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  1. Actually yeah, I forgot to point that out, he has a scar along his face, I just chose a pink to do it in. As for the uneven face I just couldn't get it primed right to where it would be perfect, but I got relatively close, and I think I may go back and do that lining around the eyes, that sounds like it would bring them out a lot more. Yeah, and the one little detail that didn't come out in the picture is that the dangling chain shirt between his legs has a bit of drybrushed rust on it. But, thats one of those little details you have to see in person I guess.
  2. First mini ever painted, and it remains my only complete. I've been really busy, so I haven't gotten to work to hard on others, plus I had a great teacher.
  3. My first mini guys, I painted him to resemble my tiefling for a game. Well, questions, comments, flames, all right here. Little side note, I sorta modeled the red sword off of the Weapons of Legacy version of the Desert Wind.
  4. Shes gorgeous, I usually don't like pirate style minis but this one I would definitely add to my collection.
  5. Very good paint job, reminds me of Arthas after he falls in WC3, love the skin and the base is very cool. Good attention to colors that compliment one another in the winter feel. Bravo.
  6. I would love to see this class realized mini style, I know that I could just take a cool paladin and slap a tiny dragon on his shoulder or near his feet but I feel Reaper could really play with the class, make it awesome. It is one of the few classes that I fell in love with the visual of in the Draconomicon, it's very well portrayed. Well, anyways, just something I would love to see, and I'm sure there's plenty of people that would agree.
  7. Wow! That's a great rendition of the mini, I have always loved it but been hesitant to buy/paint it because I had never seen it done before. Magnificent job on the lighting and the base, the light emitting flower was a great idea, keep up the great work!
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