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  1. Alright, so I haven't been painting much, thus I haven't been very active on here lately, either. How's everybody doing? Here's my most recent finished piece. I love both him and Jason Wiebe equally. For anyone who'd like to know, the stance this guy's in is a variation of what's called (in Japanese) kokutsu dachi, or back stance; it is a weapon-wielding stance. Sweet. Anyway, I was intentionally going for the dramatic lighting -- the idea is that it's night, he's lurking about like a ninja and is suddenly revealed in somebody's light. That's why his back is so dark. The effect, admittedly, tends to work better in person. (The infantile writing on the base is mine with one of those liquid paper pens -- very difficult to get a fine line!) Comments? Thanks, Flow
  2. There's a whole set of novels based in the various Realms, originally published when TSR was still around and many were taken to reprint after Wizards of the Coast took over the property. I recommend the ones by R. A. Salvatore, specifically the Icewind Dale Trilogy (The Crystal Shard, Streams of Silver, The Halfling's Gem). These don't especially feature Silverymoon, though it is visited. There's probably a novel or two that does feature the city, but I couldn't name them. Good luck. - Flow
  3. Two kinds of rocks: (1) real rocks for the long-ago crumbled wall behind the king and for the few others scattered in front of him; (2) crunched up cork for the rest. The real rocks were glued on and the drybrushed with white. Pretty simple. The cork had to go through a longer process of priming and washing and drybrushing. This was originally supposed to create more of a dead vegetation look, but the shapes weren't right, and they tend to look more like rocks, so that's what they now are. The red plants were shoots that I cut from this kind of fake-vegetation thing my roommate's mother had put together for him and that he (once that visit was over) subsequently shooed off to our storage locker. It's kind of hideous, all these fake plants attached to some kind of lattice work, for hanging I guess, but she should have known it was never going to be displayed in the apartment of two single guys. Anyway, I'm pleased more with the base than with the mini itself in this case. It's sitting here beside my PC as I type this and, I have to say, in person here, he looks very natural, if, yes, a bit busy and over the top. -- Flowfinder P.S. "fau" (presumably French for "fake") would be faux.
  4. Thanks, Lawgiver, for breaking the silence on this one. I've finally gotten the right idea and am more or less finished with metallic paints. They just don't photograph all that well and they leave less room for the imagination. The base is busy. . .once I got going, I couldn't stop! There's a long story there, and I'll spare you. Let's just say I was experimenting. And yes, finally, the colour transitions. These really stand out in the photos, and one of the issues is that there was no blending going on at all. . .just layering. The issue with ineffectively thinned paints, it turns out, applies to the whole. I've since gotten better brushes and have been working more on actual blending, which is coming along. All in all, I'm pleased with it, but not satisfied generally. My next Show-off post should be my DHL Ogre Mage, by Jason Wiebe. I love that guy's stuff. My version of his Female Ogre is on here, too. . .I absolutely adore her. Anyway, the Ogre Mage's colour transitions are much less pronounced. Can't wait to see what y'all have to say about him. Peace, Flow
  5. I don't know about Warlord rules, but to get at the question of removing brocolli (integrated) bases, there's a nice little recent thread in here somewhere all about this issue. Turns out many people do remove the brocollis. I don't. I tend simply to glue them onto a larger base (my concerns tend not to be "to scale," which often allows me plenty of room to work around -- again, I don't play Warlord, so you'll want to be sure, I guess) and then add whatever material alongside to develop the base's terrain. Check out that other thread for excellent advice on removing the bases, should you decide to go that way. Good luck, Flowfinder
  6. Hee hee. This is funny because I had the same thought. It also occurred to me that "I'm going to be buying them constantly" is exactly what any company concerned even partly with profit is going to love hearing from its customers. Not that Reaper is one of those blood-sucking profit mongers like. . .well, maybe it'd be Good not to Whisper any names. AHEM! Nevertheless, I agree with TaleSpinner. Those in the official know: is this idea too impractical to put into production? -- Flow
  7. Let's see. . . started with MSP Pure White, followed by MSP Sunlight Yellow and Adikolor Topaz Yellow (considerably brighter than the Sunlight) moving out, and finally Adikolor Martyr Red at the edge. The Yellows and Red are also touched over one another and over the White to suggestively blend a gradual dimming of the light itself -- i.e. the pure Pure White directly under the feet represents the actual source location, where it's brightest. It's not quite the effect I was going for, but I'll have to defer to tobascojunkie's wisdom, with many thanks. -- Flow
  8. Actually, nope. The blade was done with GW Chainmail, washed with an undiluted Brown ink (um, also GW ), then highlighted with Adikolor Sterling Silver, the edge in particular to give a thoroughly sharpened look. I quiver with a tad touch of pride at the thought that it gives an NMM appearance, NMM being something I've just begun to try out on the Reaper Ogre Mage (just a blade and some gold rings, keeping it simple for me), photos soon to come (once his base and final touches are complete). Anyway, thanks for the praise. -- Flow
