rule book and models to bring to this even. I look forward to learning to play and shall call upon your generous offer to teach Cav2. I will also be bringing the boxed set of Necropolis and Reputus(Well, if the reputus can be painted by then!) Zban2002
  9. 4TW That brightened my day a bit. zban2002
  10. Thanks I am sure I will have fun and be overwhelmed with new techniques, but most of all I look forward to meeting new people who share the same passion for painting minis as I do.... Oh yeah you can change zban2002's brother on the list to neitton...
  11. I purchased 2 tickets for my brother and I. I am coming from Orange County, California. My brother lives in the Dallas area. I am looking forward to attending but kinda disappointed by the news in the other thread that we may have to purchase the classes one by one and I worry that if I miss the class schedule on the website I will be stuck with classes like "Black-more then just primer" instead of "NMM is your friend" Again looking forward to a great time next month... zban2002
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