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  1. Yes. ALL of us at the Bomb Factory are poring over as many project details as we can hash out before launching the Counterblast project. The thing about is, all of the project we have run so far are very different from one another. Although the Maelee set is very similar to the ship in terms of what it is, they are still very distinctive projects. For those of you who may have missed out on the opportunity to back the project, you can still get in at the Kickstarter rate by checking out the awesome Pre-Order section here.
  2. BOOM! FUNDED! You guys will definitely need a set of these!
  3. We have updated the International Shipping terms and added more Counterblast models. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/scout-ship-miniature-kit/posts/630527
  4. Thanks! All we can do is ride the wave at this point. Here is what's coming up if we can get there. The Security Officer is an Alanti Pyswan armed with a standard issue UPR47 and Galactic Defense Force peace officer uniform. The GhNT Security Bot is armed with twin UPR47s and a Moro Horizon™ Halogen emergency light bar. $12500 - GDF SECURITY TEAM - When we reach the stretch goal to unlock the Security Team, you will be able to select them as an additional reward for the listed pledge amount.
  5. We decided on a shorter running time due to the pledge curve on the Maelee Set project and how that ran over the 30 days. Longer running times really only allow the opportunity for unexposed backers to find your project outside of your target market. We were pretty sure our audience for this kit would know about and decide to back it or not within the time of the funding period. However, we had to weigh our projected fulfillment period against the the project concluding at the same time as other projects. As for it coinciding with Bones II, Shadow Sea, Chibi Asia, Tin Man, Mars Attacks, an
  6. The Kickstarter project for the Scout Ship Model Kit is now live. Please visit the project page here!
  7. This looks really great so far! The idea is cool as well as the execution. I hesitate to make any recommendation because I know the work has cured and that it will be impossible to make any revisions at this point without starting the texture over. I like the way the scale patterns are laid out and I like the texture of them. The only thing I could see adding would be to make a more distinctive dividing line between the scales. What there is currently is something that looks like this VVVVV Whereas after completing that pattern, following it up with a sharp tool (like a scalpel) and
  8. Old 50136: Female Andromedan Hunter ($5.99) NEW See what we did there?
  9. So? A good sculptor will still do absurdly static if that's what's being comissioned, and the scults will thus still be mostly meh. Though to be fair, I think the RAFM Airship Pirates are still better than the Numenara figs, which tbh look like the sculptor didn't even bother trying to breathe any life into the RPG artwork poses. That's what they pay me to do. It has always been a tension point. "Do you want me to make it look cool, or look like the art?" Not every piece of art translates well back into 3D. In the case of the Airship Pirates I was sculpting from photos of the band memb
  10. As Inner Geek pointed out, my iPad is docked on my workbench so I can easily switch back and forth with all the concept art I work from. Whenever I finish a section on the models I'm working on and they go into the putty oven I hit refresh on the tabs with my email, Facebook and whatever Kickstarter project I'm following at the time., etc. It's just a habit I brought over from my days a cubicle slave sitting in front of a monitor all night. I was still ranked #5 at our helpdesk even though all I did was sculpt and surf the internet my entire shift.
  11. Okay - yeah, so technically all of that. The Inner Geek has the inner scoop on this one. Actually we have been planning the rocket ship kit since before GenCon. As soon as Brett brought the parts over and said he wanted a rocket ship scenery piece for the GenCon demo game I knew I wanted to make a resin kit for that and the scheming began instantly. The resin model is designed around 1/48 scale and the egg-shaped hull is about 2.5" tall at the widest point making the overall length about 5". It is designed by Illyrian Ship Works and is ideal for Illyrians but makes it a little snug for
  12. For larger pics of the individual figures I sculpted, you can see them here. http://www.patrickkeith.com/2013/07/numenera-sculpts.html
  13. Okay! HERE IT IS!!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bombshellminis/bombshell-special-edition-maelee-set
  14. Sorry for the delay guys! Started dozing off at the workbench last night and had to call it quits. Worked 48 hours on 3 1/2 hours of sleep yesterday. Had a dental appointment his morning for a cleaning and just got back to the studio. Anyway - all of the models for the new Kickstarter are now finished. I am photographing them now and setting up all the pics. I will post a link to the project here once it goes live. Thanks for being patient and thanks for your enthusiasm. I'm very excited to show this new piece to you.
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