  9. Umm. . . No link, no shot. . . I accept that this could be me and my eyes, but if not. . . Thanks, Flow Oh, wait. Found it. Yup, it was just me. Well, hey, I just finished listening to student presentations and am somewhat bleary-eyed. My apologies. Nice work, as usual, Darkstar. -- Flow
  10. This one was done before I figured out better water/thinner to paint ratios. Thus, his face is a little blotchy. I also hadn't gotten into any NMM yet, which I've been working on and will share with y'all soon enough. In any case, I simply love this mini. I stumbled on it (virtually) while browsing Zaphod's personal site, mini-painting guild.net, on which he has a stage-by-stage process going that was incomplete last I checked and then stumbled on it for real in my FLGS a few weeks later. This was the first mini whose base cost me nearly as much time as the mini itself. -- Flow
  11. Alright, No photo that I can take does justice to this guy. Does everybody feel that way about their work, that these little fellas always seem to look best in person? Anyway, to thwart possible confusion right up front here, my version of Darkrasp is currently in the throes of casting -- thus the white eyes, charred blast radius surrounding his feet, and lightsource under his feet. I went a little, as they say, "to town" on the base, and it would take several shots to convey the entirety of it. As it is, I'll provide two. I couldn't pull off anything that would suggest that the scroll runes are glowing -- perhaps if I had gone with black papyrus or if the runes hadn't actually been carved in I might have been more successful. Anyhoo. . .please drop your pennies in the fountain: I'm all ears. Merci bien, Flow
  12. Alright, so I can't seem to figure out how to remove/modify the original rear shot. I got an updated front shot to go, but the edit option doesn't identify the rear shot file. So. . .I thought I'd just put it here. Thanks, Flow
  13. That's officially the "Highland" or perhaps "Guardian" dragon, correct? Me likey much as a blue. Nicely menacing eyes. Yes, the lighting is, um, poor, especially in the wide shot. I find the Reaper dragons, especially the ones in the blister packs, tend to look a little . . . um. . . blocky or square, meaning they don't tend to have the lithe, reptilian quality that (at least in my mind) they should. Of course, I haven't seen too many of them painted, and, seeing this one, it seems that maybe I've misjudged them. Looks like you haven't touched the wings yet. I'd like to see that development. Otherwise, the bright light from above tends to obscure actually painted highlights. In any case, so far so good, from my perspective. Cheers, Flow
  14. Alright, so I've been away for a bit but am back and finally have photos of what I've been up to. This will be my first contribution to the Show-Off forum, and I hope I've formatted my photos effectively (I'm trying out some new software, mostly to keep file sizes at a minimum). Please be merciless in your commentary. This female ogre is probably the first piece I've done that I've actually liked, thus the choice of her as the first of my work to share. I haven't done much of anything with her base yet, though I do intend to install her on a larger base and go at a more complex environment to compliment her ghastly beauty. (Examples of that kind of work forthcoming, once I've confirmed that what I'm doing with the images is sympatico for the board.) A rear shot will follow. EDIT: (Actually, the new and improved image is a couple posts down.) Thanks, Flow Rear shot. If any administrators are looking at this, please advise whether it's fine with you that I go with slightly larger images. Thanks, Flow
  15. Come to think of it he was my favourite character from lord of the rings. He always struck me as the real hero of the story, instead of Frodo. Most perceptive, Almathea. A lot of people want the hero to be Aragorn, but that's too easy. Frodo tends to be the typical smart choice, but he'd be long dead if it wasn't for Sam. Sam is the embodiment of loyal and unconditional friendship, an increasingly rare commodity, and the primary concern of the story. You know what. . .I change my mind. I'm no half-elf. I'm a hobbit (though not an insular and regional one, so not the norm) and darned proud of it. There is, after all, nothing for it. -- Flow
  16. Have you been keeping tabs on the Off-topic "Worst date experiences" thread? Maybe, for the sake of this evidently tenuously held together adventuring party, you don't want to let the half-orc barbarian's girlfriend know about it. My roommate is deeply serious about his D&D. And I do mean serious. Like, you don't want to be confused about a rule when you're playing with him cuz he'll stop play and dig out the books, man. Me, I just like to make up stories with friendly people, as long as the minis are around. -- Flow
  17. Amen, brother. I've not actually had too many dating troubles, once the fact of the date is confirmed. Only thing that comes to mind is one where the girl disappeared just as the evening was finishing and we were going to be leaving the club. . .I went to the little boys' room, came out of there and she had left. Saw her a couple of days later, confronted her about it, and she told me, when I said that it would have been nice to say goodnight, that she thought we already had. How much beer did we drink again? Anyway, the whole "let's be friends" thing is almost always a cop out. The way I've come to feel about it is twofold: (1) I'm never getting into a monogamous relationship again that isn't based on genuine friendship, which unfortunately is kind of problematic because (2) I've been made to feel that I have to atone for centuries of patriarchy of which I've been neither approving nor a part. Thus I ask: What's wrong with us, people?!
