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  1. I like ReCon. The gaming atmosphere itself is nice (smoking in the adjacent VFW bar but that's minor) and there were many different kinds of games going on. There are lots of available tables early for pick up games and "scheduled events". Nice cosy 60-70 person get-together 4 times a year. The problem I saw with ReCon was exactly what we are seeing right here. People would go to play a few games setup ahead of time. Lots of pickup space but not a lot of people to actually play a pickup game that isn't organized. The best way to have a game at ReCon is to do it as described here. Beg and plead for people to show up to play. ;) Honestly the 60-70 people in attendance don't rotate that much, and you can only give so many demos to a more or less fixed amount of people... Please remember that I was running CAV. Warlord would probably have a larger appeal than CAV did, although with the new CAV rules I think it could be in the hunt again. If all you guys are going to show up, I'll try my best to make it. The Minneapolis international car show is in town that weekend and the wife likes to go each year... It will be different not seeing Jeff Bolton at the registration counter. -- James
  2. Well... here is one sentence for ya: If you might be interested in a mecha game that you don't have to track min/max things like armor points and a game that will let you resolve a 12 on 12 battle in under two hours, you might want to grab the CAV 2 beta rules and check them out. When you're really good you can bust through a 12 on 12 battle in an hour.
  3. The big gun has been summoned. Think of it as Freefall calling to Hastur the Unspeakable. Did we suddenly have a solar eclipse, everything just got dark.... Anyway, I am in BL for Reaper, and I am a Bounty Hunter for AEG along with Chrome, who joined up 3 weeks ago. That guy follows me around everywhere. heheheh I teach the game all of the time, so I hope I can give you some helpful advice as well. Spycraft rocks. Plain and simple. The best cards aren't rare, and even a starter deck can be powerful. If you like artwork of hot women and hot men (as I am told) then Spycraft is doubly cool. As with anything, what you have liked to play in the past will be a big determinant in what you start with. The easiest faction to play as a starter is Nine Tigers, the militant chinese faction. Lots of guns, and it isn't very hard to figure out how to shoot and kill bad guys The easiest faction to WIN WITH as a starter is Shadow Patriots. Being well-rounded in this game can save you. My recommendation is to start with Nine Tigers. It is easy to get a handle on the basics and the actions aren't too crazy for you. Then I would recommend playing as the Krypt or Shadow Patriots. Then I would dive into Banshee or Bloodvine. First off, there are 4 "attributes" or skills that all characters have. Charisma, transport, combat, and craft. Craft encaspulates really cool James Bond spy-like abilities. His Craft score would be like a 10. In case you aren't up on your Spycraft lore, there are 3 basic types of missions that can be taken in Spycraft. Chase (uses the transport skill) -- think of these missions as 6 cars on a side and you are driving (or trying to escape) and the other 6 enemies are trying to stop you by running you off the road or running over you or something like that. The Krypt and Shadow Patriots generally have better scores here. Intrigue (uses the charisma skill) -- this is basically "verbal sparring" or showing the rest of the world that the other person is a spy and a bad one at that. Until the mission is over, "baffled" characters all have attribute scores of ZERO and are exposed (exposed means their cover is blown). Banshee Net in particular is very crafty and has a lot of actions targetting characters with blown cover. Fight (uses the combat skill) -- think of this as both sides lining up (with cover and body armor and whatever else) and blasting each other back and forth. Guns can give you additional combat actions (usable in all missions, make someone pay in a chase mission by blasting them LOL). By far the Nine Tigers have the best combat scores, the Krypt and Shadow Patriots are good also. Banshee just SUCKS at Fight missions. Bloodvine is even worse. Now this is in full open games. In sealed deck tournaments (I played in the AEG Staff/BH single elim sealed tournament at GenCon and went 2-1) if you get guns or the holy hand grenades, anyone can succeed in fight missions. I stole fight missions as BLOODVINE because I had guns and King Maul (Krypt soldier) and a few other non-faction fighters giving me really good combat scores. Start with Nine Tigers. I love killing people even if it ultimately means I lose the game. I had one game with a gamestore owner here in the Twin Cities in which I used 9T and he used Shadow Patriots and I killed probably 15 characters. He did not kill a single character of mine. But he won because Shadow Patriots can win about any mission because of their well-rounded characters.
  4. Go to the homepage, it is linked there... Mil-Net homepage
  5. Our new forums are up and running, albeit with a few minor glitches. Before you can login, you'll need to send us an email ([email protected]) and ask for your password to be reset. You will need to send us your USERNAME for this to happen. We hate guessing Or you can just create a new account. For more information, read the announcement stickied at the top of each forum. There has also been a known bugs thread started in the Forum Annoucnements area for any problems that you might encounter over the next few days. Thanks for the patience, we hope you enjoy the new forums!
  6. KaiMaster

