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    I paint landscapes and abstract works, coffee, fine arts in my blood, console video games, walks and runs are always good for me, movies, selected anime I really enjoy, MACROSS!!!, sushi, music with an ecletic sound, and of course Reaper Minis. †:)

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  1. Vikinglodge, It been over a year since I've posted and seen you work. I've always admired what you have done in the past, and I only see improvement now. Very nice. And I too think NMM are overrated. I don't think it's bad, I just have a different philosophy to the approach of presenting metals.
  2. There are some sculpts I'm not much of a fan of (like the ones you just painted), but your paint job makes it encouraging to buy and paint. It's late so I don't feel like going into detail, but let me just say that they look very whimsical, the way they should be. Nice job. EDIT: Aw, heck. here is another comment... Because the 2d art I do is impressionistic The tan line effect doesn't bother me like it might for some. I think it's nice sometimes when done right. It's gives the fig on the right a little boldness. But you know what they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  3. Thanks. The ball was painted with ProPaint Silks. Nothing real special. Just something quick and simple.
  4. Here is one of the first ADH painted, Sarah the Seeress... This is my second time painting this sculpt. The first time was several years back with older Citadel Paints using the same color scheme. The two don't compare with this being the better of the two. I might have to take pics of the older version and have them side by side. Hope you guys like!
  5. I think I see so I'll try it... And here is a close up of the face in hi res... Did it work??? EDIT: Thanks for the tip, Eastman! I sure learned something tonight.
  6. Yeah. For all those who are seeing red "X's" is because... "Access Denied. Bandwidth limit exceeded. Exceeded your Bandwidth quota? Has your hobby grown into a thriving business? Sounds like you need to upgrade from your BellSouth Personal Web Page to BellSouth Shared Web Hosting! With BellSouth Shared Web Hosting, you receive plenty of bandwidth and hard disk space, as well as the flexibility to design the site you've always wanted--all for a very affordable price. BellSouth Shared Web Hosting offers several plans and options to choose from, as well as the choice to have the charges billed to you via your BellSouth phone bill." Screw you, Bellsouth.
  7. Here is my finished 72mm Sophie mini... (please see below at a later post for the images) I know this mini is old news to most of you, and the color scheme has been beaten to death. It's just that it never interested me like the typical Reaper fan so I was a late comer when it came to buying and painting this mini. But now that I have painted it, I enjoyed it far more that I thought I would, and I plan to paint another one in a more personal color scheme. Sorry I've been away for so long. There is a little something called "life" that took up a lot of my time. I just hope I'm here for good. Enjoy, folks!!! EDIT: Since it been so long since I've posted here, I didn't know of the changes which allowed me to post images without having to link back to my web space. Now I don't have to worry about lack of bandwidth.
  8. I've been informed that there will be a boxed set that will include the rules along with minis consisting of Crusaders and Necropolis. Can anyone shed info on its release date?
  9. I thought they were wearing leggings?? However you want to paint them.
  10. This is what I'm waiting for. Let's see what happens.
  11. 4 skellys, 4 dwarves, and cw4 in my version.
  12. Big FF fan here. Lookiing good!!! I'm gllad they aren't going for GG for the Thing. In fact, Chiklis said he wasn't going to be doing the Thing if they were. Of course there will be some for special effects. If thhe original shelved film did the Thing's costume well (which they did), there is no excuse to do it well now.
  13. Are people really falling for this crap?
  14. As much as I'd love the rulebook as soon as possible, I'll wait for the deluxe boxed set instead.
  15. Saw the footage on FoxNews this morning. It's ashame what some people would do. Thankfully, the baby is safe.
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