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  1. Can anyone can recommend a quality magnifier lamp to use for mini painting? My wife finally conned me into checking out her lamp (she cross stitches a ton) and I liked it enough that I'd like to get one for myself. The things I'm struggling with are: What diopter/magnification works best for painting figs? What brands have the best reliability? What features do mini painters find most critical when buying a lamp? Do people prefer table top, clamp on, or floor models for painting figs? As an aside: Has anyone tried using a magnifier while airbrushi
  2. @mikem91 Thanks for looking that up. You're probably right about those being warlord bases. At the time I was part of the Black Lightning team and I was demoing Warlord and running "Paint and Takes". My google-fu hadn't been strong enough. The only things I'd found were some truly ancient pieces from the Dark Heaven line that were just flat squares with a slit, without the recess.
  3. They weren't that recessed from what I remember, maybe a 3mm or so. Just enough that I could get some green stuff and basing material inside and have it still look nice and clean as if they're standing on whatever surface rather than hovering above the base. The recessed factor I could let go, I just really want metal bases. I like the idea of gluing a washer to the bottom of a plastic base if it comes down to it. I just was hoping I wouldn't have to revert to a hacked solution.
  4. So I used to paint a ton, but that was maybe 10 years ago. I just started getting back into the hobby and I've run into an issue. Reaper used to make metal bases that were recessed. I know they sold them in square, maybe 1" or so. I'm pretty confident that they also sold them in round, but I'm not 100% on that. Now I've been working on a mini project and the base that comes with the figure is abysmal. I was really hoping I could just clip the fig off the existing base and with the help of a little green stuff put it on a new metal base. I really prefer the feel and weight that a metal ba
  5. How is the heavy line of miniatures? I've always liked the heft of some serious metal. Chronoscope wasn't out (in fact I've heard nothing at all about it) when I was last playing. I'll have to go dig up some of the 411 on it.
  6. Hey folks, I know I've been deep in hiding for quite a while now but I've been looking at getting back in the game again. In line with that, I took a peek back at what my last experiance with Reaper was like and I was wondering if people could bring me back up to speed again. Last time I'd played was before the RAGE chronicles had even been published and just before the plastics line was released. Anything amazingly startling that I've missed or that's on the horizon? As part of my examination going backward I wrote a review on my blog. http://www.MikeAtTheMovies.com. I'd love to see a cou
  7. Hey folks! I know it's been a long time since this was announced, however I wanted to update people with a quick status report. Work has begun on the project FINALLY after a multi week hiatus I've finally cleared my calander and this utility has become the number one priority. I can tell you for sure you'll be able to view the data cards of each and every unit. You'll be able to build troops, armies of all sizes. Validate your army list. and those are just the features of V0.5.0 After that there's a slew of more features I'll be working on that'll make this utility really kick it u
  8. I'm afraid that I can't do that :( It's going to be a webclient that you will be able to access from REAPERGAMES! Also for those of you who were interested in Project Jester, I'd take a look at the auctions page. Last I'd heard from CBP she was liquidating the last of it.
  9. Alas, I can't make it to R-con, but look out for Chesme, perhaps she'll cash in on that offer. At some point in the future after v 1.0 is released, I will open up 'feature requests' so if you've got a nifty idea for something you'd like to see the utility do, start writing them down!
  10. Well I have to send a HUGE thanks out to Chesme. She was really the one who got this whole project kickstarted. As the other member of the development team, I'll happily announce that yes, there is indeed a project in the works to bring an Army Designer Utility to see the light of day. For anyone who wants to see the AMAZING work that Chesme has done so far, you can check out what roughly the interface will look like here: http://www.projectjester.com/Util/ Development is underway thanks to a generous hand from our buddies over at Reaper. If ya'll wanted me to make a guesstimate at whe
  11. OMG! This is so amazing! I totally can't wait for it to come in the mail to me. I'll take awesome pics when it gets here... Now on that note... Lanse, maybe I can borrow some of your mad scientists and we can whip up a sexy laboratory!
  12. I have a very sexy looking 02895 : Agramon, Pit Fiend. I just thought he came out perfectly for a Rathros. I'll post pics of him as soon as I get a decent digital camera.
  13. Here's an interesting "limited edtion" style thing, I don't know if anyone likes it but what if we did something along the lines of what RPGA does and have a "Players Reward Program" for every X points you earn you generate maybe a swag point or something, or some other sort of redeemable. Maybe you can order just printed datacards with it, maybe more. Nothing exlusive, just allows me to get say a replacement for that Mossbeard card I lost 3 months ago, or perhaps an alternate sculpt if I save up 3000+ points, or maybe a Medal Trade in system. (or make the medals available to BL sponsors/RAGE
  14. Was he painted with Enamels? He looks shiny
  15. Upstate NY has a fairly good showing. We've got Froggy and Myself up here pushing it. I've been selling it on college campuses. The Demo team does a lot of work getting the word out with live demo's. I mean how much good does a magazine ad do you when you can't play the game. However, I would highly suggest that some other people start thinking about canvasing the college scene. There are a lot of gamers out there and this is a nice cheap alternative for wargaming as compared to GW. I've gotten 8-10 players into the game down here. (albiet not all of them are active, of that 8-10, I'd cons
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