    Where's Mil-Net

    Took bloody long enough. But for what we have to pay for co-locating our site on our host's main server, we have no complaint coming ;) Go to Mil-Net. Post lots of stuff. heh
  7. Mil-Net's forums are back online! The rest of the site depends on Cold Fusion and the CF server needs rebuilt, so that process won't be complete and tested out until probably Monday or Tuesday. So hang in there! =) Sorry for the outage, what can ya do about bad computer hardware issues? Work through them...
  8. The forums are now back! The rest of the server will be AWOL until at least after the weekend, but the forums work. Come... to butthead... Come... to Mil-Net... Mil-Net's forums are back online!
  9. The server issues caused nearly everything to fry except the HDDs (and it still destroyed the C partition on the system disk). Needless to say, even when the server is back and fully functionable, we have to rebuild Cold Fusion server, so don't look for Mil-Net to be back online before Monday. At this point, trying to do a rush job to get it fixed is not a smart move, better to take the time and do it right. We have always been wanting to upgrade to MX 2004 I guess....
  10. KaiMaster


    heheh reusing the forum thread... Forums were down yesterday but the rest of the site was fine. Very strange IIS problem happened to us, our forums are ASP while the rest of our site uses Cold Fusion. The hardware people on the east coast where we are hosted got the problem resolved and everything should be back to normal again. Yippee!
  11. Ok ok here's the official Mil-Net stance on the Reptus in the CAV world... hehe This would plug in even though I am getting nightmares of the B-tech "novel" FAR COUNTRY. Or Reaper could say that Mitso-Ta was actually run in the background by a Reptus cult resulting in their different designed CAVs =P All joking aside, it could work. However I *totally* disagree with these aliens having 8DT CAVs and all this incredible stuff. If they had all of these abilities, why wouldn't they have been discovered before now? I would say pick a different quadrant of the galaxy map that hasn't been released (we only have one quarter of the whole thing) and on the edge, have a large star cluster where these beings rule by force. They were never encountered because no one could reach them (and vice versa). Coincide this (or cause this) by IGS developing new craft with better drives allowing them to penetrate "deep space" deeper than ever before. Who says an alien race has to have CAVs? I would rather suggest that they have a "hybrid" CAV/vehicle thing that breaks the rules. Essentially they can have vehicles up to 5 and 6 DTs.
  12. I can't imagine that they ever would produce something like that in the next several years... what they WOULD do instead is what they did at Origins 2002. Proxy. They did not have Tsuisekis or Kikyus and used A-10s and other historical models and hacked them and made the new craft. Same with the AICOM figs. DHA already has everything at the proper scale, instead of paying sculptors to create a bunch of minis they already have, why not just use them? There are several egyptian-style DHA figs available, even if they were out-of-print and had to reintroduce them they could probably do that.
  13. Please refer to it in "past" tense, as the BL dictator is no longer available to be won in tournaments. :( Reaper is hopefully working on the next prize for tourneys though.
  14. Yeah yeah I always remember that example. sigh... guess it has never come up, no APCs get close in my games ;) I have never understood why an APC can move full then unload in 4 seconds and then have the infantry unload and then designate a target and then start shooting. That has to be hella organized to unload an APC in 4 seconds and have the troops organzied enough to shoot. And that isn't counting having 3 sections of light infantry with HEAVY WEAPONS in the same APC. Maybe that should go to the proving grounds (requiring an APC performing an action such as loading or unloading to cut its MM in half). I think it should be halved on both sides of the fence.
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