  18. Is your problem more with the Fantasy Figure Finder or with the site generally? I've had no trouble overall but I have with the FFF. There's a thread in here (I think under the Reaper Discussion) all about little problems with the FFF. Check this out and you'll find both that you're not alone and that Reaper is working on it. As for the the rest of the site, perhaps you can be more specific? -- Flow
  19. I know exactly what you mean. Ditto on the inspiration from hanging out around here. In terms of weird eyes, I find that sometimes the sculpture itself is tricky there -- I've got two of the 4-pack Orcs with Axes finished and while I like what I've done with them overall, I find that at least one of the eyes is almost impossible: it seems simply to be lumpy or something, and getting it to match the other drove me crazy so I gave up on it. It's sitting right over there, taunting me to improve. In one case (non-Reaper mini), one eye on a fighter was literally lower on his face so I just freehanded an eye-patch over it. I would have liked to have tried sculpting a little patch so as to get some relief quality, but I don't have any of that stuff. It so totally helps when the mini is symmetrical etc. to begin with. -- Flow
  20. Yep, thinning those paints will certainly help. In terms of "hacking and heckling," Mojoman, I'd say you could sharpen the thing up with some additional highlighting -- not a lot of definition to be seen. The reflections on the bracelets are nice. The eyes are a bit bizarre: Did you intend her to have those small pupils? And it looks like she's bloodshot, but it's hard to tell.
  21. And a talented paint job there, too, I'd say. Thirding or whatever the praise on the freehand -- very subtle but powerfully so. As is the base. I have a tendency to spend as much time on the base as I do on the mini (sometimes), which perhaps too often involves me putting too much stuff on them. Insert "pat on the back" smiley here. -- Flow
  22. Hmm, yeah, won't mean much to Americans. Probably doesn't mean much to most of us Canadians, either, but then again we never went to war with England. Note that there's an excellent Quebecois (that's French for "from Quebec," kids) film called "La Grande Seduction" about this tiny little Quebec village that hasn't had a full-time doctor in residence for a long while and that, subsequently, embarks on the "seduction" of this doctor who is sent to their village temporarily. Anyway, the doctor is a big cricket fan and the townsfolk -- who, real Canadians, live and breathe hockey and know nothing about cricket -- pretend as though they have a thriving cricket passion. One scene has them all in the local bar watching a cricket match; the townsfolk struggle wonderfully to feign interest and knowledge; when the doctor goes to the toilet they switch over to the hockey game and their genuine excitement appears; the doctor returns and has found their cheering to be infectious: he wants to know what just happened. Meanwhile, back on the hastily returned to cricket match, the only thing going on is some boring (even for cricket) rules or strategy discussion. The doctor can't figure them out. It's a blast. Anyway, congrats to England. You've got the colour commentary down, too, by the way, Smokin'. -- Flow
  23. Half-elf, definitely. I dig on nature and art and grace and cute elf chicks and all of that ( ) but those things can tire/bore the ever-lovin' crap out of me, too ( ), at which point I just want power over them. It's a headache, but nobody said life was fair.
  24. Yes, yes! I've been wishing for a thri-kreen forever. Mmmm, thri-kreen.
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