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  1. Wow, that's looking great! Guess I should start saving up for the late-year releases.
  2. Oh, NO! The big five-oh! Happy Birthday, my friend!
  3. I have a weakness for TMM elves, goblins. and Arthurian knights. And so much good stuff in RPL. My poor wallet.
  4. These were WIP for a long while at my local Paint Club, before C-19. Sat idle for a while until WFH for self and family settled and I could wet a brush again. Yes, these are benchtop phone photos, nothing special, and the base edges need cleaned up. Still, pretty happy with how they turned out. Looking forward to fielding them for Counterblast tabletop games and RPG (coming SoonTM as an officially licensed Savage Worlds setting). The main 9 and Azhro Rider are all by Bombshell Miniatures, while the 'tiny, but fierce' Andromedan is by Reaper.
  5. 10 minutes to go! Support your fellow Texan, Reaper & Dark Sword sculptor, and all around swell guy, Patrick Keith! :-)
  6. Final day today, $10k stretch goal unlocked. Hoping they hit $12.5k, really want those Thunderbikes.
  7. Just 5 days left in the campaign, and two more FREE downloads have been added. Also, there are some new backer levels, add-ons, and the first stretch goal is down... I have a 3D resin printer arriving today Monday, so I'm "all in" to really get going with CounterBlast and other games.
  8. Instructors just recently began submitting class outlines and requests for time slots. It will be a little while before those are arranged so organizers can publish the schedule in Growtix and make class tickets available.
  9. Fantastic work! A really creative take, very well executed.
  10. I've never taught a basing class, but feedback on various projects, plus questions online and conversations at RC last year, sparked several ideas. So, the following rough draft/overviews are some possible, hands-on classes for RC2020: Basing 101 - an intro to basing tabletop & RPG minis. Brief demo on working with integral bases and tab/slot, different types of plastic gaming bases, and the basics of drill/pin, putty, and glue. Hands-on the rest of the way, getting a mini mounted, add materials, ready to paint. A small take-home kit with sample materials and a handout to reinf
  11. Weight: all time high Activity level: all time low Food choices/portions/timing: poor Excuses: many and varied Physical challenges: some, like arthritis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis (yeah...a lot of itises); age; long days at a sedentary job Goal: -50 lbs before travel to Reaper Con 2020. Targeting September 1, that's 29 weeks and 4 days from today, so I'll need to average about 1.7 lbs per week. Seems reasonable. Shrink Goal...because Stretch Goal sounds too much like a Kickstarter and the semantic opposite of a weight loss goal...: -60 by September 1,
  12. ^^^ what they said! My first Reaper Con, 2017, can best be described as, "I found my tribe!" And that feeling has only grown over the last couple of years as I meet more great people and share these wonderful, crazy, niche hobbies of ours. So, yes, please swing by artist's row and if we're not there at the moment, chances are we're teaching, shopping, or volunteering somewhere. Especially Corporea - when you spot her, you may need to hurry, catch her before she accelerates.
  13. Rush has been my favorite band for my entire adult life, and part of my adolescence. I saw their concerts by far more than any other band, only missing a couple of tours over all those years. Neil's music, lyrics, books, personality...so much about the man has been a part of the very fabric of my life...his loss somehow feels deeply personal to me. And realizing he battled a form of 'C' similar to the one that took my brother last January, and that they were both quietly fighting it at the same time...it's just hard to put into words.
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